Happy 18th Birthday Daughter

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Happy 18th birthday daughter – If your lovely daughter’s birthday is coming soon, have a look at our selection of birthday cards for daughters. Choose from the many designs and ideas we have here to make your daughter’s birthday one of a kind. Furthermore, you can also add her name/nickname, photos, and some birthday quotes with some of the customizable templates. Thus, don’t be afraid to get wild and creative.


What is a birthday blessing?

A birthday is a special day when we celebrate someone’s birth anniversary. It is celebrated in various ways depending on the cultures. Commonly, birthdays people often celebrate it by giving gifts or birthday cards, holding a birthday party, or having meals with family. Usually, people give the birthday person a word of blessing. A birthday blessing can be meant as our wishes and hopes for the birthday person. Usually, we wish for their health and success in their future endeavor.

What can I write on my happy 18th birthday daughter card?

When someone special like a daughter or a son is having a birthday, it might be a bit hard to find the right words to wish them a happy birthday. On this very day, it is very important to tell them how much you love them. On what to write on a daughter’s birthday card, have a look at some birthday wishes below for inspiration.

  • Happy birthday my lovely daughter. Wish you forever shine like the star you are.
  • Wish you a birthday that is as incredible and beautiful as you are, my princess.
  • Happy birthday my daughter. May your day be as bright as you are.
  • I am so proud of the woman you have become. Happy birthday my dearest daughter!
  • Have a fantastic birthday my loved one. We wish nothing but happiness and endless joy for you.
  • You will always be our dearest princess. And, we hope you know how much we love you. Many happy returns of the day.

How do you say happy birthday in simple words?

It is good to celebrate and congratulate someone on their birthdays. If you are not good at writing lengthy birthday wishes, just use some simple words will do. Don’t have any idea how? Here are some simple words to wish someone a happy birthday.

  • Have a great birthday!
  • Happy returns of the day!
  • Have an awesome birthday.
  • Hope you a wonderful birthday.
  • Hope you have a fantastic year to come.
  • Wishing you many more candles to blow!

What is a good one birthday wish?

Nowadays, sending birthday greetings has become common. No matter who is having a birthday, it is great to wish a good birthday wish. If you are writing a birthday card, you can write lengthy wishes, messages, or short ones. As long as they are good, it will be enough. Or else, you can also write some good birthday quotes. For those looking for a birthday quote, here we have some of our favorites. Thus, make sure to check it out.

  • Count your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years. Happy birthday!
  • Count not the candles…see the lights they give. Hoping you an incredible time ahead. Happy birthday.
  • Birthdays are a new start, a brand-new beginning, and a time to pursue new endeavors with new goals.
  • Happy birthday to someone who is forever young!


Birthday cards for daughter’s 50th birthday

wjb cloud 9 daughter 50th birthday cardSource: www.houseofcards.co.uk

Celebrating your daughter’s 50th birthday would be special not only for her but also for you. To celebrate, you can gift her this wonderful birthday card. Highlighting a simply stunning design, the card is a good choice.


Best happy 18th birthday daughter

birthday wishes for my daughter nice wishesSource: nicewishes.com

Wishing someone a happy birthday is great. For a special one, you can write longer birthday wishes. To start with, save this inspirational birthday message by clicking on the link above.


Unique birthday card template

happy birthday daughter unique wishes for herSource: www.happybirthdaymsg.com

Create a birthday card as bright as your daughter with this unique, cherry birthday card template. With this template, you can get creative by writing some birthday quotes. Thus, make sure to save it by visiting the link above.


Happy 21st birthday card from parents

to a wonderful daughter handmade 21st birthday card rb23Source: www.tiltart.co.uk

Writing beyond ‘happy birthday’ can be hard for some people. You can write some short messages or quotes on the birthday card to make it better. Here is the great birthday card you can get to celebrate your daughter’s 21st birthday.


DIY happy 18th birthday daughter card idea

wjb cloud 9 daughter 18th birthday cardSource: www.houseofcards.co.uk

Birthday cards will be more special if they are handmade. For a DIY project to celebrate your daughter’s 18th birthday, following this DIY birthday card can be a good idea. Thus, make sure to give it a try.


Lovely birthday card design for daughter

50th birthday card daughter with lots of loveSource: www.cardfactory.co.uk

Find the perfect birthday card which is as beautiful as your daughter. This wonderful birthday card with an amazing design will surely fit her well. Therefore, don’t forget to visit the link above to get yours.


Birthday card for granddaughter

for great granddaughter 4th birthday greeting cardsSource: www.lovingwords.co.uk

As a good grandparent, you can gift your granddaughter this cute birthday card on her birthday. The card is looking nice with cute decorations. Hence, make sure to save this idea by clicking the link above.


Daughter’s birthday card from mother

birthday cards daughter card design templateSource: cardesain.blogspot.com

A mother must have so much to say to her daughter. To start with, you can get inspiration from this birthday card. With the thoughtful, heartwarming messages, the birthday card will surely make your daughter happy.


Happy 21st birthday wishes from grandparents

happy 21st birthday wishes messages and cards 9 happySource: www.9happybirthday.com

If you’re a grandparent looking for a birthday card for your granddaughter, this amazing birthday card can be a good choice. To download it, you can simply visit the link below the image.


Birthday cards for daughter from mom

18th daughter handmade birthday card et29Source: www.tiltart.co.uk

The image above shows us a well-designed happy 18th birthday daughter. Featuring a nice design and illustration, the card is the perfect gift to show her how much you love her.


Birthday card wording for daughter

15th birthday for daughter quotes quotesgramSource: quotesgram.com

Here is another example of a happy 18th birthday daughter card with wonderful messages. The design is cute and the color is nice. Hence, if you want to download it, make sure to click the link above.


Unicorn-inspired birthday card idea

unicorn personalised a5 birthday card daughter sisterSource: 3pteb.my

Your girl is a unicorn enthusiast? Make her happier on her birthday with this unicorn-inspired birthday card. You can get her much happier by pairing it with a matching gift.


Handmade birthday cards inspiration

daughter in law butterfliesSource: www.celebrationstore.co.uk

Here is a handmade birthday card idea you can try. The butterflies as the decoration are on point. Furthermore, even though it has a simple design, it still looks nice.


Personalized card for happy 18th birthday daughter

home furniture diy luxury personalised birthday card mumSource: www.kisetsu-system.co.jp

What a cute personalized happy 18th birthday daughter! Also, the subtle colors are looking so good. Furthermore, the drawings are just so good to look at. To get this personalized card, you can directly visit the link above.


Birthday flyer for daughter

happy birthday song to daughterSource: www.youtube.com

The image above can be used as a birthday flyer or banner to celebrate your daughter’s birthday. It can also be used as a backdrop at a birthday party.


Happy 18th birthday daughter card design

details about daughter in law birthday card for a special daughter in law on your birthdaySource: www.ebay.co.uk

Be a great mother-in-law by gifting your daughter-in-law this awesome birthday card. With a nice design, the birthday card will surely make your daughter-in-law happy. Don’t you think so?


Lovely idea for daughter birthday cards

40th birthday card daughter card design templateSource: cardesain.blogspot.com

Looking for great ideas for birthday cards for daughters? If so, then this idea should make it on the list. Looking simple with subtle colors, the card is a nice gesture to congratulate your happy 18th birthday daughter.


Birthday message for daughter

100 happy birthday wishes for daughter best wishes forSource: www.happybirthdaywishs.com

There is something sweet about adding compliments on a happy 18th birthday daughter. Thus, you should give it a try. With this good birthday message, your daughter will surely be happy on her birthday.


Birthday wishes for daughter-in-law

daughter in law greeting cardsSource: www.lpwholesale.co.uk

A special daughter-in-law deserves a special birthday card. Wish her a happy birthday with this awesome birthday card! Also, you can customize the message as you want.


Turning 30 birthday card

30th birthday card for a special daughterSource: www.cardfactory.co.uk

A milestone birthday should be celebrated. Congratulate your daughter’s 30th birthday would be great with this amazing birthday card. It is well-designed. Also, it is looking nice with light colors.


Birthday card from mother-in-law

to a dear daughter in law handmade birthday card rb32Source: www.tiltart.co.uk

Show how much you love your daughter-in-law with this birthday card. Giving her a birthday card will surely show her how much you love her. Therefore, make sure to visit the link above to get it.


Special DIY birthday card idea

balloons special daughter in law birthday cardSource: www.karenzapaperie.co.uk

Personally, this is my favorite design for a birthday card. Wish my mother-in-law will gift me this beautiful card. If you want your happy 18th birthday daughter-in-law to be happier on her birthday, this DIY idea is worth trying.


Free Happy 18th birthday son from mom

with love to a gorgeous daughter large handmade 18th birthday card bly20Source: www.tiltart.co.uk

As shown above, a birthday card can be looking so gorgeous. You can also add this birthday card to a family calendar or photo book. To get this Happy 18th birthday son card, you can directly click the link above.


Happy 50th birthday greeting

daughter 50th birthday card 7707Source: www.hugsandkissesgifts.co.uk

Celebrating the 50th birthday is very special. You can celebrate your daughter’s 50th birthday with this beautiful birthday card. It is simple. Yet, it looks stunning. Get to the link above to get it.


Birthday card free template for daughter

birthday card daughter card design templateSource: cardesain.blogspot.com

This happy 18th birthday daughter card template can be a big saver. Especially when you have limited time to prepare a birthday card, this template can be a good solution. Furthermore, it can also be used as a birthday banner for a birthday party.


Wonderful happy happy 18th birthday daughter card idea

happy birthday daughter images for facebook best happySource: bestwishes4birthday.com

Give your wonderful daughter this wonderful birthday card. It has a nice design. Also, it is made beautifully. To add extra sweetness, you can also add some best wishes or birthday quotes as you wish.


happy 18th birthday daughter card template free download

valentine card design happy birthday card for my daughterSource: freegamersgallery.blogspot.com

This lovely template is designed for a lovely daughter-in-law. You can use it as a birthday card. It is also great to use it as a birthday party decoration. To download it, you can directly visit the link above.


Birthday card with a heartwarming message

birthday wishes for daughter heartwarming prayers funnySource: www.thetalka.com

In need of some inspiration to write a birthday wish? Here is a heartwarming birthday message you can get inspired from. Write it on a wonderful happy 18th birthday daughter card will surely make it better.


Magical birthday card for daughter from mom

to a wonderful daughter handmade birthday card ne56Source: www.tiltart.co.uk

This magical birthday card suits a younger daughter. With short but sweet messages, this birthday card will brighten your daughter’s birthday. Furthermore, you can get it for free by clicking on the above.


Free happy birthday card idea

homemade birthday cards for mom from daughter page 1Source: line.17qq.com

Looking for an idea for a birthday card? You might want to try this one. Decorated with colorful illustrations, the birthday card feels so special. Besides, you can download it by visiting the link above.


More Ideas for Birthday Cards For Daughter

Another DIY birthday card idea

personalised daughter birthday cardSource: www.notonthehighstreet.com

Here is another DIY happy 18th birthday daughter card idea we suggest you try. Perfect for a daughter’s birthday, the card looks good with the beautiful drawings. Plus, you can edit the name and the message too.


Turning 16 happy birthday card

edit name personalised son daughter funny 17th birthday cardSource: fugu.lv

Here is another cute-looking birthday card to inspire you. It has a cheerful vibe that is suitable for a special day like a birthday. Furthermore, you can personalize it by editing the name and the message.


Inspiration for birthday wishes

birthday cards for daughter card design templateSource: cardesain.blogspot.com

It must be devastated to lose a daughter. Even so, you can still send her a Happy 18th birthday son message. For your daughter in heaven, here is the perfect birthday card inspiration.


Happy turning 50 birthday greeting

daughter 50th greeting cards loving wordsSource: www.lovingwords.co.uk

This turning 50 birthday card feels special with the loving message. No matter how old she is, she will always be your princess, right? Show her how much you love her with this birthday card is a great idea.


Princessy birthday card idea for daughter

for happy birthday daughter 6 today greeting cardsSource: www.lovingwords.co.uk

Daughters are usually into princesses. If yours too, gift her this princessy birthday card that will make her birthday wonderful. It is well-designed. Also, it uses nice-looking subtle colors.


Daughter-in-law happy birthday greeting

diy birthday card ideas for daughter in law step stepSource: www.diycardideas.com

Here is an idea for you to try if you want to make a handmade birthday card for your daughter-in-law. As this is handmade, you can write your birthday message for her. For a step by step process, check the link above.


Birthday messages from mom

birthday wishes texts and quotes for a daughter from momSource: holidappy.com

Daughters might find it difficult to write her mom a birthday message. Worries no more. There are inspirations to find here. To figure out more about it, make sure to visit the link below the image.


Daughter birthday cards from parents

500 birthday wishes for daughter daughter birthday wishesSource: www.status-for-whatsapp.com

Show your daughter the loves she deserves. To make her birthday special, write her a birthday card from your heart will do. To start with, here is an inspiration for you.


Princess birthday card message idea

birthday wishes for daughter emotional heartwarming funnySource: www.hackstrive.com

Beautiful birthday messages always warm our hearts. If you have no idea what to write on your daughter’s birthday card, here is an inspirational birthday message you can read.


Beautiful handmade daughter birthday card

exquisite collection birthday card daughter in law cocktailSource: www.cardfactory.co.uk

This unique birthday card will make your daughter-in-law loves you even more. With the quirky design, the birthday card will surely make her feels loved too.


Birthday card for a step-daughter

best step daughter birthday cardSource: www.notonthehighstreet.com

Make your step-daughter feels welcome and appreciated with this birthday card. It looks simple. Yet, it looks nice at the same time. You can personalize it by writing your birthday wishes for her too.


Daughter-in-law special birthday card

daughter in law greeting cards loving wordsSource: www.lovingwords.co.uk

Give your daughter-in-law this birthday card. It features a nice design with nice-looking colors. Furthermore, it includes a heartwarming message that will warm her heart.


Heartwarming birthday quotes

daughter birthday quotes 36 loving collections design pressSource: designpress.com

This wonderful birthday message will make her feels touched. It shows how sincere your heart is as a parent. Furthermore, it shows her how much she means to you.


Personalized ballerina birthday card inspiration

large a5 handmade personalised ballerina birthday card sister friend daughterSource: www.handmadewithheartcards.co.uk

If your daughter is into ballet, this ballerina birthday card would be perfect for her. It is well-designed with beautiful colors. To get this personalized birthday card, make sure to visit the link above.


Turning Happy 18th birthday son card

create customized 18th birthday cards with design wizardSource: www.designwizard.com

Turning Happy 18th birthday son. Thus, it should be special. Make her feels great by giving her this wonderful happy 18th birthday daughter card. Furthermore, you can add or edit the birthday message too.


Brilliant idea for a daughter birthday card

happy birthday brilliant daughter greeting cardSource: pearlofagirl.co.uk

Don’t you think this is a brilliant design for a birthday card? If I were the one to receive it, I’ll be on clouds nine. So, no more hesitation. Go get this awesome design for your daughter’s birthday card.


Stylish daughter-in-law birthday cards

lovely daughter in law prosecco bottleSource: www.celebrationstore.co.uk

This is the birthday card that is as stylish as your daughter-in-law. This birthday card is a good start to the birthday celebration. Pairing it with a thoughtful gift would be wonderful.


First birthday card for daughter

valentine card design happy birthday card daughterSource: freegamersgallery.blogspot.com

The first birthday always feels magical, doesn’t it? To write a birthday card for your daughter’s 1st birthday, it is good to reminiscence the time she was born. It will be memorable when she reads it later when she gets older.


Birthday card idea for daughter-in-law

birthday cards for daughter in law card design templateSource: cardesain.blogspot.com

This image above shows us a good idea for a daughter-in-law’s birthday card. It looks simple. Yet, it has sufficient decoration. To look further into this design, you can visit the link above.


There they are our happy 18th birthday daughter card collections. We do hope you enjoy the scroll. In addition to it, we do hope our selection of birthday cards for daughters helps you find a suitable one for your loved one. Have a wonderful day!

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