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You will find free printable undertale coloring pages online on this page. Undertale is a game created by Toby Fox about a little boy named frisk and his adventures underground. In his adventures he helps monsters return to the surface. On the way, Frisk encounters many monsters.


The Storyline of Undertale

First, Firsk meet flowey. Flowey is the main problem and the first monster encountered in the game. Flowey is the result of Dr.Alphys’ experiments and actually is the prince Asriel in the dungeons. Then after that Firsk met Toriel.

Toriel is the queen of monsters and the mother of Asriel. When Sliding through the large door guarded by Toriel, Firsk would meet Sans and Papyrus. Underfell Sans is the older brother of Papyrus.

Dream sans is one of the most mysterious characters as rich as Papyrus. This is because no one knows where error sans and Papyrus came from. After Firsk met Sans and Papyrus then there was Undyne in the underground section of Water Fall.

Undyne has a lot of power in the Royal Guard. After that there is Dr. Alphys and Mettaton. After fighting mettaton and passing Dr.Alphys, Firsk will meet Asgore and Asriel. Asgore is the king of the underground and Asriel is Asgore’s son.


Where Do The Monsters Live in Undertale?

The world where monsters live is known as Underground. These monsters live in a kingdom with Asgore as the leader. Despite living in isolation underground, underground society has a neat civilization system and advanced technology.

Underground has a similar atmosphere to the atmosphere on the earth’s surface. Landscapes such as forests, mountains and snowy lands can be found here. You can find undertale coloring pages here.

The monsters that live underground have a very diverse nature and appearance. Starting from ghosts, animals with human-like postures, to those made of complete machines. They can dialogue and interact well like humans.


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