50 Funny Birthday Cards for Awesome Birthdays

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Funny Birthday Cards – Birthdays would be more festive to celebrate with funny birthday cards. When selecting the birthday card is already a battle, it would be hard to find what to write. Thus, here we hook you up with some of our best selections of birthday cards. They come in various designs. Thus, simply choose the one that catches your attention the most.


Funny Birthday Cards Design ideas Free Downloads

Funny birthday cards free

huge list of funny birthday messageswishes cracking jokesSource: www.birthdaywishes.expert

Birthdays are nuts! LOL, who agrees? This cutely designed birthday card is totally up to my alley. Though the design is simple, it still looks cute. Furthermore, it features a short, powerful, silly quote.


Printable birthday card with the funny dictum

my compliments funny birthday card greeting cards hallmarkSource: www.hallmark.com

Here is another birthday card you might want to pick. The point of the card is its funny dictum. Well, can’t deny that usually, people give a lot of compliments on birthdays, right?


Hangover fun birthday card idea

avoid getting a hangover funny birthday card cardsSource: www.lovekates.co.uk

A drinking buddy is having a birthday? This birthday card is totally for you! The fun birthday message is perfect to give to a close buddy. In addition to it, the design is simple and just right.


Handmade easy fun birthday card

free printable funny birthday cards for coworkersSource: birthdaybuzz.org

What a pun! This pea birthday card would put a smile on the birthday person’s face. Furthermore, it is easy to make. Or else, you can simply visit the link above to save this fun design.


Funny birthday messages on a card

birthday quotes funny famous and clever wishesquotesSource: www.wishesquotes.com

The funny birthday message on the card is my style. Age is just a number, isn’t it? This fun birthday card is perfect to gift to a friend who’s close to you. To find out more about it, you can directly head to the link above.


Funny birthday card for friends

110 unique happy birthday greetings with imagesSource: birthdaywishings.com

Uh oh. It’s a kiwi bird, not just a kiwi. If your friend is having a birthday soon, this birthday card would be a lovely gift. It is well-designed with funny birthday messages.


Bestfriend happy birthday card

funny birthday wishes for best friend happy birthdaySource: imagesa2z.blogspot.com

For your best friend who’s having a birthday soon, this fun birthday card would make a nice gift. The fun birthday card is perfect for a long-time friend who has spent years with you.


Amazing funny birthday card for boy

funny birthday card super birthday from cardfoolSource: www.cardfool.com

What an idea! This superhero-inspired fun birthday card should be a must. I mean, look at it. It is well-designed. Also, it is a brilliant idea to make it looks like a cover magazine. Don’t you think it’s great too?


Sweet fun birthday card for girl

funny happy birthday quotes top happy birthday wishesSource: tophappybirthdaywishes.com

What a sweet birthday message. This birthday card can be a great gift when you accidentally, or not, forget your friend’s birthday. It would make you the sweetest friend instead. Probably.


Foldable funny birthday card

funny birthday card old man in diapers card zazzleSource: www.zazzle.com

Here is a funny, rude birthday card you might be searching for. This is a great gift for a close friend or family. The design is simple. And, I really love the yellow color on this card.


Funny image for a birthday card

funny birthday cards funny cards funny happy birthdaySource: www.twizler.co.uk

If you are planning on creating your fun birthday card and are looking for a fun image to attach, here is the one. It looks good with such a great illustration. To grab yours, make sure to visit the link above.


Birthday card with a fun message
top 100 short simple happy birthday wishes text 2020Source: www.birthday-stock.com

I love this design. The black and yellow colors blend so well. It is well-designed with just enough decorations. Furthermore, it features a fun birthday message. Thus, download it by clicking on the link above.


Free clown birthday clip art

free funny 63 birthday cliparts download free clip artSource: clipart-library.com

Here is another funny image you can attach to your handmade birthday card. It is suitable for a birthday card designed for a close friend. Hence, make sure to save it. You can directly click on the link above.


Funny happy 40th birthday card

funny 40th birthday greeting for him card zazzlecoukSource: www.zazzle.co.uk

For a friend or a spouse who’s turning 40 soon, this fun birthday card will cheer them up. It has a nice-looking design. Moreover, a fun birthday quote sounds better than just a ‘happy birthday’.


Sweet birthday dictum for a friend
chuckleberrys friendship cardsSource: www.chuckleberrys.com

What a sweet birthday would it be with this cute birthday card. Gift your friend this sweet birthday card to make his/her birthday more special. Hence, don’t hesitate to grab yours through the link above.


Fun birthday card for a boy

smart funny and sweet birthday wishes for your boyfriendSource: www.birthdaywishes.expert

Uh oh. Make your boy’s birthday more fun with this birthday card. The saying is on another level of fun, isn’t it? You can find other birthday wishes to write on the card by visiting the provided link below the image.


Funny cats birthday card idea

funny look an old person birthday card cards love katesSource: www.lovekates.co.uk

Is a cat lover having a birthday soon? This funny birthday card should be on the list of gifts then. The cute-looking cats and the funny message are on point. To find out more about it, directly head to the link above will do.


Virtual fun happy birthday card

a virtual hug birthday thirty mussels range funnySource: www.creasedcards.com

A virtual greeting card is trending nowadays. So is the virtual birthday card. If you’re looking for one, here is an option for you to choose from. Hence, make sure to visit the link provided above.


Cool message on a birthday card

mantique funny birthday card greeting cards hallmarkSource: www.hallmark.com

Here is another cool, funny birthday card to pick. It is well-designed with a cool birthday quote. It can be sarcasm though. However, it is still a fun idea for a birthday card.


Happy birthday e-card idea

filthy sentiments tiger king social distancing birthdaySource: www.williamvalentine.com.au

Looking for another idea for a virtual birthday card? Here is a cool design you can pick. It features a well-written message and a well-designed illustration. Thus, make sure you give it a shot.


Dictionary-inspired birthday message

a birthday a funny birthday poem free funny birthdaySource: www.123greetings.com

This dictionary-inspired birthday message is a cool way out when you don’t know what to write on a birthday card. You can write a funny definition or a silly one. To save it, you can go to the link above.


Fun birthday message for mum

see you in october funny lockdown mum birthday card 2Source: www.creasedcards.com

It is simple. It says what you have to say. That’s what makes it a good birthday card. You can get inspiration from this nice-looking birthday card. Your mum will like it.


Lockdown birthday card inspiration

2 parties next year funny lockdown birthday card 295Source: www.creasedcards.com

Having a birthday during a lockdown can be saddening, right? Thus, cheer your friend upon his/her birthday with this fun birthday card that you can send virtually.


A birthday card for son

free printable birthday cards for my son birthdaybuzzSource: birthdaybuzz.org

What do you call a birthday card full of cash? Sounds like my favorite kind of birthday card! This is such a nice birthday gift idea for your son. Or else, you can also adapt this idea for your daughter’s birthday.


Funny rude birthday cards

funny birthday card lockdown theme for men women brotherSource: www.ebay.co.uk

This funny birthday is perfect for a close friend. Before giving out this birthday card, just make sure you’re close enough to call him/her stinky. To grab yours, visit the link above will do.


A fun idea for a birthday card

happy birthday hug voucher lockdown quarantine funny tSource: www.redbubble.com

This is such a fun, brilliant idea for a unique birthday card. You can also customize it the way you want it. For example, you can change it to a free coffee voucher, free gossip voucher, and so on.


An idea for a fun birthday greeting card

mountain bike ramp stunt funny birthday card greetingSource: www.ebay.com

The older you get, the more you understand how things are. You also understand that birthday cards are varied, more than merely ‘happy birthday’ written on a piece of paper. You can get this fun card by visiting the link above.


A birthday card with a fun idea

fart tastic funny birthday card greeting cards hallmarkSource: www.hallmark.com

What a fun birthday card! Go get your friend this funny birthday card to make his day. No lengthy message is needed. This fun birthday card shows you how close you are.


Happiest birthday card

all stuff zone funny birthday wishes for friends on facebookSource: allstuffzone.blogspot.com

Sending this fun, lovely birthday card to your friend. Especially those who love cats, they will love it. This birthday card will still be impressive without additional messages.


Free Template Funny birthday card

funny image collection funny happy birthday cardsSource: funnyimagecollect.blogspot.com

Another brilliant idea of a fun birthday card. It is well-designed with only a few colors used. Furthermore, it also features a nice illustration. You can save this card by visiting the link above.


More Ideas for Funny Birthday Cards

Fun message on a birthday card

funny birthday wishes quotes and funny birthday messagesSource: easyday.snydle.com

If you have no idea what to write on your friend’s birthday card, here is a fun message to write. This fun birthday card will guarantee a smile on your friend’s face.


Enjoy turning 64 birthday card

funny 64th birthday card zazzleSource: www.zazzle.com

Turning 64 is an impressive thing itself. Make it more impressive with this cutely-designed birthday card. The card will be nice to be paired with a thoughtful gift.


Funny birthday card template

funniest birthday cards 2015Source: quotesblog.net

If you are looking for a ready-to-use birthday template, here is the one you’ve been looking for. It has a nice design as well as a funny birthday message. To download it, simply click on the link above.


The best birthday card template

funny best friend birthday card bobotempSource: www.bobotemp.com

This editable birthday card template is a must to have. You don’t even need to break a sweat as it already has a fun birthday dictum on it. Thus, make sure to save it by visiting the link above.


A fun birthday greeting card for men

chest pains nobleworks funny birthday card greetingSource: www.ebay.com

This card is like stating a fact. This fun birthday card is suitable as a birthday gift for a close friend of yours. It is well-designed with a well-written funny birthday message. What else you need?


Printable birthday card with a funny message

feeling old funny birthday card greeting cards hallmarkSource: www.hallmark.com

Well, age is just a number after all. This is another recommended birthday card to choose from. It is a great birthday card that is suitable for adults or old people.


Personalized fun birthday card

dutch phrases personal best wishes birthday cardsSource: okradnik.com

Make your friend’s birthday feels joyful with this fun birthday card. You can personalize it by changing the picture with a picture of the birthday friend. Sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?


Birthday in isolation greeting card

enjoy your first birthday in isolation funny lockdownSource: www.creasedcards.com

Here is another birthday card to send during the lockdown. It has an on-point birthday greeting that is suitable for today. Receiving this fun card will make the lockdown feels a little bit better. Don’t you think so?


Cheeky birthday card idea

happy birthday greetings card funny humour cheeky rudeSource: printable-birthdaycards.com

Gift your friend this cheeky birthday card to make the birthday special. You can always pair it with another gift. Furthermore, this is printable. So, you can simply visit the link above.


Age is just a number birthday card

age is just a number funny birthday card cards love katesSource: www.lovekates.co.uk

Yes. Here we go again with the common birthday remark. This card comes with a funny birthday quote as well as a simply delightful design. You can get it by clicking on the link above.


Happy 50th birthday card

free printable funny boss day cards free printableSource: printable-map-az.com

This sweet birthday card is designed to make the birthday person feels special. You can show him/her how much they mean to you by being the first one to congratulate their birthdays.


Hilarious quarantine birthday card

happy birthday wishes to friend in lockdown birthdaySource: birthdaycelebrationimages.blogspot.com

Here is another hilarious birthday message fit for the lockdown. You can create this card on your own or simply print this one. If you handwrite it yourself, it would make it more special.


Monster birthday card design

monster funny joke birthday card for kids tw430Source: www.twizler.co.uk

What a cute birthday card. This monster birthday card is looking adorable with the cutest illustration. It also features colorful letters and pictures. To get it, make sure to click on the above link.


Lockdown birthday greeting card idea

funny candle in glass cartoon character style with winkSource: www.dreamstime.com

This is another funny quarantine birthday card. It fits really well with the current situation. Also, note that it has a clean look. Hence, make sure to save it by visiting the link above.


Happy birthday fun greeting card

monster funny joke birthday card for kids tw433Source: www.twizler.co.uk

If you don’t really get the feel with the previous monster birthday card, here is another option to pick. This adorable birthday card is suitable for kids. The colorful drawings will surely make them happy.


Cool happy birthday card design

funny birthday card for her happy birthday to one coolSource: www.storenvy.com

Looking for a cool birthday card for a cool friend? Here is the perfect one to get. The design is simple and the chick drawing is just too cute to handle.


Party time birthday card

funny freak out party time birthday card cardsSource: www.lovekates.co.uk

Such a cool-looking dog, isn’t it? This birthday card is perfect to give to the cool kid on your bunch. The one who receives it will surely be impressed. To shop, make sure to click on the link above.


Funny birthday message template

birthday quotes for boyfriend funny image quotes atSource: relatably.com

Here is the perfect funny birthday card to give to your husband or your boyfriend. The illustration is just hilarious, isn’t it? Furthermore, you can also make it extra special with a handwritten birthday message.


Funny birthday wishes on a card

105 funny birthday wishes top happy birthday wishesSource: tophappybirthdaywishes.com

Here is another choice for a funny birthday card. I personally like the yellow color as the basis. Furthermore, it makes the black lettering stands out more, which makes it beautiful to look at.


Funny best friend birthday card

breast friends funny card funny friend birthday cardSource: www.notonthehighstreet.com

Go get your best friend this witty birthday card! A smile and a festive birthday are guaranteed. Furthermore, the card features a simple, nice-looking design. Thus, it would make a perfect birthday card for a best friend.


What a brilliant selection of funny birthday cards! Here we have shown you our best options for unique, funny birthday cards. Hence, we do hope you find the one you want the most. Cheers!

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