Free Wedding Envelope Address Template

Free Wedding Envelope Address Template

Free wedding envelope address template – There are thousands of different designs for wedding invitation envelopes. As weddings are always special, every preparation should be done well. So should the preparation for the wedding invitations. Check our best selections of wedding invitations you can choose from. Thus, make sure to scroll until the end.


What size are Free Wedding Envelope Address Template?

For some people, it might be confusing to decide the size of the envelopes for their wedding invitation. The answer is actually quite obvious. The size of the envelopes will be depended on the size of the cards or invitations. Below we have made a list of common envelopes sizes for different sizes of the invitation.

  • 6 ¼ x 8 ½ inches for 6 x 8 inches of invitation
  • 5 ¼ x 7 ¼ inches for 5 x 7 inches of invitation
  • 5 ½ x 5 ½ inches for 5 x 5 inches of invitation
  • 4 ¾ x 6 ½ inches for 4 x 6 inches of invitation

Do you need 2 envelopes for wedding invitations?

There is actually no certain rule about how many envelopes are ideal for a wedding invitation. whether it is a single envelope or a double envelope, either one is okay. Even though sending out two envelopes for a single invitation is not necessary, it might be a good idea in some cases. For example, if you are sending a wedding invitation via mail. It would be nice to have two envelopes in case the outer one is torn or soiled. Having two envelopes ensures that the receiver will still get an invitation in a good condition. But again, it is not mandatory. Thus, it is still very okay to have a single envelope for your Free Wedding Envelope Address Template.

How do you make wedding invitation envelopes?

How does one make their own envelopes for a wedding card? It is relatively easy. There is a lot of DIY, handmade ideas of how to make a wedding envelope. For a simple procedure, here are some steps you can follow.

  • First, you need to set the budget. It’s important to know your budget to decide the style and the material you want.
  • Second, identify your style and search for inspirations or ideas. You can also find a free, printable template. How amazing is that!
  • Third, find the right fit. If you are using an available template, then you need to do some customization to meet your own wedding plan.
  • Fourth, choose your paper. In this step, you might also need to decide the file type. I recommend having it as a PDF file rather than a JPEG.
  • Lastly, you can begin printing the envelope. Make sure you have checked the condition of your computer, printer, and ink.

Can I print my Free Wedding Envelope Address Template?

Is it possible to print your invitation envelopes for your own wedding? Sure, it is. If you don’t know how to deal with it, there are lots of video tutorials or posts which show you how to do it. It might actually be better to print your own envelopes. You can get a free template online. Then, you can choose the size and the paper. Furthermore, it is easy to put together. Thus, as long as you have found the right way to do it, it is very possible and recommended to print your own envelopes.

Free Wedding Envelope Address Template ideas

A simple wedding card invitation

cheap invitations cards for weddings budget rangeSource:

A simple wedding invitation is on-trend right now. As people seek for minimalistic lifestyle, a simple wedding card is preferred by many. For a simple yet stunning wedding envelope, the image above can be a good idea to Free Wedding Envelope Address Template.


Printed calligraphy wedding invitation idea

lets address it calligraphy vs printed wedding invitationSource:

Whether you prefer calligraphy or a printed wedding invitation, both are okay. Or else, you can have both. This printed calligraphy wedding invitation is the solution. Now, there are a lot of calligraphy fonts you can download. Thus, it would be easy to print.


wedding invitation addressing

wedding invitation addressing
wedding invitation addressing


For one of a kind wedding invitation addressing, the above envelope design can be a good option. With a warm brown color tone as the basis, the wedding envelope looks too good to miss. To save the design, make sure to visit the link above.


Silver wedding invitation box

silver foil monogram logo embossed or printed paper wedding invitation boxSource:

It would be an extraordinary idea to have this wedding invitation box. Instead of the common invitation envelope, this box can be a good alternative. With the stunning color of silver, the invitation box would absolutely amaze your guests.


Deckle edge wedding envelope template

envelope template with flap design easy to fold ready to print colorful envelope for money may be used for thank you notes wedding gift tag orSource:

For those who want to print their own invitation envelope, this template would be very useful. This beautiful deckle edge envelope design is never too old to use. Therefore, visit the link provided above to download the template.


Baronial wedding invitation envelopes

template print at home modern calligraphy envelopeSource:

This baronial wedding envelope looks amazing, doesn’t it? The envelope looks elegant. It is suitable for a modern wedding ceremony. In addition to it, the printed calligraphy makes it looks even more beautiful.


address wedding invitations

address wedding invitations
address wedding invitations


Some people have no idea how to write address wedding invitations. Here is a good example to follow. The addresses can be either printed or handwritten. Thus, choose the one that is suitable for you.


Wedding card with abstract decoration

wedding invitation or greeting card with abstract ornamentSource:

The image above is a template for a wedding card with abstract decoration. This template is suitable for those who want to print their own invitations. Thus, you can save the template by clicking on the link above.


Wedding invitation rose seal

blank silver embossed rose seal wedding seal invitations dawnSource:

The silver rose seal above is adding elegance to the invitation. It is great to be paired with white or pastel wedding invitations. It also makes the invitation envelope stays in place.


Wedding envelope designs

wedding envelope design page 1 line17qqSource:

If you are looking for unique envelope designs, you might like this one. This wedding envelope design is suitable for modern weddings. The ornaments make it more unique and beautiful.


Illustrations for wedding envelope ideas

stock illustration wedding invitation greeting card abstractSource:

The image shows the abstract illustration that can be used in many greeting cards. It would also look good as an ornament on a wedding invitation. Don’t you think so? If so, make sure to visit the link above to save it.


Floral wedding invitation card design

double flowers wedding invitation cards envelope design withSource:

If you like flowers, then this invitation card design might be your favorite. The floral-theme is embedded so well on the card. Adds extra beauty by using calligraphy font to write the invitation.


Writing address on a wedding envelope

how to address guests on wedding invitation envelopesSource:

If you’re still confused about how to write addresses on a wedding envelope, worries no more. Here is the perfect example of a great address writing on an envelope. You can make it more beautiful with handwritten letters.


printed address labels

printed address labels
printed address labels


Engraved printed address labels always looks good. For example, the invitation above engraved the name of the bride and the groom on the side of the card. Interested in this design? Then, don’t forget to give the link above a click.


address printing labels

address printing labels
address printing labels


Dreaming of a address printing labels concept? Then, you are going to love this idea. To make a dream vintage wedding comes true, you can start with this vintage wedding invitation. Without being too much, the design is very nice to look at.


wedding envelope addressing

wedding envelope addressing
wedding envelope addressing


Be it handwritten or printed, the writing address on wedding envelope addressing should look nice and clear. For example, the image above shows a neat address writing on a wedding envelope. With the right font choice, the address will look neat too.


Elegant wedding card envelope design

diy online wedding invitations and craft supplies ukSource:

Looking for an elegant wedding invitation? If so, here is the perfect one. With the bold color of red, the invitation will surely captivate the invitee. In addition to it, it looks stunning with the gold seal too.


Personalized wooden wedding gift envelope

personalised wooden money wedding gift envelopesSource:

This is the personalized wooden wedding gift envelope. The color fits so well with a nature-themed wedding. Also, the short, sweet message on the envelope makes it more beautiful. Don’t you think so?


Wedding envelope size chart template

cricut envelope template page 1 line17qqSource:

If you plan on printing your own wedding envelopes, then you need to save this template. It has a simple, yet beautiful design. Also, it is easy to use. Thus, make sure to visit the link above.


wedding envelope address printing

wedding envelope address printing
wedding envelope address printing


Embossed wedding envelope address printing look stunning, aren’t they? If you want one for your own wedding, the image above shows a good example. Paired with broken white color, the embossed pattern look amazing.


wedding envelope addressing template

wedding envelope addressing template
wedding envelope addressing template


The image above shows a good example of wedding envelope addressing template. The invitation contains all the necessary information needed by the invitee. Thus, make sure to save this by visiting the link below the image.


Golden wedding invitation design

d 8822Source:

Gold looks good on everything. For example, it looks good for a wedding invitation. Having gold invitations would make it looks sophisticated. Furthermore, it is perfect for a modern wedding setting.


An elegant wedding invitation example

script elegance vellum wedding invitations vellum weddingSource:

Wanting an elegant wedding invitation? For example, the one with a translucent envelope and a whitish envelope seal. The above example shows an elegant wedding invitation which looks absolutely beautiful. Thus, don’t forget to save this design.


Wedding invitation card and envelope design

wedding invitation card and envelope template vector imageSource:

The white invitation looks pretty, doesn’t it? Pairing it with a green envelope is a very good idea. Thus, it is worth trying. To save this wedding invitation card and envelope design, simply click on the link above will do.


Stunning baronial wedding invitation

how to address wedding invitations zola expert wedding adviceSource:

A baronial envelope will never go wrong. The image above is the perfect example. The design and the color make the invitation looks so sophisticated. Furthermore, the right choice of font is a smart move.


Square flap wedding envelope example

modern calligraphy wedding invitations beacon laneSource:

Some people prefer square flap envelopes. And that is totally okay. The design shown in the image above is a good example of a square flap wedding envelope. In addition to it, the color matches so well with the design.


Magnolia wedding invitations

sarah and gregs magnolia wedding invitations weddingSource:

An avid fan of magnolia? This magnolia wedding invitation should be yours then. The magnolia paired with soft colors is the perfect match. To save this idea, make sure to visit the provided link above.


Wedding invitation envelope template

53 creative vector wedding invitation envelope templateSource:

Having a DIY project to make your own wedding envelope is a good idea. You can download and use this template to make it easier for you. To download it, you can directly go to the link provided below the image.


Wedding envelope size chart

resources we do graphics incSource:

This wedding envelope size chart is a useful one for those who want to design and print their own envelopes. The size chart is definitely needed to make the right measurement. Therefore, do not forget to download it via the link above.


DIY wedding invitations tips

how to address wedding invitations invitations dawnSource:

There are a lot of tutorials on how to make wedding invitations. To make it easier, you can download and print these tips. Also, it would be easier to look back to. Hence, visit the link above to download the list.


Another Ideas for Wedding Invitation Envelopes

The idea for an elegant wedding invitation

elegant wedding invitation set embossed borderSource:

If you dream of having an elegant wedding invitation, make sure to consider this idea. The invitation features a very basic color. However, that what makes it special. The elegance is added by the embossed border.


Writing wedding envelopes address

how to address your wedding envelopes were into itSource:

The image above shows a nicely written address on wedding envelopes. If you are looking for how to do it well, this is the perfect example of how to do it. Thus, make sure to save it by visiting the link above.


Addressing the wedding invitations

etiquette 101 addressing your wedding invitation envelopesSource:

This is another example of addressing the wedding invitations. The address can be either printed or handwritten. It is okay either way. Just pick the one which is comfortable for you. To find further information, make sure you click on the link above.


Wedding envelope styles

explore giants full range of wedding invitation stylesSource:

This is a good example of a stylish wedding envelope. The gold-colored writing makes it look amazing. In addition to it, it looks even more beautiful with the embossed logo.


Unique styles of wedding invitations

silver arabic wedding invitation atelier isabeySource:

Finding a wedding invitation with a unique style is not easy, is it? If you are looking for one, consider one of the above examples. There are many styles of wedding invitations. It has various colors to offer too.


Multiple cards wedding invitation

proper wedding invitation etiquetteSource:

It is a good idea to use multiple cards in a wedding invitation. Each card presents different information about the wedding. One is for the date, while the other is for the rsvp card, for example.


Embossed wedding card example

letterpress embossed wedding invitation wolf inkSource:

This is an example of an embossed wedding invitation. It looks good, doesn’t it? This embossed invitation is especially suitable for a formal, modern wedding style. You can also add a splash of color by using a colored envelope.


Well-designed wedding gift box

details about large wedding gift envelope posting boxSource:

The image above shows a well-designed wedding gift box. It is a nice gift to give to the newlyweds. It also comes in different sizes depending on the purposes. To find out more about it, click on the link above.


Wedding invitation tips

the top 8 wedding invitation etiquette mistakes accordingSource:

To ensure that you prepare your wedding well, you might want to check out these four tips related to Free Wedding Envelope Address Template. By following these tips, you won’t get into trouble and ensure the invitee’s attendance.


Square wedding invitations design

thank you wording a vibrant wedding invitationsSource:

Wedding invitations in squares are never out of style. The square invitation above is a good example. It looks nice and neat. Furthermore, it is foldable so it will not need large envelopes to fit in.


DIY wedding invitation sample

how to design a wedding invitation from scratchSource:

DIY-ing wedding invitation sounds so much fun. You can choose the design, material, color you desired. It might need extra effort to do it. However, it will be worth it. As long as you know the steps, it should be easy.


wedding invitation with vintage ornament

wedding invitation or greeting card with vintage ornament paperSource:

Traditional etiquette usually requires the wedding envelope to be more formal. If you are looking for some samples, this can be a good example. With a simple design, the invitation is suitable for formal or vintage weddings.


Wedding envelope with ribbon and tags

envelope with tag with two hearts and ribbon isolated on d211527215Source:

A wedding invitation should be enveloped well. Adding a nice ribbon and tags would be a great idea. The above image how the idea is turned into a reality. Sealed with the ribbon and matching tags, the invitation would be sealed perfectly.


Lace invitation envelope template

luxury wedding invitation or greeting card with vintage floral ornament paper lace envelope template wedding invitation envelope mock up for laserSource:

Having a lace-inspired wedding invitation is a nice idea to try. The template above shows how well it looks on a wedding invitation. To download the template, make sure to directly visit the link above.


Wedding envelopes with deckle edges

using titles on wedding invitations and wedding envelopesSource:

Wedding invitation envelopes with deckle edges are usually unique. It has its own irresistible charms. The image above is the perfect example. Paired with a subtle color choice, it looks so fine and is suitable for any wedding concept.


Wedding invitation with flower ornaments

wedding invitation or greeting card with flower ornament cutSource:

Flower ornaments commonly look good on cards or invitations. You can also have flower ornaments on your wedding invitations. The ornaments add extra beauty to the invitations. Thus, you might give it a try.


Address wording on invitation envelope

envelope etiquette aerialist pressSource:

Perfect for weddings or any invitations, this address writing style can be used on many occasions. The font used is beautiful and the wording is just enough. To download this envelope, click on the link above.


Trifold wedding invitation card

laser cut envelope template for invitation wedding cardSource:

A single invitation card is often used. If you want something different, you can try this trifold wedding invitation. It tends to be more effective and has enough space to write needed information.


Contour flap wedding envelope how to diy envelope liners for your wedding invitations


A contour flap wedding envelope is personally my favorite. It adds extra details to the invitation. In addition to it, it looks beautiful. Therefore, if you want to save this idea, make sure to click on the link below the image.


Through this post, we have shown you different designs and ideas for wedding invitation envelopes. Among the many beautiful envelopes, which one is your favorite? Finally, we hope you find the one that suits you the most.

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