50 Professional Resume Templates Best Recommendations

Professional Resume Templates – Below are our 50 best recommendations for professional resume templates. They are designed especially for job seekers who might need to market themselves well through a resume. In addition to it, they come in various designs and colors. Hence, it is expected to help you with writing and designing your professional resume. Make sure to check them all out.


What is the Best Resume Template for Professionals?

Frankly speaking, there is no such thing as the best resume template. Why? Because there is no singular resume template that fits all. Meaning that each job-seeker has their own preferences, skills, and qualification. To find the best resume template, you have to first consider the right format and design that fits your professional background. For example, entry-level job applicants might need a different resume template compared to experienced applicants. What important is that you need to find a template that can make your skills stand out.

What is the best resume format for 2024?

There are three resume formats. Those are reverse-chronological, functional, and combination or hybrid. Each format has its own characteristics which make them different from one another. Here is a brief recap of those resume formats.

  • The first format is reverse-chronological. This format is the most popular format in 2021. Thus, we do recommend you go with this resume format. As the name suggests, this format lets you list relevant work experience in reverse chronological. Hence, you begin with your most recent one.
  • Secondly, there is a functional resume format. The format focuses on skills more compared to work experience. This kind of resume format is usually used by students.
  • Last but not least, there is a combination or hybrid format. As the name indicates, it is a combination of reverse-chronological and functional resume formats. Hence, it sets equal focus on both work experiences and skills.

How do I get free professional resume templates?

Nowadays, it is relatively easy to get free professional resume templates. You can easily get one on the internet. There are also some sites that provide free resume templates that are editable. There will be various designs and templates to choose from. The first step to do before choosing a design is knowing what you want to write on it. Hence, it would be easy to personalize them.

What are the common mistakes of a resume?

In the competitive world, writing a resume should be without mistakes. However, there are still some most common mistakes done by a lot of people. Thus, it is recommended for you to make sure that your resume doesn’t possess one or those mistakes. What are they? Here are the 5 most common mistakes people made in writing a resume.

  • Firstly, spelling and grammar mistakes. Spelling and grammar are the basics in writing literally anything. Some of the most common spelling and grammar mistakes are missing words and the wrong use of tenses.
  • Secondly, using passive voice. Yes! It is better to avoid using the passive voice as it is confusing. Thus, it is better to use the active voice when writing a resume.
  • Thirdly, missing contact information. This one mistake is unforgivable. How you would expect to hear from the employer without writing down contact information.
  • Fourthly, not well-organized and concise. A good resume should be well-organized and concise which is easy for the readers to skim. Furthermore, you have to make sure that there are no sentences cut off or confusing order.
  • Lastly, too long. There are still some people who believe that a longer resume is better than the short one. Well, it should be neither too long nor too short. To avoid writing a resume that is too long, it is suggested to avoid using a narrative style.

Professional Resume Templates ideas

Professional resume templates for word

professional resume template for word apple pages cvSource: crella.net

For those who are looking for a professional-looking resume template, here is our first recommendation. As you can see, the resume has a neat design. In addition to it, it highlights only necessary items.


Clean design for a resume template

clean resume templates cv templates cover letter msSource: www.resumetemplates.nl

This template is suitable for those who prefer a clean design. The resume features professional fonts as well as an icons guide. If you are interested in using this template, make sure to click on the link above.


Blank printable resume template

blank resume forms free printable resume templates ibuzzleSource: ibuzzle.com

The resume template shown above is simple enough for an easy skim. Nowadays, employers prefer to have a concise resume that will leave a good impression. Thus, it is worth giving it a try.


Simple downloadable resume template

simple resume format pdf download for freshersSource: norfolkbarbastellestudygroup.org

Here is one of our favorites when it comes to a simple resume. This simple resume is suitable for freshers. In addition to it, it is compact enough to fit all the needed information.


Customizable professional resume template

professional resume template for ms word clean cvSource: www.thedigitalcv.com

Personally, this is one of my highly recommended templates for professionals. Also, this template is fully editable. Thus, you can customize it to fit your skillset and needs.


Simple resume template free download

best hr resume format for fresher sample resume format forSource: gfortran.info

If you are a fresher, here is an example of a resume template you can use. The template lets you focus more on the educational background and skills. Moreover, it has a simple and clean design.


Best 2021 resume template

mariah hired design studioSource: hdsresumetemplate.com

Here is another excellent resume template. The template is available in both Ms. Word files and Mac Pages files. Furthermore, it is equipped with hundreds of icons to use. Thus, make sure to give it a try by clicking on the link above.


CV template editable

creative cv template resume template word curriculumSource: www.resumetemplates.nl

This resume/CV template comes with professional fonts as well as icons. It can be edited in Microsoft Office Word in either mac or windows. For further inquiries, you can visit the link below the image.


Free professional resume template in PSD

creative and professional resume cv free psd templateSource: dribbble.com

If you are searching for a creative resume template, here is the perfect one for you. It has a nice design that will give you a good first impression. Moreover, this template is available in free PSD files.


Professional resume samples to download

professional resume template 62 free samples examplesSource: www.template.net

Here is a sample of a professional resume. Like a professional resume, the template gives off a modern vibe. In addition to it, the template comes with appealing layouts, bullet styles, as well as professional fonts.


Editable resume template to download

clean professional resume template free resumekraftSource: resumekraft.com

A good resume is the one that gives a good impression at first glance. In order to do so, you need a good resume template like the one above. Furthermore, the design is clean with its two columns space.


A professional template with a clean design

cv resume templates examples doc word downloadSource: www.coolfreecv.com

This cool resume is nicely designed with a clean look. It is perfect for you to get on the good side of the employees. In addition to it, the plain background is good as it is not distracting.


Fully editable resume template

fully editable creative resume template free on behanceSource: www.behance.net

Here is another option to choose from. If you are looking for a different style of professional resume templates, it might be good to go with this one. This fully editable template can be accessed through the link below the image.


Resume template in Word and PDF

excel professional resume template word resumekraftSource: resumekraft.com

This resume template is available in Word and PDF file formats. The template comes in A4 and letter sizes. Also, it is fully editable and easy to use. Thus, make sure to click the link above to use this template.


Professional modern cv templates

2020 cv template for ms word professional modern cvSource: www.thecvtemplates.com

This professional resume template has a modern design. It features the sections for all necessary information needed to apply for a job. Moreover, it is easy to edit without design skills needed.


Canva editable resume template

customize 67 professional resume templates online canvaSource: www.canva.com

This professional resume template is available in Canva. It is easy to edit and personalize. It also has a clean design which makes it looks sophisticated.


Clean resume template to try

professional resume template 2020 clean resume templateSource: masterbundles.com

This is a clean resume template to try. As shown above, it has a clean design which makes it easy to read. Besides, it comes in multiple pages along with the cover letter and reference page.


Fully editable resume template

editable cv template resume template for microsoft wordSource: www.resumetemplates.nl

This resume template is fully editable. Meaning that you can change the text, icons, headings, and also color. In addition to it, it is compatible to edit in Microsoft Word.


Modern design for resume template

modern resume templates cv templates cover letter msSource: www.resumetemplates.nl

Searching for a modern resume template? Here is the one for you. This resume template bundle comes with multiple pages, professional fonts, various icons to use, and so forth.


Free downloadable resume template

free resume professional to downloadSource: cv.guru

This resume template is suitable for those working in the business realm. It has a clean design that delivers effective information. Furthermore, this free template is fully editable.


Professional resume template with photo

free resume template download for word resume with photoSource: www.careerreload.com

If you prefer a resume with a photo, here is a template you can go with. The template has a simple design and clear layouts. It also comes with professional fonts and icons.


Professional resume template in word

professional resume template word psd 2020 maxresumesSource: maxresumes.com

Here is a professional resume template available in Word and PSD file formats. This template is easy to personalize based on your information. For further queries, make sure to click on the link above.


Themes Professional Experience Design ideas

professional resume templates free download resume geniusSource: resumegenius.com

This professional template is perfect for those who prefer a simple, yet creative template. As it is fully editable, it is easy to change the colors, fonts, texts, and sections.


A simple professional resume for freshers

gp rating fresher resume format williamson gaSource: www.williamson-ga.us

The image above shows a simple resume template for freshers. It highlights the education and skills of the applicants. Furthermore, its simple design makes it easy to skim.


Easy to personalize resume templates

professional resume template for freshers cv templateSource: www.resumetemplate.co.uk

This resume template is easy to personalize. It is fully editable and comes in multiple pages. Available in A4 and letter sizes, the template is suitable for freshers as well as professionals.


Resumekraft resume template design

professional modern resume template free resumekraftSource: resumekraft.com

This resume template is suitable for those searching for a modern resume template. The template comes with aligned layouts and a modern design. Thus, make sure to consider using it.


CV template for professional workers

resume template cv template professional resumeSource: thehungryjpeg.com

For experienced workers looking for a new job, this stylish resume template is a perfect one to go with. It is easy to edit with the letter and A4 sizes available. All the sections, colors, texts, and headings are easy to change.


Free template download for professional resume

free resume template downloads free professional resumeSource: masterbundles.com

This perfectly aligned professional template is suitable for all sectors. It comes with all the needed sections. Also, it has a precise design which makes it pleasing to see.


Professional resume template to download

professional resume template free psd download psdSource: downloadpsd.cc

Here is another professional resume template that is perfect for those working in the creative industry. The template has a clean design and neat layouts. To make it yours, make sure to click on the link above.


Free resume template with clean design

free professional resume template with clean design freeSource: pivle.com

Here is the perfect resume template for your next job application. The template has a clean design which makes it easy to read. Besides, it includes all the necessary sections.


More Ideas for Professional Resume Templates

Editable clean and professional resume

clean and professional creative resume template 3 pageSource: crella.net

This clean and professional resume template comes in multiple pages. The sections, fonts, colors, as well as texts, are all editable. Hence, it would be easy for you to create your own kind of resume.


Matching resume and cover letter templates

free professional resume template word 2020 maxresumesSource: maxresumes.com

It would be good to have a matching resume and cover letter. The template above comes with both in A4 size. Furthermore, it is available in both Docx and PSD file formats. Click the link below the image for further inquiries.


Professional resume word and PSD format

professional resume template word psd format 2020Source: maxresumes.com

This professional resume is available in word as well as PSD format. It is available in A4. The impressive design will leave a good impression. Also, it features only necessary information.


Free 2021 simple resume format

mechanical engineer fresher resume template in adobeSource: www.template.net

This is a free 2021 resume template that is perfect for freshers. The template allows you to focus on your skills. In addition to it, the template is fully editable and easy to edit.


Stylish resume template for professionals

professional word resume template vista resumeSource: vistaresume.com

This stylish resume template features three columns to write information about the applicant. The template includes information related to key achievements, languages, education, and experience.


Nicely-designed resume template

free resume templates with multiple file formatsSource: resumeinventor.com

Kickstart your job-seeking with this nicely designed resume template. This fully editable template would make a great resume. Along with its stylish, modern design, the template is available in multiple file formats.


Free resume template for professionals

free resume templates download nowSource: wemeancareer.com

Impress the employers with this professional resume template. The design is classy and concise. Furthermore, the layout is neat and clean. Thus, it is suitable for students, beginners, and experienced workers.


Brilliant design for a resume

editable professional resume template office word resumeSource: www.plannerinserts.com

Here is another resume template with a great design. The template is available in both A4 and letter sizes. Besides, it is also equipped with professional fonts and icon packs.


Professional cv template for all

professional resume template word cv template cv formatSource: www.plannerinserts.com

The template comes in multiple pages. Thus, it is suitable for all. It comes with a template for students who are new to job seeking and also for professionals who have experience working in multiple jobs.


Microsoft Word professional resume templates

professional cv template for microsoft word cover letterSource: www.cvtemplatesau.com

This A4 resume template comes with a matching cover letter. Furthermore, it comes in multiple pages in case you need more than one page for your resume. So, visit the link above if you are interested.


Downloadable professional resume format

800 free professional resume templates downloadableSource: www.lucidpress.com

Searching for editable, downloadable resume templates? Here is one of them. This downloadable template is easy to personalize based on your needs. So, make sure to check it on the link above.


Editable resume template in word

the megan resume professional word templateSource: www.resumeshoppe.com

Those who are into simple, modern resumes will love this design. This template is easy to customize as it can be edited in Word. Furthermore, this template is perfect for those working in marketing or copywriting.


Resume template with a trendy design

trendy creative resume template free psd 2020 maxresumesSource: maxresumes.com

This might be the one trendy resume template you have been looking for. It is in A4 size which is fully editable. Hence, make sure to download it PSD file by clicking on the link above.


Template word for professional resumes

clean professional resume template word 11655 resumeSource: designbundles.net

Here is another clean design for a professional resume. The template is both fresh and stylish. Thus, it is perfect to help you rewriting and fresh up your old resume.


Best simple resume format

the best latest professional cv format pdf addictipsSource: addictips.com

This is the best simple resume format that still looks professional. The information included is just the necessary one. Besides, it has a neat layout which makes it easy to read.


Professional cv format for Ms. Word

professional cv format for microsoft word cover letterSource: www.thedigitalcv.com

This professional resume template is available and editable in Microsoft Office Word. Also, it is fully editable. Hence, you can edit the texts, icons, sections, as well as colors.


Modern design for resume template

jandlo jon modern clean resume template 73414Source: www.templatemonster.com

Those who are looking for a modern resume template should consider this one. The template is well-organized with neat layouts. Also, the template is available with a matching cover letter.


Free clean resume template

free clean resume archives resumeinventorSource: resumeinventor.com

This is a free resume template that is perfect for professionals. With its clean design, the resume will leave a good impression. Furthermore, the template is customizable for your needs.


Professional banking resume example

banking resume samples 46 free word pdf documentsSource: www.template.net

Looking for a banking resume? Hope this example does help. The banking resume uses professional fonts and skill icons. Thus, it is easier to skim and read.


Professional template by hired design studio

michelle hired design studioSource: hdsresumetemplate.com

This is one of our favorite templates by hired design studio. The template comes with a professional resume template as well as a matching cover letter template. Thus, make sure to check it further by clicking on the link above.


Here we have shown you our best recommendations for professional resume templates. They all come in various designs to choose from Accordingly, we do hope that you get what you need here. Good luck with your job seeking!

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