Finest Graduation Invitation Template and Designs

Graduation Invitation Template

Graduation Invitation Template – This post includes the finest graduation invitation template and designs to choose from. You can find the one for a formal to a more casual graduation ceremony. In addition to it, there are plenty of customizable templates you can use to create your graduation invitation. Thus, make sure to check from the first to the last one.


How do you write a graduation invitation?

Writing a graduation invitation is more than merely writing the date of the ceremony. There are some things to consider, such as the tone of the wording and the information included. If it is your first time writing a graduation invitation, here is some basic information you should include in the invitation.

  • First of all, you should include the full name.
  • The second one is the name of the school or university.
  • Thirdly, it is also important to include the degree, honors, and graduation year.
  • Fourth, you have to include the details of the graduation time, date, and venue.
  • Finally, you can also include additional information like the dress code, RSVP, and other additional information if necessary.

What should a 2021 graduation announcement say?

Writing a graduation announcement should mind the language use. You have to consider who the receivers are. You can use casual language with your friends. Meanwhile, with the elderly family members, it might be good to make it less casual. Similar to writing a graduation invitation, a graduation announcement should include basic information such as the name of the graduate, university, and year of graduation. Furthermore, it is common in some cultures that if you receive a graduation announcement, it is a must to send a gift. Thus, I think it would be okay to mention that the receivers do not need to send you a gift, if necessary. It aims at not making them obligated to find a gift for you.

Is there an invitation template in Word?

Yes, there is. You can easily find an invitation template in Word. Simply going to the search bar and entering the keyword will do. For example, you can search for a ‘stylish invitation template’. Then, there will be hundreds of templates you can use. They are downloadable and editable. So, it would be easy for you to write text or message and details you want to include in your invitation. After you select a template, you can customize it the way you want.

Where can I make my own invitations for free?

It is highly possible to make your invitations for free. There are several online invitation templates available on the internet. Thus, it should be easy to create your own. For an easier one, here are some of our recommended sites where you can make your own invitation for free.

  • Our first recommendation is Canva. It is free. It is easy to use. Thus, it is suitable especially for a beginner.
  • Secondly, you can also try Visme. You can sign up for free and use the features it provides. This is the right tool to make your own beautiful invitation for free.
  • Spark Adobe. Spark Adobe offers a free invitation maker with hundreds of free templates to use. In addition to it, it claims that you can make invitations with no design skill needed.

Graduation Invitation Template ideas

Preschool graduation card invite design

graduation card invite
graduation card invite


To help you stress-free from preparing the graduation ceremony here is a cute design for a preschool graduation card invite. With a colorful and cute design, this template is the ideal invitation template you have been looking for.


graduation party invitations template

graduation party invitations template
graduation party invitations template


Having a graduation party invitations template? Make an elegant invitation your guests will love with this template. It has a clean and neat design. Furthermore, it is simple and elegant. Thus, if you want to save it, make sure to click on the link above.


graduation party invitations

graduation party invitations
graduation party invitations


The first time I see it, I know I love it. This 2020 graduation announcement can be a great inspiration for your 2022 graduation party invitations. Therefore, don’t miss the chance and grab yours by visiting the above link.


graduation invitations template

graduation invitations template
graduation invitations template


A graduation invitations template is a celebration of a big accomplishment. Thus, it should be well-prepared. To help your preparation, here is a simple yet beautiful invitation template you can use. To download, directly click on the above link will do.


Editable kindergarten graduation invitation

preschool graduation diplomas free printables hatunisiSource:

Here is a nice template for kindergarten graduation. It is free and editable. In addition to it, the cute illustration makes it a nice invitation for a kindergarten event.


Graduation invitation envelope

graduation announcement with envelope chelsea paperSource:

It would be nice to send out the graduation invitation or announcement with this beautiful envelope. With its simple design, the envelope is suitable for any kind of graduation. Thus, you can visit the link above to download it.


Clear graduation party invitation

2021 graduation party invitations super cute easy toSource:

Looking for a unique and extraordinary invitation? Make your graduation party better with this clear invitation. Receiving this stunning invitation will surely make the receivers impressed, right?


Surprise graduation party invitation card

graduation free suggested wording theme geographicsSource:

A surprise party would be great with some companies celebrating the event together. If you plan to make a surprise party, you might need to consider using this simple, yet neat invitation template.


Invitation design for a graduation celebration

nurse graduation party invitations mickey mouseSource:

Whether you are celebrating a university or high school graduation, this graduation invitation template suits both occasions. The image above shows how it is used for a nursing school graduation invitation. And, it looks great!


Magnolia graduation announcement with envelope

magnolia graduation announcementsSource:

This magnolia graduation announcement looks good with the matching envelope. Dominated by broken white color, the design makes it looks neat and sophisticated. Thus, don’t forget to save this idea by clicking on the link above.


Virtual graduation party invitation

graduation announcements send online instantly track opensSource:

With the ongoing pandemic, a lot of events are held online or virtual. The same goes for the graduation party. To make the virtual party interesting, here is our selection of virtual graduation invitations. To know further, click on the link above.


Unversity virtual graduation

university virtual graduation google slides and ppt templateSource:

Virtual graduation invitations are slightly different from paper-based ones. For inspiration, here is one of our favorite templates for the virtual invitation. Go make yours by visiting the above link.


graduation invitation templates

graduation invitation templates
graduation invitation templates Free


If you are looking for a stylish graduation invitation templates design, this template might be a good choice. With festive decoration, the invitation shows how interesting the party is. Therefore, go grab yours by visiting the link above.


Glittery graduation party invitation

black and gold sequins graduation cap graduation partySource:

The gold decoration makes the invitation beautiful. It reflects the golden moment of graduation. Also, the template is great with glittery illustrations. Thus, do not miss the chance to download it via the link above.


The font styles for invitations

invitation text for party mickey mouse invitations templatesSource:

There are various font styles available for use. For your invitation, make sure to find the font which suits the occasion. The above image shows us different font styles you can use for writing invitations.


Party invitation with quotes

nursing graduation invitation templates free page 1 lineSource:

Writing a short quote on an invitation would be a good idea. The idea is turned into reality as shown in the invitation above. The short quote should be in line with the theme of the celebration.


School graduation invitations templates

graduation invitations templates
graduation invitations templates


For a school graduation invitations templates announcement, it should be interesting for the invitees. For a kindergarten and primary school graduation, this announcement idea seems nice with the school kids’ illustration.


graduation announcement templates

graduation announcement templates
graduation announcement templates


Searching for an invitation template for graduation announcement templates? Here is the template you can use. With the nice wording, the template also offers a well-designed invitation. To download it, visit the link below the image.


Wedding celebration invitation
free pdf graduation invitation templates vincegray2014Source:

For a simple, elegant invitation, this invitation can be a good example. The white background is paired with a neat font and wording. Also, the floral decoration in the corner makes it more beautiful.


graduation announcements template image

graduation announcements template
graduation announcements template


The above image is suitable for a graduation announcements template party invitation. It is available in png and PSD files. So, make sure to download it by clicking on the link above. To save the files, you can click the link above.


College graduation invitation envelope

graduation announcements weatherford college bookstoreSource:

The elegant design of this envelope will make your invitation more beautiful. Suitable for college graduation invitations, the idea of stamping the envelope with the college stamp is a good idea to try.


graduation announcements templates announcement

graduation announcements templates
graduation announcements templates


What a sparkly announcement! graduation announcements templates is a very special event to celebrate. Make it even more special with this sparkly invitation. The invitees will surely be joyful for sure.


graduation invitation ideas

graduation invitation ideas
graduation invitation ideas


Searching for a well-designed invitation card? This university graduation invitation can be a good idea to follow. With the sophisticated design, the invitation cards look nicer with the golden border lines.


graduation college invitations

graduation college invitations
graduation college invitations


This image can be put on a graduation college invitations. Also, it can also be printed for a poster. Another way to use it is by using it for PowerPoint background. To download this image, you can go to the link below the image.


An invitation for a college graduation invites

college graduation invites
college graduation invites


Graduation is a day to celebrate. Add extra joy by giving out a beautiful college college graduation invites like the one shown above. It is simple and well-designed. Also, it has clear and neat wording.


Kids’ graduation certificate template

kids graduation certificate background designSource:

Searching for a template for kids’ graduation certificate? Lucky you. Here is one of the ready-to-use templates to choose from. It has a nice design which suits the kids. Moreover, it is editable and printable.


Fun invitation for a graduation party

design your own graduation invitation canvaSource:

How do you feel when receiving a well-designed, stylish invitation like the one above? It would feel amazing, I bet. If you want your guests to feel the same, it is a good idea to use this invitation template too.


ideas for graduation invitations

ideas for graduation invitations
ideas for graduation invitations


What a great ideas for graduation invitations it is. It looks simple and sophisticated too. Likewise, it is suitable for a graduation party invitation template. Thus, go grabs yours by clicking on the link above.


2022 invitation ideas for graduation
2021 graduation invitation template imagepicture freeSource:

What makes it a good invitation ideas for graduation? It is free. Also, it is editable. Accordingly, you can customize the invitation with your own text. To use this template, you can visit the link below the image.


Kindergarten cool graduation invitation idea

kindergarten graduation ceremony invitationSource:

What a cool graduation invitation it is! With colorful fonts and objects, the invitation will surely make the invitee happy. Furthermore, the design is looking nice and perfect for kindergarten event.


Other Ideas for Graduation Invitation Template

Rehearsal dinner invitation template

free dinner invitation templates addictionarySource:

Planning to hold a rehearsal dinner? Make sure you have the right invitation template to use. If you want to have the above template, you can directly go to the provided link above.


Party graduation templates

graduation templates
graduation templates


The graduation templates is a good idea to create your own graduation party invitation. It has a nice design. Also, the wording is good. It is also editable. Thus, it allows you to customize it the way you want.


Graduation party invitation letter

fiesta graduation invitation nacho average party invite fiesta theme party editable template cinco de mayo instant access edit nowSource:

It is a good idea to throw a graduation party after the graduation ceremony. To invite some friends, this cute colorful invitation can be a good idea. Moreover, it is downloadable and editable. You can simply click the link above.


Graduation certificate template for kids

kids graduation stock illustrations 5028 kids graduationSource:

Let’s imagine. You are a kindergarten or primary school teacher. Also, you are in charge of making the graduation certificate. If so, it is recommended to use this ready-to-use template. It is easy to edit and print. In addition to it, it will save your time a lot.


Stylish invitation with envelope

graduation invitations and graduation event styling hitchSource:

Among the many ideas, designs, and templates for invitations, here is my personal favorite. It might suit your taste too. The design is very nice looking with soft color tones. Furthermore, it has an envelope in matching color. It can’t get better than this.


College graduating class of 2020

cancelled college graduations amid coronavirus nprSource:

Due to the ongoing pandemic, a lot of graduations are held either online or offline with strict health protocols. When sending out the invitations, it would be great to include the protocols to follow as shown in the image above. Hence, don’t forget to save it by visiting the link above.


Neat invitation for a graduation celebration

graduation party invitation template page 1 line17qqSource:

After graduation is over, it would be nice to have a graduation party with some family and friends. To invite them over, handing out this beautiful invitation will do. It is well-designed with good wording too.


Stylish envelope for event invitations

celebrations occasions select color graduation invitationsSource:

Handing out invitations without the envelope would make it less polite. It can also get the invitation damaged. If you are looking for a nice envelope, this stylish invitation envelope is good to go.


Graduation announcement template

kindergarten graduation announcementSource:

Use this free, editable template to make a graduation announcement will surely save time. For example, if you are a kindergarten teacher who is in charge of making the announcement, I suggest you use this editable template to make the work easier.


University graduation invitation package

jostens graduation announcements york college bookstoreSource:

These beautiful graduation invitations will surely make the invitee happy to receive one. It can be customized with your own text. Furthermore, it includes the matching envelope too.


The nice idea for graduation party invitation

graduation party invitations templates vincegray2014Source:

Aren’t you falling in love with the design right away? Because I am. With a short, nice quote at the end, the invitation looks cute and stylish at the same time. Furthermore, you can use it as inspiration to make yours.


Graduation celebration invitation

graduation party invitation templates party invitationSource:

To find a graduation invitation that best suits you, you have to know your preferences. For a simple invitation, this simple design will do. Therefore, you can save it by visiting the above link.


Preschool graduation certificate

graduation diploma certificate page 1 line17qqSource:

There are many to prepare for when it comes to graduation. If you are looking for an idea for a preschool graduation certificate, then we would like to recommend this template.


Senior class graduation invitation

graduation party vector template invitation stock vectorSource:

This graduation party vector template would be nice for an invitation. It features a nice design with amazing illustrations. In addition to it, the color is nice and suitable for a senior graduation party.


Stylish college graduation invitation

vector template announcement invitation graduation ceremonySource:

For a stylish college graduation invitation, you might need to consider using this template. The design is nice. It includes all the needed information. To save it, you can directly visit the link above.


Invitation to a graduation party

ideas to write the most pleasing graduation invitationSource:

As written on the card above, keep the words to a minimum would be good when writing an invitation. It should be okay as long as it includes the necessary information. Keep that in mind.


Virtual graduation announcement idea

printable zoom graduation celebration invitation instant downloadSource:

This is the printable zoom graduation announcement idea. If you are looking for an invitation idea, here is our suggestion. It is editable and downloadable through the above link.


Free invitation wording

casual dinner party invitation wording mickey mouseSource:

Some people do not how to write an invitation, and, that is normal. The simple invitation wording shown above can be a great inspiration to follow. To save it, you can click on the link above.


Graduation should be celebrated as you have accomplished something big. With graduation approaching, it would be good to take some time to craft one of a kind graduation invitation. To help you deal with it, we have selected some invitation templates you can choose from.

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