Awesome Wedding Brochure Designs and Ideas

wedding brochure design for great fosters fuse design journal

Wedding Brochure Designs – A variety of wedding brochure designs are available and easy to find nowadays. Each design has its own uniqueness and features. Through this post, we will share our favorites brochure designs that will inspire you. Looking at these awesome designs for wedding brochures will surely encourage engaged couples to pursue their dream wedding ceremony.


How do I make a Wedding Brochure Designs?

As spaces in brochures are generally limited, it is important to highlight the important points. As a wedding brochure aims at encouraging couples to turn their dream wedding comes true, it is vital to show them how you can help to do so. Review the stages below to make a wedding brochure.

  • First, find an appealing brochure template online or make one your own.
  • Secondly, insert related images, professionally taken ones are preferable.
  • Thirdly, write the information you want to feature on the brochure.
  • Then, modify the text on the brochure, the colors, and the size of the items on the brochure.
  • Finally, when you’re done designing the wedding brochure, you can download and share it.

How do I make an attractive brochure?

An attractive brochure is one with an attractive design and informative details. On how to make an attractive brochure, let’s review the steps one by one.

  • Start with professional photos. An attractive brochure would not be possible without professional photos. Photos usually take a lot of space on a brochure, so it is essential to make them look professional and fine-looking.
  • Secondly, highlight the key information. Write a simple yet informative narration that can make your brochure looks not only attractive but also informative.
  • Thirdly, make sure to include contact information. What’s the point of attractive brochures if there is no contact information?
  • Last but not least, make your brochure downloadable to meet today’s needs which are commonly related to technology and the internet.

What is the best program to design a brochure?

Nowadays, there are a number of programs that many use to design a brochure. If you have no idea which program to use, here are some programs we recommend.

  • Adobe InDesign. As the leading software, Adobe InDesign is used by many to design a brochure. One of its strengths is that it is compatible with both windows and mac.
  • Scribus. The key point of Scribus is that it allows designers to download and use it for free. It is also used by many for its powerful layout tools and configurable paragraphs.
  • Microsoft Publisher. It is my personal favorite to design a brochure or a booklet. For those who don’t really prefer sophisticated features, this program to design a brochure.
  • Canva. It is another favorite design program of mine. This is especially suitable for first-timers or beginners in designing a brochure. With its friendly user interface, even an amateur can design a good brochure.

Where can I make a brochure for free?

Are you a first-timer or a professional? This question is important to help to determine which program you can use to make a brochure. For those who have experience in making a brochure, it is recommended to use Scribus for its features and tools.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner, then we would recommend you to use either Microsoft Publisher or Canva. Both can be used for free and are user-friendly. Even if you are an amateur, it should not be too hard for you to make a Wedding Brochure Designs with Microsoft Publisher or Canva. Good luck!


Wedding Brochure Designs ideas

Wild Atlantic wedding brochure

shandon spa hotel wedding brochure 2016 neil murray issuuSource:

The wedding brochure above looks so promising, doesn’t it? Highlighting the theme of the wedding, readers will know what to expect from the wedding. The design of this wedding brochure lets the golden letter stands out on the pretty pastel color as the basis.


Wedding invitation with timeline template

best 5 wedding timeline templates to download for free wedboxSource:

This awesome wedding timeline template is a good idea for a wedding. This lets your guests know what to expect by coming to the wedding. In addition to it, the template is customizable. Thus, make sure to have it downloaded by clicking on the link above.


Well-designed wedding brochure with information

wedding photographer brochure on behanceSource:

A good wedding brochure design lets the designers have space to write the needed information. This brochure design features just enough space to include the necessary information. Paired with a professional wedding photo, the design is a must to try.


Indian wedding brochure idea

entry 51 ayanchy2167 for design pricing brochure pdfSource:

Dream of designing an Indian wedding? This brochure design idea shows a great example of an Indian wedding. With many great pictures inserted, the brochure looks nice and engaging. Thus, it’s only right to save it as a brochure inspiration.


Abstract wedding brochure content

graphic drawing with abstract interior of the banquet hall roundedSource:

The image features abstract content. The template can be used as a brochure as it provides users some space to write the desired text. Therefore, if you want to use it, simply click on the link provided above.


A special brochure for a special wedding

weddings brisbane walkabout creek rainforest wedding venueSource:

This image is showing you a brochure for a wedding special with a buffet package. The design of the brochure looks stunning with a foresty photo as background. This is also a good example of wedding brochures with adequate information included.


A great journal-like wedding brochure design

wedding brochure design for great fosters fuse design journalSource:

The foldable wedding brochures have their own advantages. Having a foldable brochure lets the designers have spacious space to mention all the information necessary. To save this image, directly go to the link provided above.


Trifold wedding brochure template in PSD

tri fold wedding brochure design template in psd wordSource:

The trifold wedding brochure is a great idea for those who need to add in lots of information about the wedding. The design for the above trifold brochure is an example. Featuring professionally taken photos, the brochure simply looks stunning.


Vintage-looking brochure for a wedding

wedding brochure sponsored content page skaneatelesSource:

The above brochure highlight a vintage vibe as well as a beautiful wedding picture. The design combines a nice tone of white and blue. Accordingly, the overall design looks lovely and inviting.


Brochure cover designs for wedding packages
wedding package front cover wedding brochure pdf pdf archive


Weddings are sacral. Thus, it is important to present its beauty in the wedding brochure. The design above is perfect for the brochure cover. In order to download the pdf version, simply visit the provided link above.


Wedding Brochure Designs sample in InDesign

free 37 best brochure examples in psd indesignSource:

If you are looking for a nice-looking brochure design, the image can be a good sample.  The design features different shades of pink and purple which match well together. Indeed, you can have it for you by clicking on the link below the image.


Floral trifold design template for a wedding brochure

floral roses template tri fold mockup for brochure menu weddingSource:

A floral theme always looks good for a wedding brochure. The image above shows how it looks like to have a trifold floral brochure design. It will especially be suitable for outdoor or garden weddings.


Lovely wedding guide design template

wedding photography trifold brochure template psd aiSource:

The design looks stunning, doesn’t it? Moreover, it features beautiful pastel colors. Thus, it is recommended to use this design template to create your own wedding brochure. Finally. to download the PSD template, directly go to the provided link below the image.


Wedding package brochures trifold

wedding photographer trifold brochure template v3 brandpacksSource:

A wedding package brochure has to be both attractive and informative. For example, the trifold wedding package brochure above. It is attractive as it includes many pretty pictures. Also, it is informative as it includes the necessary information.


Modern template for a wedding brochure

modern photography price list template deals infoparrotSource:

For those looking for a brochure design with a modern touch, this one is for you. Featuring a number of stunning wedding pictures, the design looks very lovely. Therefore, you should give the link above a visit to download the template.


Pastel wedding brochure template

wedding photography brochure template on behanceSource:

Pastel colors always look nice for a wedding brochure. For example, this wedding booklet design looks nice with white and pink colors. To get this stunning template, make sure to visit the link above.


Wedding invitation card idea

wedding invitation card template with text adapt to covers designSource:

Searching for a brilliant idea for a wedding invitation? Here we have the one for you. With just enough floral decoration, the card makes a splendid wedding invitation. To save the template, visit the link provided.


Yellowish wedding brochure design

trifold wedding photography brochure on behanceSource:

If you are getting married soon and you love yellow, this wedding brochure will captivate you. It is well-designed. Also, it features all the necessary information. To get this awesome design, visit the link provided below the image.


Design for foldable wedding brochure

brochure design examples direct axisSource:

Foldable wedding brochures are always nice to look at. It features just enough wedding pictures and information. The design is also elegant with a neat layout.


Wedding planner brochure template

simple wedding planning flyer template imagepicture freeSource:

Planning to create a wedding planner flyer? This free editable template is the right one to pick. It features space for pictures as well as text. To save this template, make sure to click the provided link.


A neat template for a wedding program brochure

wedding program template brochureSource:

This image shows us a sample of a neat wedding program brochure. It features a well-designed layout. Furthermore, it also includes enough space for writing the program information.


Brochure design with wedding photography
weddings mmc photographySource:

A wedding brochure without wedding pictures is just meh, right? If you are looking for a brilliant design for a brochure with pictures, here is our suggestion. It features space for both pictures and text.


Dream weddings brochure

radisson blu atlantic hotel stavanger wedding brochureSource:

A wedding brochure needs to picture a dream wedding to its customers. And, that exactly what this brochure has done. Featuring a very nice brochure title, it will surely attract attention. To save this idea, make sure to visit the link above.


Unified wedding brochure idea

wedding brochures unifySource:

The image shows us a stunning brochure design with beautiful pictures of wedding venues. When looking at the wedding brochure, people expect to see what venues it offers. Thus, make sure to use this idea when you create a wedding brochure.


Template and design for wedding wishes

microsoft word printable wedding wishingSource:

This is the printable template for wedding wishes. Already written is the beautiful wedding wishes. With this template, you can also modify the wishes to your preferences. Therefore, make sure to visit the provided link to get this template.


Wedding photography templates

11 free photography flyer templates word doc psdSource:

Wedding pictures remind us of the beautiful moments in our wedding. Thus, it is important to get the pictures taken wonderfully. To get to know more about this, make sure to click on the provided link above.


Wedding invitation by dawn

how to word your wedding programs invitations dawnSource:

Wedding invitation content should be clear and concise. If you are still wondering which invitation design to use, consider this one. Featuring a simple design, the invitation suits well with any wedding theme.


Design for spring wedding brochure

weddings pocono springs campSource:

Wedding brochures should showcase everything about weddings. It should start with a nicely designed cover. This one right here is an excellent one to use. If you are interested, make sure to visit the link above.


Wedding brochure by boutique hotel

vila perast hotel and bistrot wedding brochure vilaSource:

Let’s have a look at this one page of a wedding brochure by a boutique hotel. It highlights a very nice wedding picture. It also features a nicely blended color. To know more about it, click on the link below the image.


A stunning wedding invitation design

wedding or event invitation brochure or flyer design digihubSource:

This one right here is a stunning design for a wedding invitation. This is good for a vintage or even a modern wedding. In addition to it, it also includes all the information needed. To get this design for yours, visit the link provided above.


Another Ideas for Wedding Brochure Designs

Timeless design for a wedding brochure

wedding brochureSource:

This is a timeless design for a wedding brochure. It includes an awesome wedding picture as the background. Furthermore, the design also features a well-done layout.


The perfect wedding venue brochure

calamo hall farm hotel wedding brochureSource:

A wedding venue is one of the most important things to include in a wedding brochure. Thus, a good wedding brochure should include possible wedding venues. The example above can be further explored through the link above.


Wedding welcome guide brochure

trifold brochure template for photographers strawberry kitSource:

Having a foldable wedding brochure is always a good idea. The foldable brochure above is an example. It shows us the detailed information needed pairing with a couple of pictures.


Wedding day look book design

wedding photography lookbook corporate identity templateSource:

Having a lookbook to store the memories of a wedding is a great idea. If you are looking for one, please consider this splendid design. With a simple color combination, the design is simply stunning, isn’t it?


An abstract, elegant wedding invitation design

abstract wedding elegant brochure design download freeSource:

If you are looking for an elegant wedding invitation, here is an abstract design to go with. It features a simple design with an elegant vibe. It especially suits the elegant, modern wedding. To have this design, directly go to the link provdied.


Compact wedding brochure templates

wedding venue brochure season loveSource:

A compact wedding brochure usually includes every piece of information on one page. There is nothing wrong with it. You just need to make sure that the information is paired with a couple of pictures.


Wedding day timeline tips

5 tips for your wedding day timeline jessica dum weddingSource:

Creating a wedding day program or timeline can be a little frustrating. Accordingly, it is essential to learn how to do it well. Furthermore, to know more about the tips, click on the link above.


Wedding program details template

wedding order of service template addictionarySource:

This is personally our top choice of a wedding program template. Also, it features a clean white background which looks nice. It would be perfect for a wedding of any theme. Therefore, make sure to visit the link above.


Free tri fold brochure designs

sea template tri fold mock up for brochure menu weddingSource:

This mockup of a trifold wedding brochure is the perfect one for those who fond of simplicity. Featuring greyish background, the template is suitable for weddings of any theme. Thus, to download it, you can directly visit the link provided.


Customizable wedding program templates

free wedding program templates you can customizeSource:

Still don’t know which wedding program temple to go with? Here is the free template you can consider. Looking stunning with floral patterns, the template is neat and simple. Thus, get it for yours by clicking on the link provided.


Cute flowery wedding invitation design

wedding invitation floral cute cards front and back side design set pink cherry flowers leaves and branch decoration invite poster banner flyerSource:

This is our favorite of a selection of cute wedding invitations. It features a nice-looking floral theme with subtle colors. With pink cherry flowers and leaves, both the front and back cover of the invitation looks splendid. Visit the link above to get this template.


Wedding timeline free template

how to create a wedding day timeline plus 8 sampleSource:

This is the free template for your wedding day timeline. The template looks nice with a flowery background. Moreover, you can see more samples of this timeline by visiting the link below the image.


Downloadable digital wedding invitation

wedding program template free download addictionarySource:

For those brides- and grooms-to-be, you need to save this excellent idea of a wedding invitation. Featuring an extraordinary design, the wedding invitation will never fail us. Furthermore, you can get this editable template for free by clicking on the link.


2021 wedding day timeline

wedding day timeline for great party in 2021 wedding forwardSource:

For those looking for a well-designed wedding timeline, here is what we suggest you try. The design is simple and it contains the orderly agenda for the wedding day. Therefore, make sure to save this idea by visiting the provided link.


Wedding booklet idea

wedding brochure onpointSource:

This wedding booklet idea is just brilliant. It is foldable so it doesn’t take much space. It has multiple pages to include all the needed information. Such a nice design for a booklet, isn’t it? Hence, if you want to save it, you can visit the provided link.


Editable trifold wedding program design

trifold wedding program templates addictionarySource:

This is an editable trifold wedding program template. It is suitable for those who want to have an informative wedding program with an uncomplicated design. As you can see, this is printable and editable. You can directly go to the link above.


Foldable wedding brochure template

free wedding stationery templates for photoshop illustratorSource:

This is a foldable wedding brochure template. The brochure features a simple, yet elegant design with white tones dominating the space. Pair with a neat layout, it makes it a fine-looking design. To download this, make sure to give the provided link a visit.


A wedding brochure by Mirage

wedding brochure mirage catamaranSource:

This wedding brochure by Mirage has a well-designed layout. Highlighting the happy moments of a wedding in photographs, the brochure engages its readers to those moments. As a result, such brochure design is a nice idea to use.


Editable template for a wedding brochure

wedding photography package flyer template mycreativeshopSource:

This is one of our favorite discoveries when looking for wedding brochure designs. It is editable. It has a neat design and elegant layout. Thus, it lets you be free to include text or customizable information on the template.


Front and back cover of elegant wedding brochures

feminine elegant wedding photography flyer design for dvpSource:

What makes this wedding brochure design brilliant? First, it has beautiful, subtle colors. Second, it has enough space to include needed information. Lastly, it is neat. Therefore, do not hesitate to have it saved by visiting the link above.


As mentioned previously,  wedding brochure design should be both attractive and informative. Here we have hooked you up with some amazing designs. Thus, it is supposed to be easy to find the one that suits you the most.

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