50 Splendid Retro Birthday Cards Inspiration

Retro Birthday Cards

Retro Birthday Cards¬†have unique, classic designs which feel magical. They remind us of times back then. It is both thrilling and challenging to go with these kinds of birthday cards. It’s thrilling because it feels magical to deal with vintage cards. However, it is also challenging to make it likable by many people. The point is to get the beautiful retro cards people can’t resist. For inspiration, check out our selection of vintage slash retro birthday cards.


What is a unique way to greet a happy birthday?

There must be people who are tired of hearing of the old dictum ‘happy birthday’ every single year. Huh. Therefore, we encourage you to congratulate your loved ones’ birthday in a unique, different way. How to? There are a lot of other dictums to say ‘happy birthday’. Here are some of our favorites:

  • A remarkable year to come!
  • Many happy returns of the day!
  • Dear love, happy anni-birth-sary!
  • Lovely, happy level-up day!
  • Happy oldies birthday!

How do you wish an older person a happy birthday?

It is hard to approach an elderly person on his/her birthday, for some people. In addition to it, some might find it awkward to wish them a happy birthday. Or other, they simply do not know what to say. If you’re struggling about that too, here is a list of birthday saying you can say to an older person.

  • Happy birthday. I hope the coming years bring even more joy and awesomeness.
  • You have lived your life so well. I wish you happiness and good health in many years to come.
  • You have created a higher standard of living for us. I hope you have a joyful time on this special day.
  • Words cannot describe how much you mean to me. Thank you for living your life so wonderfully. Wish you a happy birthday.

Are retro birthday cards worth anything?

Yes, of course, they are! They are worthy as people are often looking for retro or vintage birthday cards to reminiscence about the old times. Personally, retro cards are not worth a lot of money. Nevertheless, the memories they hold are surely valuable. Some people simply love retro. Consequently, they often prefer to buy something vintage rather than the opposite. Once again, it all comes back to one’s preferences.

What do you write on an old person’s birthday card?

As I mentioned previously, some people just find it hard to approach an elderly’s birthday. Left alone writing a birthday card. However, it is not a bad idea at all to try writing a birthday card for an elder. You can start by saying ‘happy birthday’ with some of the sayings I wrote above. It can be followed by inspirational or religious messages, depending on what they might prefer. Here are some messages for the elderly’s birthday you can be inspired from.

  • As you celebrate your (year) birthday today, I wish your upcoming days will be filled with immense happiness. You have done so well in your life. And, I hope life will give you everything you deserve. Have a sweet birthday!
  • Happy (year) birthday! On this day, I hope you know you are loved and have achieved a great milestone in life. I pray the days ahead bring you a lot of joy. I also pray God always grants you long life, great health, and prosperity.


Cute retro birthday card inspiration

wine wishes and cupcake kisses free happy birthday ecardsSource: www.123greetings.com

If you are looking for a cute retro birthday card, here is the perfect one for you. With the cute-looking illustration, the card is just so wholesome. Thus, don’t miss the chance to save it by clicking on the link above.


Vintage style happy birthday card

free vintage birthday greeting card free vintageSource: freevintageillustrations.com

Vintage never gets old. This vintage-style birthday card is looking fabulous with vibrant colors. It is suitable for birthdays of any age. To save this image, visit the link above will do.


Free vintage birthday cards

free vintage image victorian calling card old designSource: olddesignshop.com

The image above shows a victorian vintage birthday card. The card looks awesome with flowers and nature details. This card is perfect to give to your spouse or your parent. Hence, head to the link above to get yours.


Retro birthday card image

art deco novelty birthday card circa 1932 from decosurfnSource: www.rubylane.com

This retro birthday card is such a mood. It looks lovely with the cute drawing. The message written on it is also nice. Furthermore, it gives a strong retro vibe. To get this card, make sure to click on the link above.


Vintage happy birthday card typography

vintage happy birthday card typography stock vectorSource: www.colourbox.com

Celebrate your loved one’s birthday with this stunning vintage card. The card looks stylish with the gold lettering on black paper. You can also personalize it by adding your own touch.


Fun vintage birthday card idea

a sip of sarsaparilla vintage birthday fun she couldSource: sip-of-sarsaparilla.blogspot.com

Need a good vintage birthday card? Here might be the one you are looking for. With the fun quote, it seems perfect for a best friend’s birthday or a close one. To get it, you can click on the link above.


Retro birthday card graphic

9 happy birthday bird images the graphics fairySource: thegraphicsfairy.com

For those of you looking for a retro greeting card, I would love to recommend you this one. The images, the colors, the lettering. Everything seems so retro. Also, it is framed with beautiful little flowers.


Fun vintage birthday card

1890s men toasting with beer happy birthday funny cardSource: www.zazzle.com

Your friend’s having a birthday soon? But, you do not know what to give him/her. If so, why not giving him/her this fun birthday card? This fun card gives off the vintage vibe which suits an old friend.


Old fashioned birthday card vector image

vintage happy birthday card royalty free vector imageSource: www.vectorstock.com

Who says vintage doesn’t look good? Look at this birthday card image. It is an example of a stunning vintage birthday card. It can be used as a birthday greeting or invitation too. To download this image, you can visit the above link.


Vintage design for a happy birthday card

leaping frog designs best birthday wishes vintageSource: leapingfrogdesignsvintageimages.blogspot.com

The image above shows us another idea for a vintage birthday card. The design makes it suitable for people of any age and gender. In addition to it, using this card will save you time.


Birthday greeting card with a vintage image

vintage birthday illustration the graphics fairySource: thegraphicsfairy.com

This birthday greeting card is great for those who love vintage-ish things. It has a neat, simple design. Furthermore, it also features nice drawings. It can be used as a birthday party invitation too.


Art deco birthday card design

art deco birthday greeting card debbi moore designsSource: www.debbimoore.co.uk

Birthday cards couldn’t get better than this! If you want to give a vintage vibe to your birthday card, here is a great one to pick. It has a beautiful subtle color of green. Furthermore, it looks simple and stylish at the same time.


Vintage birthday greeting card inspiration

free vintage birthday cards vintage holiday craftsSource: vintageholidaycrafts.com

This is the free vintage birthday greeting card you might be looking for. It has the signature vintage vibe in it. The greeting card also looks nice with the splendid drawing. Beautiful, isn’t it?


Splendid vintage birthday card image
1bpblogspotSource: pinterest.com

What a lovely birthday card! If I were the one to receive it, I would be on cloud nine. Therefore, do not hesitate to gift this vintage card for your loved one’s birthday. They would have loved it too, I suppose.


Floral retro birthday card

treasures n textures vintage birthday wishesSource: treasures-n-textures.blogspot.com

Flowers will never fail as decorations. The birthday card above is a good example. The flowers make it looks nicer than ever. You can use it as a birthday card for your parents, friends, or family members.


Simple birthday card retro

retro happy birthday card vector free downloadSource: www.freepik.com

Looking for something retro and simple? This birthday card right here is the perfect one, then. It looks nice with the cheerful colors. The card also gives you space to write your birthday wishes.


Vintage birthday wishes on a card

vintage birthday postcards featuring children part 3Source: vpcards.wordpress.com

Searching for a vintage birthday card with wishes? You need to consider this one, then. It gives off a strong vintage vibe. Furthermore, it already has birthday wishes written on it. Awesome, right?


Victorian happy birthday card

stempelglede design team blog vintage garden birthday cardSource: stempelglede.typepad.com

Victorian design is simply beautiful. So is this birthday card. The Victorian birthday card is perfect for those looking for a beautiful vintage birthday card. Add extra sweetness by handwriting your birthday wishes.


Happy 60th birthday card vintage

stamps and paper black and white birthdaySource: stampsandpaper.blogspot.com

This birthday card is looking awesome for a 60th birthday. It has beautiful drawing and features a nice color. You can get the image by clicking on the link above.


Victorian design for a birthday card

peggylovesvintage blog free vintage bird house imageSource: peggylovesvintage.blogspot.com

Here is another idea for a Victorian birthday card. The card is looking awesome with the bird as well as the flowers. This is especially perfect to give to your mom on her birthday.


Birthday messages on a vintage card

three vintage birthday postcards vintage postcardsSource: vpcards.wordpress.com

If you want to celebrate someone’s birthday who is living miles from you, this birthday postcard would be a nice choice. You can personalize it by writing your own birthday messages. Hence, make sure to save it by visiting the link above.


Happy birthday vintage e-card

happy birthday vintage style free happy birthday ecardsSource: www.123greetings.com

This fine-looking birthday card will put a smile on your loved one’s face. It has a simple design. Furthermore, you can add your own birthday messages. You can get the card by clicking on the link above.


Beautiful vintage-ish birthday card

the best hearts are crunchy happy pink birthdaySource: thebestheartsarecrunchy.blogspot.com

It is such a beautiful birthday card, isn’t it? It has a simple design with nice colors. The flower drawing makes the card looks even more stunning. Moreover, it is extra sweet with thoughtful birthday wishes.


Vintage birthday party deco

manly whisky themed 40th birthday party aged toSource: www.lauftylife.com

This idea of a vintage birthday cake will make a birthday party more special. This one here might be a good try. Furthermore, it has fun messages on it that will make the celebration more fun.


Folded retro birthday card

flickriver searching for photos matching deco greetingSource: flickriver.com

Folded birthday cards will never go wrong. Folded birthday cards, like shown above, allow us to have more space to write down our birthday messages. Furthermore, it looks neat and elegant.


Happy birthday card for girls

50s retro fun happy birthday greeting cardSource: topvintage.net

Your bestie is having a birthday soon? Celebrate her birthday with this happy birthday card will make the day even more special. This card is especially perfect to give to your girl’s squad member.


Birthday wish vintage card template

very merry vintage syle vintage birthday cards shareSource: verymerryvintagestyle.blogspot.com

This one is perfect if you are looking for a vintage birthday card template. It is well-designed with space to write down your birthday wishes. To get this template, you can click on the link below the image.


Fun retro birthday card image

funny happy birthday images a smile for their special daySource: www.happybirthdaymsg.com

A fun birthday card will surely make a birthday feels more special, right? If you think so, then this fun birthday card is the perfect one to pick. You can give it to your close friend or even a sibling.


Old fashioned floral greeting card

old fashioned floral abundance business card zazzleSource: www.zazzle.com

If you love old-fashioned stuff, this vintage card is for you. You can use it as a birthday card, a birthday invitation, or simply as a business card. In addition to it, it looks nice with the flower pattern.


A birthday cake for greeting card

vintage happy birthday cake card kaisorn graphicriverSource: graphicriver.net

The birthday will be complete with a birthday cake. The colorful birthday cake on this card will surely make the day more special. This card can be useful for a birthday card or a birthday party invitation. To save it, just visit the link above will do.


More Ideas for Retro Birthday Cards

Vintage doggie birthday card

vintage pug birthday card i love pugsSource: www.ilovepugs.co.uk

Let’s imagine. Your loved one is having a birthday soon. He/she loves dogs and has a nack on vintage stuff. Then, this birthday card is designed for them. To get it, make sure to click on the above link.


Happy birthday postcard image

postcards etc happy birthdaySource: postcardsetc.blogspot.com

This happy birthday postcard is perfect to congratulate someone’s birthday. It has a nice design with beautiful drawings. In addition to it, it already has birthday wishes. Thus, it will save you from preparing it yourself.


Vintage birthday card with wishes

vintage birthday quotes quotesgramSource: quotesgram.com

This vintage birthday card is looking nice with its short, sweet birthday quote. This card is perfect for someone who fond of vintage-ish stuff. If your close one might love this too, why not giving this birthday card on their birthdays?


Vintage birthday greetings inspiration

vintage birthday greetings from goldilocks the threeSource: www.inherited-values.com

Another inspiration for those looking for a vintage happy birthday card. This vintage card can be for kids, teens, or adults. Furthermore, you can add a personal touch such as handwriting a birthday message.


Free retro birthday card image

greeting card birthday vintage free image on pixabaySource: pixabay.com

Here is another beautiful design for a retro happy birthday card. Hence, if you like a simple retro card, here is the one you might be looking for. This retro image can be downloaded by clicking on the link above.


Vintage birthday card messages

lovely vintage happy birthday greetings postcard soldSource: prettyasapostcard.blogspot.com

Some people have no idea how to write a birthday message. One way out is by picking a birthday card with a message already written on it. Thus, this birthday card with messages will be a nice choice to choose.


Vintage valentine greeting card

vintage valentines day pop up old fashion greeting cardSource: www.artzze.com

Valentines are our chance to show our love to someone special. If that someone of yours loves vintage stuff, this vintage valentine’s card would be a memorable gift. Moreover, pair it with a bouquet will make it better.


Retro birthday card for a young man

vintage happy birthday to a young man card zazzleSource: www.zazzle.com

For those searching for a cute retro birthday card, this card right here is a good pick. As written on it, it is perfect for your young man’s birthday. Furthermore, add extra cuteness by writing a sweet birthday message will do.


Happy birthday retro card for mom

two crazy crafters a vintage birthday card and a partySource: twocrazycrafters.blogspot.com

Moms deserve the happiest day on their birthdays. You can take her down memory lane. Therefore, this retro birthday card would make a lovely gift. To download it, you can directly visit the provided link above.


Vintage flowery birthday card design

birthday wishes vintage botanical gold greeting cardSource: www.notonthehighstreet.com

Does it make you happy just by looking at it? This stunning flowery birthday card would make anyone happy to receive it. Therefore, if you want to celebrate a happy birthday for a beloved one, this birthday card would be nice to go with.


Folded retro birthday cards
1920 art deco birthday card zazzleSource: www.zazzle.com

This folded retro birthday card can be a good choice to go with. In addition to it, you can customize this folded birthday card by writing your own birthday wishes. Thus, to grab yours, make sure to visit the link above.


Free retro birthday card idea
vintage birthday card art nouveau zazzleSource: zazzle.co.uk

If you are struggling to make a birthday card, this free birthday card will be useful. The card gives out a vintage-ish feeling. Also, it features a nicely written birthday message.


Happy birthday lettering vector image

vintage birthday card with cakes royalty free vector imageSource: www.vectorstock.com

If you are into DIY stuff and plan to create a vintage birthday card. this vector image is worth using. It has a nice color combination. Furthermore, it is useful for many purposes. For example, it can be used as a birthday greeting card or invitation to a birthday party.


Vintage flowery birthday greeting card

fat frocks 1st birthdaySource: www.fatfrocks.com

Let me set the context. The birthday person loves flowers. Also, he/she loves something vintage. Voila! This flower vintage birthday card will be a great birthday card for him/her then.


Free template for a vintage birthday card

vintage retro birthday card royalty free vector imageSource: www.vectorstock.com

Preparing a birthday card is worth the time spent. However, you can make it short by using this birthday card template. It is a beautiful vintage card template that is perfect for a birthday gift. Get this image by clicking on the link above.


Retro birthday card idea

look what i missed may 8th 2009happy 3rd birthday toSource: canadiananimationresources.ca

What makes you love retro cards? It’s the magical power that can take me back to memory down the lane, at least for me. If you are looking for some nice retro cards for birthdays, here is one good example to have.


Free birthday girl clipart

vintage stock free large birthday girl clip art freeSource: www.freeprettythingsforyou.com

This birthday girl clip art can be used to lessen your birthday preparation. It can be used as a birthday card and invitation. Also, it is suitable for a thank you card too. Thus, to get this image, make sure to click on the link above.


Free image for retro birthday

1000 images about greetings on pinterest vintageSource: www.pinterest.com

This retro birthday card looks nice, doesn’t it? It is simple. Also, this birthday card lets you be creative with it. You can personalize it by writing birthday wishes or some quotes.


Simple retro birthday cards design

handset of a retro telephone and text happy birthday withSource: www.dreamstime.com

Personally speaking, this is my favorite retro birthday card. It is simple. It has a subtle color. Also, it is just so nice to look at. Hence, if your friends might love this too, it would be nice to give them this simple birthday card on their birthday. Don’t you think so?


Vintage children birthday cards

vintage childrens birthday cardsSource: snag-blog.com

Your children’s birthday coming up? Do they love vintage-ish things? If so, they would love this vintage birthday card for children. Moreover, it can also be used as a birthday invitation to invite their friends over.


That’s our selection of inspiring, worth trying retro birthday cards. Therefore, we do hope you find some interesting ideas and designs to try. Moreover, for those looking for other birthday card inspiration, head to other posts on this site. Have a good day!

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