Party Invitation Template Awesome Selections to Choose from

Party Invitation Template

Party Invitation Template – Create your own party invitation with available party invitation templates. Here, we will hook you up with the top 50 templates. Among them, there should be one or two which suits your preference. By selecting a template here, your dream party invitation will come true. Thus, make sure to check each of them and pick the best one.


How do you write a party invitation?

A lot of people want to make write their own party invitation. Actually, writing one should be simple. However, most of them do not know how to do it. If you are one of them, here we have a list of what to write on your party invitation.

  • First, you have to include your name for the invitees to know who the host is.
  • Second, you have to let your invitees know the type of party. Whether that be your anniversary, birthdays, or other special occasions.
  • Third, you definitely have to write the date and time of the party.
  • Fourth, let them know the details of the party venue. It is a must to include the full address or the QR code to get the direction.
  • Fifth, if required, you can also write the RSVP details.
  • Last but not least, you can add details of the dress code, if necessary.

How can I make party invitations online for free?

There are a lot of online invitation makers to help you make party invitations for free. Whatever program you are using, there are basic steps to follow. Here we have made the basic steps to make party invitations online for free.

  • First of all, select the invitation maker and launch it.
  • Secondly, there will be a lot of templates to choose from. So, take your time and pick one that suits your party the most.
  • Thirdly, you can explore the features of the invitation maker. They usually have features where you can insert a picture and write texts.
  • Fourthly, customize your invitation as you want. Make sure to include the basic information needed.
  • Finally, you can either save it or share the invitation directly with your guests.

What is the best free online invitation maker?

Nowadays, it is relatively easy to find free online invitation makers. There is a lot of designs and templates to select from. If you are looking for an online invitation maker, here are our top three suggestions.

  • Evite. Why evite? Evite is a trusted website where you can make invitations for free. There are various templates available.
  • Pingg. It is best to use Pingg if you are looking for youthful and creative templates for your invitation.
  • Invys. This is the invitation maker which is suitable for those who want trendy and stylish invitations.

Does Microsoft Word have invitation templates?

Yes, Microsoft Word does have invitation templates. It is relatively easy to make an invitation in Word as many people are familiar with the program. You can simply select and download invitation templates on the search bar when you open your Word. From those many free templates, you can select the one that you prefer. Then, the template can be edited the way you want. You can add information or details about the event. In addition to it, it is also possible to change the color of the invitation.

Gallery Party Invitation Template ideas

Template for a birthday party

birthday party invitation templates addictionarySource:

Your son is having a birthday party soon? You can press your budget by making your own party invitation. The simple, cute template above is a good invitation template for a son’s birthday. Thus, simply visit the link below the image to download it.


Cheerful template for a birthday invitation

birthday party invitation template word addictionarySource:

The invitation template above includes the basic information for an invitation. With the cheerful design, the template is ideal for kids’ birthday parties or maybe school graduation. Thus, you can save it just in case by visiting the link above.


Party invitation wording

company holiday party invitation sansalvaje throughout workSource:

Your party invitation wording will depend on the type of party you hold. Whether it is a formal or informal party, the wording should be clear. The invitation above is a good example of neat, clear wording for a holiday invitation.


Surprise party invitation design

surprise party or birthday party invitation templateSource:

Adapting the tone of wording to befit the theme of your party is important. The above example is an invitation with suitable wording for a surprise party. Furthermore, it can also be used for a birthday party invitation.


Halloween party invitation card

halloween party invitation template or poster and banner vertical background vector illustration 208268454Source:

Looking for a Halloween party invitation template? Here is the perfect one to select. The template above features designs that suit Halloween. Furthermore, it is editable. Thus, you can customize the content of the invitation.


Birthday party home town club

birthday party invitation template cute kids download freeSource:

There are still people who have no idea what to write on invitations. If you are one of them, you can take a look at the birthday invitation above as an example. Also, it is downloadable by clicking on the link above.


Paintball party invitation sample

paintball party invitation templateSource:

Planning to hold a paintball party? Make sure to invite some friends over by sharing this invitation. The card above is a great sample of the paintball invitation. Thus, make sure to save it by visiting the provided link above.


A great invitation template for a Halloween party

halloween party invitation template scary witch vector imageSource:

Holding a Halloween party? Add extra Halloween-vibe by sending out this invitation. With black used as the basic color, the invitation seems like a great card for the occasion.


Third birthday invitation idea

free editable birthday party invitation template tea partySource:

Your beloved one is turning three? Celebrating his/her birthday with some close family and friends would be a good idea. To invite them over, you can download the invitation template above by clicking on the link provided.


Halloween party invitation card

6 best free printable templates halloween party printableeSource:

For a specific type of event, we need a specific type of invitation card. If you are looking for a Halloween invitation, here is our recommendation. Click the link above to download.


Birthday invitation templates for girls

princess birthday party invitation template vector imageSource:

If your daughter’s birthday is coming up, this princess birthday invitation is a good try. Featuring pinkish color tones, the template is best to use for baby girls’ birthdays. Thus, make sure to save these templates by visiting the link above.


Invitation template for Hawaiian party

hawaiian luau party invitation template banner vector imageSource:

If you are looking for an invitation template for a Hawaiian party, we suggest you use this. The vector image above is perfectly suitable for a Hawaiian party. With its well-design images, the template is the one you are looking for.


Holiday party invitation card

best 39 potluck background on hipwallpaper potluckSource:

Searching for a template for a holiday party invitation card? If so, here is the card template you can use. With a green and red combination, it is perfect for a festive event. Hence, make sure you save it by visiting the above link.


Halloween event invitation template

halloween party invitation template for card poster flyerSource:

Among the many templates for Halloween party invitations, here is my personal favorite. The design is simple yet is stunning. Furthermore, it can be a good inspiration for those who want to create their own Halloween invitation cards.


Invitation template for a bachelorette party

the coolest bachelorette party invitation wording samplesSource:

It is a nice idea to hold a bachelorette party before tying the knot. It would be nicer to invite your close friends over. The template above is a great way to invite them. So, make sure to download it by visiting the link above.


Chalkboard-inspired party invitation card

chalkboard bachelorette party invitation design template inSource:

Searching for a unique invitation card? You might want to try this card design. The chalkboard-inspired party invitation looks unique and stunning. You can get the template by directly clicking on the link above.


Free printable Halloween invitations

free printable halloween invitation template awesome aliceSource:

Go grab yours! This free printable template is a good start to create your own invitation. It is also well-designed for a fun Halloween party. Hence, make sure to save it. You can do so by visiting the above link.


Bachelorette party invitation message

elegant bachelorette party invitation design template inSource:

Invite your close ones to your bachelorette party with this elegant invitation. The invitation looks stunning with calm navy blue as the basic color. Further, it mentions all the basic message or information needed.


Barbecue party invitation template

bbq party invitation template vector vector art graphicsSource:

A barbecue party would not be that great without companies. So, make sure to invite your family and friends to the party. To do so, you can use this invitation.


Princess party invitation template

princess birthday party invitation template card stockSource:

Craft the perfect birthday invitation with this template. Featuring a cheerful design and color, this invitation template will make your party better. You can directly visit the link above to download the template.


Halloween party red invitation

halloween vertical background flyer or invitation template forSource:

It is simple, yet suitable for a Halloween party invitation. The template highlights the spooky vibe of the event. Furthermore, you can also use it for the poster or flyer.


Surprise 60th birthday celebration

surprise party invitation template shhh its a surpriseSource:

Shhh, it’s a surprise! Having a 60th birthday is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? To make it even more wonderful, planning a surprise party is a good idea. To invite some friends over, the invitation above is the perfect invitation to go with.


Elegant invitation for a bachelorette party

bachelorette party invitation template word free addictionarySource:

What an elegant party invitation, isn’t it? If you are planning to invite some friends over for a bachelorette party, then it is recommended for you to use this invitation template. The elegant design makes it worth it.


Kids’ birthday party invitation

unicorn birthday party invitation template vector imageSource:

Are your kids having a birthday soon? You can feel at ease and start making the invitation with this template. Featuring a cute design, it is a great invitation for a kid’s birthday party.


Editable invitation template

surprise party birthday invitation template gold floralSource:

A floral invitation will never fail you. To craft your own invitation, this floral template is a must to try. It is great for birthday invitations, especially. You can also use it for other occasions.


Purple Halloween party invitation

stock vector halloween party purple invitation templateSource:

Who says black is the only color suits for Halloween? You can try to be different with this idea. The purple invitation for a Halloween party looks good, doesn’t it? You can grab this template by clicking on the link above.


Printable Halloween party invitation

halloween party invitation templateSource:

Start planning your Halloween party with this printable invitation. You can save time by using it rather than making it from scratch. It is simple and brings out the Halloween vibe.


Fruity summer party invitation

vector summer party invitation template clip art stockSource:

Planning to have a summer party? You can begin with using this template to make the invitation. The fruity design surrounding the border makes the invitation looks fresh. Further, summer would always go well with fruits, right?


Floral garden party invitation card

garden party invitation template download free vectorsSource:

Having a garden party with some friends sounds nice. You can invite them by handing out this beautiful invitation. The design is simple yet it looks elegant. Thus, it is ideal for a chill garden party.


Holiday party invitation template

holiday party invitation template poinsettia floralSource:

This holiday party invitation template with flowers looks beautiful. It is also fitting the glee vibe of a holiday. Thus, if you haven’t found the template for the invitation, make sure to consider using this template.


Another Ideas for Party Invitation Template

Another template for a bachelorette invitation

bachelorette party invitation template bachelorette partySource:

A simple invitation would be good for a bachelorette party invitation. If you think so, you might like our pick for this stunning, simple invitation. To get this template, you can click on the link above.


Bachelorette weekend invitation idea

bachelorette party invitations bachelorette weekendSource:

Planning to host a bachelorette weekend? If so, it is a must to invite some friends to celebrate the weekend together. If you still haven’t prepared the invitation, you can start by considering using this invitation.


Holiday party celebration invitation

printable christmas party invitation template goldSource:

Holding a holiday party sounds like a good idea. If you are planning to do so, you can start by inviting some friends over. For the invitation, this well-designed invitation should be a good use.


Invitation template free download

birthday party invitation template imagepicture freeSource:

It is a great invitation for a kid’s birthday party. Why? Because it features a cute illustration and subtle colors. Thus, make sure to visit the link above to download it.


Printable Halloween fun invitation

free printable halloween party invitations 2018 templateSource:

Starts your Halloween party preparation off by making the invitations. You can create your Halloween invitations in minutes by using this printable invitation. So, make sure to hit the link provided above.


Lovely birthday invitation template

birthday party invitation template download free vectorsSource:

Celebrate the moment with your loved ones! You can surely make your own birthday party invitation. With this template, you just need to write the details of the party. And, you’re set to go.


A refined Halloween invitation template

halloween party invitation template holiday background vector illustration 218549780Source:

This is a good template to use for a Halloween party invitation. It is a refined, well-designed template. It allows you to write a customized message to your guests.


Halloween party celebration card

halloween party invitation stock illustrations 47638Source:

To celebrate a fun Halloween, having some friends to celebrate with would be nice. Thus, it is recommended to invite friends over to celebrate the holiday together. The above example can be a source of inspiration to make yours.


Fourth birthday party invitation idea

printable birthday party invite template vincegray2014Source:

This is a great example of a fourth birthday invitation. It has nice colors to look at. Furthermore, it is also well-designed. With the neat, clear wording, the invitation will surely make your invitees happy.


Happy Halloween invitations

halloween party invitation template royalty free vectorSource:

Happy Halloween! To make it a happier day, use this template to invite some closed ones for a Halloween party together. Celebrating the day with your loved ones will surely make it better, right?


Online bachelorette party invitation

email online bachelorette party invitations that wowSource:

Nowadays, it is getting easier to invite guests to a party. One of the easiest ways is to share online invitations. You can also do so for your bachelorette party. The above image shows elegant, sophisticated invitation cards for a bachelorette party.


A simple Halloween party invitation

halloween posters and invitations templatesSource:

The image above shows us a simple invitation for a Halloween party. Though it is simple, it includes the information needed. Moreover, you can also print it and use it as a poster.


Free even party invitation

free printable halloween party invitation haunted houseSource:

Make your Halloween a nice one by inviting some close ones over. For the invitation, you can easily get a free printable card as shown above. Thus, no more hesitation. Directly ahead to the link above to grab yours.


Spooky Halloween costume invitation

halloween party invite templates addictionarySource:

A Halloween costume party always sounds like a great idea. You can make it greater by using this template to invite your friends. It features a spooky illustration that is suitable for the event.


Bachelorette party invitation idea

bachelorette party invite templates free page 2 lineSource:

Getting married soon? If so, inviting your friends over for a bachelorette party sounds good. To do so, you can use this invitation template. Also, the invitation adds detailed information, which is good.


Fun template for a birthday party

quarantine birthday party invitation template yellow blackSource:

Birthday parties should be fun, right? Add the fun by inviting your friends with this fun birthday invitation. With a bright color of yellow, the template is looking so good. Thus, visit the link above to download the template.


Birthday invitation card free template

birthday party invitation template 225356080Source:

Searching for a birthday card template? The template above might be the perfect one for you. Featuring colorful decorations, the template is suitable for a cheerful event like a birthday.


Another template for Halloween invitation card

halloween party invitation card with evil smiles stockSource:

Here is another template you can use for your party invitation. Decorated with typical Halloween illustrations, it is worth using. Therefore, save the template by visiting the link above.


Halloween event invitation card

stock vector halloween party invitation card halloween party invitation flyer ghosts with cocktails at the cemetery on orange background halloweenSource:

The orange and black colors, the cemetery, the illustration. They are all designed for a Halloween event. If you are still hesitating about which Halloween invitation template to use, you can give this template a try.


Free holiday party invitation

free holiday party invitation templates addictionarySource:

This is a good sample for a party invitation. The design reflects the festive of the event. Furthermore, it features colors that suit the celebration. Also, you can download it for free by clicking on the link above.


There are many reasons why people want to create their own invitations. Mostly, it is because they can edit and customize it the way they want. If you are a first-timer in making invitations, we hope our selections of the invitation templates here can be helpful.

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