Top 50 Inspirations for Teenage Birthday Cards

Teenage Birthday Cards – In this article, we would like to share our top picked teenage birthday cards. If you are looking for inspiration on what designs, ideas, and quotes to write on birthday cards for your teenage boys and girls or your teenage friends, make sure to scroll through the end of this post and pick the one you like the most. We do hope the post will help you find the teenage birthday cards you have been looking for.


What do you write on a teenage birthday card?

When it comes to writing a birthday card, it is important to think of the right thing to write on it. If you are already picking up your pen but still have no idea what to write, here are some good starters to begin your birthday wishes:

  • Hey! Now you are officially a teenager!
  • Wishing you a fabulous birthday my dear.
  • The happiest birthday to my lovely [daughert/son].
  • Today, you are officially a teenager!

How do you say happy birthday to a teenager?

Frankly speaking, there are a lot of us who can go on beyond “Happy birthday” when writing a birthday card. In fact, there are a lot of other ways to say instead of just writing the common happy birthday. Especially when you are writing to a birthday teenager, it would be nice to wish a happy birthday extraordinarily. Here are some examples you may follow.

  • Wishing you a wonderful birthday.
  • Many happy returns of the day my dear.
  • Happy born day to my favorite person.
  • Many more happy returns.

How long should you display birthday cards?

How long birthday cards should be displayed depending on the birthday person receiving the cards and maybe the culture too. The most common length of time to keep a birthday card is seven days or a week. Displaying your birthday cards for seven days is more than enough to appreciate the ones who have given you the cards. However, you can also display them for more than a week. Though it might not be nice to only have them display for a few days. After a week, you can either save them or put them away. Don’t worry! It’s totally okay to do so.

What do you write on a birthday group card?

When someone in your group is having a birthday, it would be nice to write a birthday group card. You can start by researching the birthday card templates and ideas. When writing the birthday wishes on a birthday group card, it is important to highlight how valuable or important the birthday person is for the group. Then, it can be followed by wishes for the upcoming years and expressions of gratitude for having the birthday person around.


FREE Teenage Birthday Cards Design ideas

A birthday card with a funny quote

funny birthday quotes for teenage son quotesgramSource:

It does not take much to put a smile on someone’s birthday. Instead of a boring, common way of writing a birthday card, you surely can write some funny quotes on it. The above is a great example of a funny birthday card idea.


The perfect card for a fabulous birthday girl

fabulous girl birthday cardSource:

It is so nice to begin a birthday card with sweet talk. The card above is the perfect example of it. The simple design with only some basic colors is really nice to be featured with short yet sweet birthday wishes.


Bestfriend birthday cards ideas
7 funny birthday card ideas for


When you are giving your best friend a birthday card, it would be a great idea to give the one like the image above. The quote written is witty and is the perfect gift for someone really close to you. Thus, make sure to visit the link provided to save the card.


Cute cartoon for the birthday boy

happy birthday card with cute boy dancer cartoon vector illustrationSource:

If you are a parent and your boy’s birthday is coming up, we suggest you use this happy birthday card with a cute boy cartoon character on it. The illustration is a good way to picture the birthday boy. You can also modify the message written on the card to show how much your boy means to you.


Homemade Birthday Cards

beautiful Homemade Birthday Cards
Homemade Birthday Cards | Source:

Presenting a Homemade Birthday Cards always feels more intimate and special. For you who have a teenage girl’s birthday coming up, make sure to save this handmade birthday card idea for inspiration. You can click the link above to download it.


Pastel card designs for teenage girls

cute cards design with glitter for teenage girls downloadSource:

In the above image, you can find some inspirations for birthday card designs for teenage girls. The pastel, light colors dominating those cards are perfect for girls’ birthday cards. Therefore, make sure to download them by visiting the provided link.


A birthday card idea with earnest messages

birthday ecards dayspringSource:

For those who are looking for ideas for birthday cards, we suggest you use this as it features sincere messages you can deliver to the birthday person. The bright color is especially suitable for cheerful messages and wishes.


Pleasing teenage boy birthday cards

teenage boy birthday card e120 simple indulgenceSource:

Some people find it hard to select a good birthday card for teenage boys. Worries no more. Here we have pleasing, attractive birthday card ideas you can give to your birthday boys. So, make sure to give it a try.


Birthday card template for teenage girl

birthday card teenage girl card design templateSource:

Here we have a fabulous card design template for a birthday card. The template is nice yet simple with colors that blend so well together. This birthday card template is notably perfect for a teenage girl’s birthday.


Happy 16th birthday card

funny birthday quotes for teenagers quotesgramSource:

Someone’s having a 16th birthday? You can give him/her this simply cute 16th birthday card. As this one is a handwritten card, definitely you can add some quotes or birthday wishes on your own.


Handmade happy 16th birthday card for teenage boys

happy 16th birthday for just add ink 390 sketch stampin hootSource:

Your boy is turning 16 soon? This handmade 16th birthday card is a good way to celebrate your boy’s birthday. To make it even more special, make sure to write some wishes or birthday quotes on it. Good luck!


Ideas for personalized birthday cards

dictionary teenager personalised birthday cardSource:

Receiving a personalized birthday card always feels special. If your little boy and girl are turning 13 this year, these ideas of personalized birthday cards will surely make their happiest birthday. You can visit the link above to save this idea.


Funny printable free birthday cards

free funny printable birthday cards for adults eight designsSource:

Here are some of our collections of printable free birthday cards. The funny quotes written make the cards better, right? To download it, make sure to click on the provided link below the image.


Cute Card ideas for Birthday

happy birthday teenager best happy birthday wishesSource:

Here we hook you up with a great idea for cute card ideas for birthday. The colorful lettering and the light-colored basis are the key points for this card idea. To make it even more personal, you can customize the wishes.


Free handwritten birthday card idea

birthday card messages 1birthday greetingsSource:

A birthday card with handwritten messages always has a special impact on a special day. Thus, it is a good idea to have a handwritten message written on the birthday card as shown in the image above. Plus, the flowery decoration makes it even cuter, doesn’t it?


A birthday card for a son from mommy

happy birthday wishes to self happy birthday wishes quotesSource:

Mom, if your son’s birthday is coming up, this birthday card idea is just right for you. With funny quotes written on it, this is a perfect card to give on your son’s birthday.


13th birthday card quotes

13th birthday wishes what to write in a card holidappySource:

The image shows you what to write on the 13th birthday card. The quote written is just perfect for celebrating someone’s turning 13 years old. Therefore, do not miss clicking on the link provided below the image.


The truthful teenage birthday quotes

teenage birthday quotes quotesgramSource:

A birthday card does not feel complete without a quote, right? If you are having a hard time selecting which quote to write, the quote written on the card above seems like a good one. It looks even nicer with some decorations on the corners of the card.


Printable birthday cards for boys

free printable birthday cards for boys quick easySource:

There are many ideas available for boys’ birthday cards. If you still cannot find the right one, this printable birthday card for boys might be the perfect one for you. Just easily click on the link below to image to download it!


Birthday Cards Handmade
birthday card ideas angled tri fold teen birthday cardSource:

For an extraordinary birthday cards handmade, the tri-fold card sounds like a good choice. It looks even more stunning with different colors blend well together. To make it more personal, do not forget to add your own wishes.


Sons’ birthday card from proud parents

happy birthday wishes for son funny proud wishes for sonsSource:

Parents might find it difficult to write truthful, heart-felt wishes to their sons. If you are experiencing the same, here we have an idea for you to show how proud you are of your sons. With its simple yet enchanting design, it is the perfect card for sons’ birthdays.


Birthday Cards Handmade ideas

just jawingSource:

It is nice to associate the birthday card with something which is loved by the birthday cards handmade ideas. If your birthday teenager is into music, this music-themed birthday card would be a nice gift to give.


Printable donut birthday cards

donut printable birthday card design eat repeatSource:

Looking for a cute printable birthday card? Here is the donut birthday card design we suggest you. The cute and colorful design makes it a good birthday card to make the birthday celebration feels more cheerful.


Funny simple birthday card

happy birthday to a teenage dirtbag pinkSource:

To make the birthday more unique, it is a good idea to have a fun birthday card. The birthday card with a short, funny quote like the one in the image will surely put a smile on the birthday person.


Funny wishes for teenage birthday

20th birthday wishes to write in a card holidappySource:

The saying written on the birthday card above expresses well the message for teenagers having a birthday. Highlighting the quotes with a simple card design can be a good inspiration for you when writing a birthday card for a young adult.


Celebrating 14th birthday card

teenage boys birthday card ideas karen hadler stamping beesSource:

A bee-inspired birthday card sounds like a cool idea for a teenage boys’ birthday card. For those of you having a teenager around, it would not be a bad idea to download and save the card by clicking on the provided link.


Tie-dye birthday card for teenage girls

stampinup birthday girl tie dyed card stamping cat studioSource:

Everything tie-dye is trending nowadays, so is the tie-dye birthday card. For those who celebrate teenage girls’ birthday soon, it is highly recommended to present the birthday girl this iconic tie-dye birthday card.


Happy birthday coloring page

free printable birthday cards paper trail designSource:

This is our favorite, simplest printable happy birthday card. The design is nice with an obvious happy birthday phrase written on it. Make sure to have it saved by visiting the link above.


Turning 18 birthday card design

create customized 18th birthday cards with design wizardSource:

The wizard-themed birthday card design is the perfect one for the 18th birthday celebration. With the trending color of greyish light purple, the card is simply stunning. Plus, you can also make it more delicate by adding your own birthday wishes.


Other Ideas for Teenage Birthday Cards

Chocolate girl birthday card idea

teenager chocolate girlSource:

This is the perfect birthday card for a teenage girl who is fond of chocolate. The Cadbury-themed card is looking fine with purple lettering and white basis. Framed in white, the birthday card looks neat and beautiful.


Funny birthday quotes for teenage boys

funny birthday card messages for teenagers best happySource:

Funny birthday card messages like the one above are just perfect for celebrating a teenage boy’s birthday. The simple color used in the card makes it looks effortless yet still pretty. Hence, do not forget to save and download it.


Free hand-lettered birthday card

hand lettered free printable birthday card liz on callSource:

The card above is a free printable hand-lettered birthday card. It is suitable for teenage girls for its pinkish color and simple design. For a more special touch, you can also add a short sweet birthday quote.


Thirteenth birthday card design

thirteen thirteenth birthday cardSource:

Are your kids having a thirteenth birthday soon? This free thirteenth birthday card is a good way for you to congratulate them. Highlighting the simple, sophisticated design, the card is the perfect one to complete the celebration.


Never been this old birthday card

never been this old funny birthday cardSource:

The funny birthday card has been one of everyone’s favorites for so long! It makes sense tho since the design is simple and the quote is funny. This card will surely put a happy smile on the birthday person and make the celebration worth it.


Free printable sloth birthday card

100s of funny printable birthday cards freeSource:

Everyone should take it slow and enjoy the moment on their birthdays, right? This card is just right about that. The funny birthday card is printable that you can use anytime you need some funny birthday cards. Visit the link below the image to save it.


Happy 13th birthday card for teenage boys

13th birthday cardSource:

With its witty quote and boyish design, this card is a good teenage birthday card you can give to your birthday boy. The fun design goes perfectly well with the fun quote written on it. Thus, do not forget to click the link provided to download the card.


The perfect teenage birthday cards to have

funny birthday card for a teenager perfect for 14th 15thSource:

Featuring a nice drawing and mind-map theme, the card is looking cool. The design is nice with foldable space to make it easier for you to write your birthday wishes. This card is just perfect to give to teenagers.


Sloth birthday greeting card

free sloth birthday card sloth greeting card printablesSource:

Searching for a cute birthday greeting card? This is just for you then. Highlighting soft color and cure drawing of sloth, this printable greeting card is a recommended birthday greeting card for all ages.


Handmade birthday card for a friend

birthday quotes for teens quotesgramSource:

Celebrating a friend’s birthday should be completed with a nice handmade birthday card. For inspiration, the card above can be a good idea to start writing your own handmade birthday card. To save, simply click the link below the image.


Birthday certificate for teenage birthdays

13th birthday card official teenager awardSource:

Officially being a teenager is something special. The certificate-inspired birthday card is a nice idea for a teenager’s birthday gift. In addition to it, you can also add some wishes for the coming years. Visit the provided link to download it.


Birthday party flyer card for girls

vector invitation flyer card for teenage girls birthday partySource:

The flyer above can be an inspiration if you want to make a birthday party flyer, especially for teenage girls’ birthdays. It mentions all information needed for a birthday party. Further, the illustrations are just perfect to picture the celebration.


Colorful birthday girl greeting card

birthday girlSource:

If your girl is having a birthday, you can use this girl’s birthday greeting card to give the birthday girl. With the nice color tones and cute decorations, the card is just cute and perfect. To download it, you can simply visit the provided link.


Simple birthday card for a teenage boy

birthday quotes for teen boys quotesgramSource:

Boys mostly prefer something simple and concise. Thus, this card is a good idea as it is simple yet still looks good. This is particularly suitable for a teenage boy’s birthday card. Therefore, make sure to give the provided link a visit to save the card.


Personalized birthday cards for boys and girls

teenager birthday card personalisedSource:

The is a good idea for those looking for teenage birthday cards suitable for boys and girls. By simply changing the color, the design is good to go for either a boy’s or a girl’s birthday card. Further, it also has some space to write birthday wishes.


A DIY idea for birthday cards

32 handmade birthday card ideas for the closest peopleSource:

If you want to do some DIY birthday card, here is an inspiration for you. The steps are clearly presented thus make it easier for you to follow. You can also modify the colors to suit the birthday themes. Make sure to give it a try.


The sweetest birthday card wishes

birthday wishes for sister 170 lines to show your appreciationSource:

When you are writing a birthday card for your sisters or family members, it would be nice to write some sweet words or wishes for them. Doing so will surely make them happy, I suppose. The image above surely can be a good inspiration to start with.


Fun pop-up birthday card

fun handmade birthday cards for girls better homes gardensSource:

Wanting a fun birthday card? This idea of a pop-up birthday card is good to follow. The design allows you to present a nice birthday card for the special ones. Further, the glitter on the card makes it looks even more stunning, right?


A great idea for a fun birthday card for teenage boys

tw321 funny card teenage fishSource:

The quotes on the card make it a perfect birthday card for a teenage boy. The cute illustrations and nice simple colors are the highlights of the idea. You can easily download it by clicking on the link provided.


A card inspiration for the birthday boy

birthday boy birthday card free greetings islandSource:

If you are searching for teenage birthday cards for boys, here is the recommended one from us. The design and colors are just perfect to match the characteristics of teenage boys. The birthday celebration would start great with this nicely designed card.


In this post, we have shown you 50 different teenage birthday card ideas. With a wide range of selections provided, we hope you find the one you are looking for. Last but not least, do not forget to include a warm closing on the card before signing off.

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