Harry Potter Birthday Card Template ideas

harry potter birthday quotes

Harry potter birthday card template – It is guaranteed that a lot of people will surely love harry potter birthday card. A birthday card is sent to someone to congratulate his/her birthday. The ritual of giving someone a birthday card is different depending on the people’s preferences. If you are one of those who are having a hard time finding the perfect birthday card to meet your special one’s liking, check our top selections of birthday card ideas below.


How do I create a birthday card in Word?

Creating a birthday card in Microsoft word is one of the simplest ways to do it. Don’t worry if you have no idea how to make it. Here is the step-by-step process to create a birthday card in Word. Make sure to follow each of them.

  • Firstly, open a new document in Microsoft word and write ‘greeting card’ in the ‘Microsoft office online template’ search bar.
  • Next, select the template you want for your birthday card.
  • Then, you can adjust the layout, color, and size of the items on it. Don’t forget to write birthday wishes or quotes.
  • Finally, check your draft once more before saving and printing it.

What is a virtual birthday card?

Reach your loved one without minding the distance by sending a virtual birthday card. A virtual birthday card, or also known as an e-card, is a greeting card you send to the birthday person through the internet. Like any other birthday card, the interesting part about a virtual birthday card is that it is available in various different designs, colors, messages, and quotes. You can easily find one you are looking for online.

How do I send a virtual Harry Potter Birthday Card Template?

When you need to congratulate your beloved one’s birthday in a faraway place, a virtual birthday card is an answer. If you are visiting a birthday card online site, it usually features an option for the user to either save the card or send it to someone. To send it, you can deliver it through e-mail, messaging app number, or social media. Another option is by saving the card you want to use or you can even make it yourself. After that, you can personally send it to the birthday person via its phone number or e-mail. It’s as easy as it can get.

How do you say happy birthday in Harry Potter?

Seriously, who doesn’t like Harry Potter? Here are some quotes from harry potter that will make a good birthday quote.

  • You’re a little scary sometimes, you know that? Brilliant … but scary.
  • Don’t let the muggles get you down.
  • It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.
  • It is the quality of one’s convictions that determines success, not the number of followers.

Free Harry Potter Birthday Card Template ideas

An awesome harry potter birthday card idea

personalised harry potter greetings card for son daughterSource: aruba.desertcart.com

We are starting off strong with this adorable birthday card with a harry potter illustration. You can add a personal touch by adding handwritten wishes or messages too. In addition to it, pairing it with a nice gift would be even better.


An epic birthday party concept

heres how to throw an epic harry potter birthday party iSource: www.tasteofhome.com

A harry potter-inspired birthday party is one idea you should try. Add fun to the party by having some wizard-themed cakes and a harry potter-inspired birthday card would make it an amazing birthday celebration. So, make sure to give it a try.


harry potter birthday card printable

3 diy harry potter inspired birthday greeting card ideasSource: holidappy.com

Looking for some magical birthday cards? Here we have our favorites selections. With their simple yet elegant design, the cards will impress your loved ones. Furthermore, you can save these cards for DIY birthday card ideas.


harry potter printable birthday card

harry potter valentines cards free printables mum in theSource: www.muminthemadhouse.com

If you would love to have a harry potter birthday card, you cannot miss these wizardry birthday cards. The red color mixes so well with the gold envelope. Further, the cards feature illustrations that represent harry potter so well.


harry potter birthday card ideas

buy a handmade hogwarts acceptance letterthe perfect giftSource: thescratchynib.com

Harry potter die-hard fans love Hogwarts! Thus, this Hogwarts acceptance letter would make a great gift for them. Pair it with a harry potter-inspired birthday card to make the birthday more memorable.


Playing cards for a birthday celebration

harry potter playing cards in a tin blueSource: www.waterstones.com

A harry potter-inspired birthday celebration will not be complete only with a harry potter birthday card. Add extra fun to the party with these cards. Packed in a tin box, the cards would not look messy.


harry potter happy birthday card

harry potter birthday card harry potter birthday giftSource: leludeclaration.ca

This idea of a harry potter birthday card should be on your list! With the cute and fun message, the card will surely put a smile on the birthday person’s face. Therefore, download this amazing birthday card by clicking the link provided.


Hogwarts-inspired cards for charming birthday

harry potters hogwarts acceptance letter print graphicSource: minalima.com

A Harry Potter fan would surely love this idea. Write your birthday wishes for a fellow Hogwarts fan would be great in this letter. With a vintage and sleek design, the letter will make a lovely birthday card.


diy harry potter birthday card

a well feathered nest harry potter party the invitationsSource: www.awell-featherednest.com

To have a perfect magical birthday party, this enchanted birthday invitation is a plus. The invitees would surely love to receive it, wouldn’t they? Therefore, we suggest you save this invitation simply by visiting the link provided below the image diy harry potter birthday card ideas.


harry potter e birthday card

free printable harry potter party favor gift tags lovelySource: lovelyplanner.com

These colorful harry potter-themed thank you tags look wonderful, don’t they? This thank you tag idea will surely make your birthday feels more magical. Hence, do not forget to download them by clicking on the link above.


A stunning birthday party idea
harry potter birthday party amazon essentials amber likesSource: www.amberlikes.com

If you want to surprise an avid fan of Harry Potter, this party idea is the perfect one for you! Pair with some DIY gift boxes, the party would be a bomb. It will only take some of your time to prepare it. However, it would put a memorable party for your loved one.


The magical idea for a birthday greeting card

a fairy celebration makes a fun harry potter birthday cardSource: secretstamper.com

Have a magical celebration! The quote is more than perfect to write on harry potter birthday card. Featuring a magical design, the card is suitable for an avid fan of the movie. In addition to it, this card is bound to make any birthday person happy with it.


Printable happy birthday card

harry potter birthday card printable printable cardsSource: dianaprintablecards.com

As an avid fan of Harry Potter myself, I would die happy to get this awesome birthday card. With the font that is so wizardry, the card is a nice gift for Harry Potter fans definitely. Therefore, make sure to give the provided link a visit to download this card.


Party decoration with harry potter theme

epic harry potter theme party decoration multicolor balloons at home in delhi ncr bangaloreSource: cherishx.com

Create a wonderful birthday with this harry potter-themed party decoration. Invite friends and family to make it lively. Furthermore, a bunch of colorful balloons is always a good idea to have. To save this idea, you can click the provided link above.


One great idea for a greeting card

harry potter birthday card template printable page 1Source: line.17qq.com

Usually, short birthday messages are a nice touch. Though you can also write long messages, the short ones are fine too. This inspiration for a greeting card with a short quote is a great one. Thus, give the provided link a visit.


Dream-like birthday card inspiration

harry potter playing cards browngoldSource: www.bestbuy.com

Playing cards on a birthday celebration with these Hogwarts cards would be a fun idea. If you are an avid fan of Harry Potter, make sure to give it a try. Furthermore, put an extra effort by putting on Harry Potter-inspired suits.


Harry potter party cakes inspiration

55 best ever harry potter party ideas sarah bloomsSource: sarahblooms.com

Awesome is the word to describe this cake design. For an avid fan of the movie, receiving this card on a birthday would be great. This couldn’t get better. For extra sweetness, pair it with a handmade birthday or greeting card would be lovely.


Happy birthday cake concept

harry potter cakes decoration ideas little birthday cakesSource: www.littlebcakes.com

Making your loved one’s birthday special is not hard. You can present them with this cute cake inspired by the Harry Potter movie. This cake would especially nice to give to an avid fan of the movie.


Movie-themed playing cards for a gift

harry potter playing cardsSource: www.fruugo.co.nz

Birthdays are big deals. Thus, it is important to make the day special. You can add the fun by having these magical playing cards around. Invite some close friends and family would definitely be wonderful.


Harry potter-inspired pop-up cards

handmade inspired harry potter box pop up birthday cardSource: georgia.desertcart.com

Handmade birthday cards can show them how much you care. If your friend or family is having a birthday soon, save this idea. This handmade pop-up card with cute figures is a perfect idea to express your love to the birthday person.


Adorable birthday greeting card for kids

harry potter birthday card for kids from hallmark withSource: bulgaria.desertcart.com

Are your kids Harry Potter-obsessed fans? If so, this birthday card is the perfect gift for them. With the fun quote and nice design, the card would hype the celebration up. Pair it with some nice gifts would be nice.


Collectible birthday card ideas

harry potter hedwig christmas birthday card collectableSource: www.youtube.com

This birthday card is worth collecting. Especially for those who fond of magical things, this card is a nice one to have. To save it, you can directly click on the link provided above. May you feel inspired to make your own enchanting greeting cards.


A virtual birthday card idea

harry potter themed birthday cards page 1 line17qqSource: line.17qq.com

It would be nice to gift a Harry Potter fan with a birthday card like this one. Imagine how happy they can be! Add an extra sweetness by handwriting your birthday wishes. They don’t have to be lengthy. Short ones are also okay.


Hogwarts-theme pop-up birthday card

amazing harry potter hogwarts pop up greeting card ge fengSource: www.arrowfile.com

What an amazing pop-up birthday card! This pop-up birthday card will surely be loved by everyone. Inspired by Hogwarts of Harry Potter, this pop-up birthday card is a perfect gift for a hard fan of the movies. So, make sure to give it a try.


Free harry potter birthday invitation template
77 creative free harry potter birthday invitation template

Source: legaldbol.com

If you are inviting people over for a birthday party, this creative birthday invitation template is the right one to use. Inspired by the movie Harry Potter, the invitation is a nice touch to the party. Therefore, make sure to download it by clicking the link provided.


An amazing idea for a birthday cake

harry potter kids birthday cakeSource: www.cakefeasta.com

Here is what a harry potter-inspired cake should be. This kind of movie-themed birthday cake is suitable for all ages. But, we highly recommend you to have it on kids’ birthdays. So, stop hesitating and start placing your order for this one.


An extraordinary birthday card design

harry potter birthday card activity insideSource: www.cardfactory.co.uk

For those who still have no idea about a birthday card design, they should go with, here is the perfect one for you. Perfect for all ages, any gender. With unique character drawing, the card will impress the birthday person even more.


Free printable birthday card

free printable harry potter valentines card mum in theSource: www.muminthemadhouse.com

This free printable birthday card can be given to your mom, dad, sibling, or friend. Featuring a simple yet adorable design, this card is easily customized. You can add some hand-drawn decorations or handwritten birthday wishes.


Movie-inspired birthday party invitation

stacks and flats and all the pretty things harrySource: www.stacksandflats.com

Do you like to invite people over for birthdays? Then, this invitation idea is for you. Looking simple, the birthday invitation will not be a burden for you. That is why it is worth spending your time making this invitation as a DIY project.


free Harry Potter Birthday Card Template

valentine card design happy birthday card harry potterSource: freegamersgallery.blogspot.com

Try going the extra mile with this homemade pop-up birthday card. The pop-up idea gives you a nice DIY project to make at home. You definitely could use this idea for a birthday, a valentine, or an anniversary day.


Other Ideas for Harry Potter Birthday Card

harry potter deck of playing cardsSource: www.ebgames.ca

These harry potter playing cards are the perfect gifts to give to the movie fan. As shown in the image, the cards feature the characters from the movie. That is why we would recommend you to give them to a fan of the movie. What a nice, thoughtful gift, isn’t it?


Harry potter birthday cake idea

harry potter birthday cake cakes robinSource: www.cakesbyrobin.co.uk

Looking for an awesome idea for a birthday cake? Here is the one you’ve been looking for. With the detailed features, the cake will surely lighten up the celebration. Furthermore, pair it with some dream-like birthday cards would be a nice touch.


Printable birthday wishes template

this item is unavailable harry potter cards harry potterSource: leludeclaration.ca

Birthdays are special. And, birthday cards are as special as the celebration. Thus, it would be good if you can use one of these awesome birthday card templates. The templates are simple and allow you to write your own birthday messages.


Birthday invitation splendid design

make your own harry potter birthday card best happySource: bestwishes4birthday.com

Inviting people over for a birthday party is a must. To invite them, using this splendid invitation is a good idea. You can technically use this invitation design for other special events too, such as an anniversary or new year’s eve party.


Customized Hogwarts letter

free printable hogwarts letter housewife eclecticSource: www.housewifeeclectic.com

Having a personalized letter would make any occasion seems special. If you can’t think of the template to start with, this Hogwarts letter can be a way out. Download this printable, customizable letter by visiting the provided link above.


harry potter birthday card messages

harry potter birthday greetings page 1 line17qqSource: line.17qq.com

You’ve come this far and haven’t found the one? This customizable greeting card is a way to go. Featuring a simple design with a cute character illustration, the card will be much more meaningful when paired with handwritten thoughtful messages.


printable harry potter birthday card

harry potter spell bookSource: jojoscakes.com

In case you are having a hard time deciding on a cake idea, this magical spell book cake can be a nice idea to try. With a splendid concept, this is the perfect one for fans of Harry Potter. To download and save this idea, make sure to give the link a visit.


harry potter birthday card free printable

simply pam harry potter birthday card gift boxSource: www.simplypamscreations.com

This idea of writing a harry potter birthday card free printable spell on a birthday card is just amazing. Just like the strong spell, this card will make a strong impression too. Do not forget to personalize it by using your handwriting to write the birthday wishes.


Hogwarts acceptace letter design

design custom hogwarts acceptance letter combo packSource: www.fiverr.com

This is our favorite design from Hogwarts acceptance letter. You can save the template and use it as a greeting card, a birthday card, or even a party invitation. To download it, give the link above a visit.


free printable harry potter happy birthday card printable

harry potter invitations free printables fun money momSource: funmoneymom.com

Everything harry potter for a birthday is really a great idea. Besides preparing a birthday card, it would be nice to have some friends over. To invite them, this printable harry potter birthday invitation seems like a fun a idea.


Costume Harry Potter Birthday Card Template ideas

sienna jueptners harry potter themed birthday partySource: sg.asiatatler.com

A birthday would definitely feel more special with a festive celebration. Inviting some friends over to celebrate the day together will make it one of a kind day. To hype up the party, make sure to have harry potter-themed costumes on!


happy birthday harry potter card

personalised handmade birthday card boys girls harry potterSource: burundi.desertcart.com

Is your boy having his 9th birthday? To make his birthday special, gift him this cute harry potter-themed birthday card would be amazing. The illustration of harry potter and his friends look super cute for a 9-year old boy.


Harry Potter Card ideas

harry potter card ideas
harry potter card ideas


Harry Potter Birthday Quotes

harry potter birthday quotes
harry potter birthday quotes ideas

There are a lot of ideas when it comes to harry potter birthday card. As we have shown you previously, there are various designs with various colors to choose from. If your love one is a die hard fan of Harry Potter Birthday Card Template ideas, make sure to get him/her a birthday card with harry potter theme. It will surely make him/her birthday feels more splendid.

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