Eye-Catching Resume Templates: 50 Great Options

eye catching resume template word to download docdocx

Eye-Catching Resume Templates – Through this post, we will present you with 50 great options for eye-catching resume templates. They come in a number of different designs. Hence, you have to scroll till the end to check them out. By the end of this post, you will find the one resume template suits you the best.


How to make an eye-catching resume?

If you are a fresher, you might wonder how to make an eye-catching resume that will impress the hiring manager. There are a lot of resume examples you can refer to. When writing your own, you can tailor it based on your needs and preferences. Even so, there are some basic points on how to make an interesting resume. Here are some things you can do to make an eye-catching resume.

  • Firstly, use some numbers. In some parts, it would be easier to understand when numbers are used instead of words.
  • Secondly, use bullet points. It is easier for the recruiters to skim your resume when bullet points are used.
  • Thirdly, write a powerful resume summary. A powerful resume summary will make a good first impression.
  • Fourthly, include soft, hard, and technical skills.

What keywords do employers look for in a resume?

Some people might have a difficult time when writing a resume. They simply do not which words to use to impress the employers. If you feel the same, you might want to pay attention to these keywords. Here are the keywords to include in your resume.

  • Problem-solving.
  • Leadership.
  • Communication.
  • Team building.
  • Productivity.

How to write a simple resume?

To sum up, here is a simple procedure to write a simple resume. First of all, you have to find the right format or template. Then, you have to ensure to add contact information and personal details. Third, you can start with a resume summary or a personal statement. Make sure to make it powerful. Next, you can list key achievements, work experience, and education. After that, it would be good to also include relevant skills that might be useful. Last but not least, it is important to proofread your resume before actually sending it out.

Are resume templates in Microsoft Word good?

Whether it is good or not, it depends on your needs and preferences. Most of the templates are simple. Those templates available might be good enough for a beginner or a fresher. On the other hand, it might be better to find other templates if you aim to have a professional, creative resume. For professional templates, it would be better if you can purchase professionally-designed templates.

Eye-Catching Resume Templates ideas

Attractive resume template editable

2 pages clean resume template simple basicSource: crella.net

This template might look basic. However, such a resume looks neat and attractive. Thus, it is worth trying. You can see that the template is well-made with a neat layout.


A resume template with a clean look

clean resume template simple black and whiteSource: crella.net

This is a clean-looking resume in black and white. The resume makes you look professional with its eye-catching design. Furthermore, this editable resume template comes in multiple pages.


Editable eye-catching resume templates

clean simple cv sample for microsoft word apple pagesSource: graphicfy.com

Here is an editable resume template compatible with Windows and Mac. This resume template is available in A4 and US letter size. Also, it features a matching cover letter template.


Clean professional resume template

clean professional resume template word 11655 resumeSource: designbundles.net

This clean professional resume template is fully editable. Meaning, you can change the colors, layout, texts, fonts, as well as icons. Furthermore, it also comes with a cover letter template.


Free resume template 2024
freebie clean cvresume template freebies graphicSource: graphicdesignjunction.com

The image above shows a clean resume template. It is perfect for professionals and freshers. Moreover, it is available in various file formats. Click the link above to download.


An eye-catching resume template

a simple but eye catching rsum template for bothSource: designtaxi.com

Here is another eye-catching resume template to choose from. The template features a nice design which makes it looks aesthetic. To grab yours, make sure to click on the link above.


Creative resume template for Word

clean design resume template download for wordSource: www.mycvstore.com

Here is a creative resume template you can edit on Word. This single-page resume template is available in A4 and US letter sizes. In addition to it, it is fully editable.


Aesthetic cover letter templates

simply aesthetic resume oldandnew graphicriverSource: graphicriver.net

If you are looking for an aesthetic cover letter template, here you go. The template is looking nice with its simple design. Moreover, it is perfect for those working in the creative industry.


Editable clean cv template

2020 simple cv template clean resume minimalist resumeSource: www.thecvtemplates.com

This is an editable cv template. It is perfect for those seeking minimalism. In addition to it, it is super easy to edit as it is compatible with Microsoft Word. Thus, make sure to visit the link above for further inquiries.


Blank and white resume template

free straightforward resume design basic grey and whiteSource: www.freesumes.com

A black and white resume template as shown above is looking super nice. Also, it includes all the necessary information needed to apply for the job.


A resume with a modern-look template

jandlo jon modern clean resume template 73414Source: www.templatemonster.com

If you want to go with a modern template, here is the perfect one for you. You can make your resume eye-catching without wasting too much time. Thus, visit the link above to purchase it.


Free simple resume template

free simple clean cv template julian ma on dribbbleSource: dribbble.com

For those searching for a clean, free template to download, here it is. The resume template is simply well-designed. Also, it includes all the needed information.


Clean resume template

clean resume template for designers adobe indesign templatesSource: stockindesign.com

This is another clean resume template you can go with. It focuses on highlighting your education, experience, as well as skills. Besides, it comes with a matching cover letter template.


Best resume template 2025

for creatives beautiful minimalist rsum templates youSource: designtaxi.com

Here is our favorite selection of resume templates. The template is simply well-designed with subtle color tones. Also, it allows the users to be creative when writing their resumes.


Nicely-designed resume template free

free minimal clean resume cv template psd titanuiSource: www.titanui.com

This is another free resume template with features a nice design. It looks clean with the well-made layouts. Besides, it is fully editable. Hence, make sure to download it via the link above.


Attractive resume template design

attractive resume templates free download task listSource: www.tasklist-template.com

Such an attractive resume template, isn’t it? The template is well-made with its neat layout. In addition to it, it lets users showcase their experience, skills, and education.


Great resume template bundle

clean resume cv template 654013 resume templatesSource: designbundles.net

This great resume template bundle comes with various features. It is fully editable. You can change the text, headers, fonts, colors, and so on. Moreover, it includes a cover letter template.


Resume template compatible with Word

simple clean resume template word resumeinventorSource: resumeinventor.com

This nicely-designed resume template will help you flash a good first impression. The neat layout also makes it easy to read. Furthermore, the package comes with a matching cover letter template.


Free download resume template

65 free resume templates for microsoft word best of 2020Source: www.templatemonster.com

This free download resume template will help you improve your resume. The design is nice and neat. Moreover, it features professional fonts and icons.


Charming resume template

free clean and attractive resume template pivleSource: pivle.com

I personally love this charming resume template. It is well-made. It features all the necessary information. Moreover, this clean resume template is free. To download, you can visit the link above.


Editable professional resume template 2024

professional resume template 2020 clean resume templateSource: masterbundles.com

Here is a professional resume template fit for 2021. This excellent resume template will help you get your dream job. It is well-made with a clean layout. Furthermore, it is available for download on the link above.


Beautiful resume template editable

beautiful resume for teacher kylie cox templatesSource: templatesforpersonaldevelopment.com

Here it is, a beautiful resume template you might be looking for. The design is modern, neat, and clean. Also, it includes only the necessary data of the applicant.


Creative resume template with cover letter

creative resume template word 3 page cv templateSource: www.plannermarket.com

If you are looking for a matching resume and cover letter template, here you go. This excellent-looking resume template also comes with a matching cover letter template. Nice, isn’t it?


Personalized resume templates

elegant looking cv template resumeSource: www.dayjob.com

This resume template can be personalized based on your needs and preferences. It is available on multiple pages. Furthermore, it includes a matching cover letter template which is also editable.


Modern professional resume template

modern clean resume cv template resume templates onSource: dribbble.com

The resume template above has a modern and clean design. It is fully editable. Thus, it would be easy to modify. Moreover, you will also get a matching template for your cover letter.


PSD resume template format

beautiful resumes templates psdwings dribbble dribbbleSource: dribbble.com

Here is another modern resume template. It comes with a great design and a clean layout. A matching cover letter template is also available. Thus, make sure to get it through the link above.


Excellent clean resume template

free clean professional resume template julian ma onSource: dribbble.com

This is another option to choose from. This resume template looks eye-catching with its bullet points. Thus, it is easy to skim. It also helps you showcase your experience and skills.


Fancy creative resume template

attractive resume template fancySource: fancy.com

This fancy, creative resume template is a must to try. This is my pick when it comes to a colorful resume template. The colors blend so well that it is not disturbing. Instead, it makes it looks nice.


Elegant design for resume template

elegant resume template freebie crisp and clean freesumesSource: www.freesumes.com

Here is a resume template with an elegant design. It includes the important information only without any useless data. In addition to it, it is clear and easy to understand.


Clean resume template in two versions

clean indesign resume template dealjumboSource: dealjumbo.com

This clean resume template is available in two versions. The first one is a light version and the second is a dark version. Both versions are well-made and look attractive.


More Ideas for Eye Catching Resume Templates

Attractive customized resume template

customize your resume template and take full advantage ofSource: creativeoverflow.net

Here is another attractive resume template design. This kind of template is perfect for creative people. In addition to it, it is easy to customize. You can directly go to the link above for it.


Free attractive resume template

free attractive infographic resume template for job seekerSource: pivle.com

If you prefer an infographic resume, here is a perfect template for you. The infographic resume looks nice especially when you want to showcase your skills.


Personalized eye-catching resume templates

esthetician resume cover letter of resume template etsySource: www.mytemplate.org

Here is a personalized eye-catching resume template. It is well-designed with a clear layout. Also, it only includes the needed information. Thus, make sure to get it by clicking on the link above.


Resume template to download

eye catching resume template word to download docdocxSource: www.mycvstore.com

If you are looking for a template compatible with Word, here is a good option. This eye-catching template is fully editable. You can change the colors, texts, and others.


Minimal aesthetic resume template

minimal clean resume template for indesign and ms wordSource: www.yiweidesign.com

Here is another minimal aesthetic resume template to pick. The design is perfect for those working in a creative industry. Furthermore, it is also suitable for freshers.


Professional cv template to download

latest cv template designs resume layout font creativeSource: www.dayjob.com

The image above shows a professionally-written resume. The template looks nice and clean. Hence, it is easy to understand. In addition to it, the template helps the applicant to showcase their expertise.


Recommended clean resume design

super clean resume template download for wordSource: www.mycvstore.com

This is another clean-looking resume template. It looks different from others since it is not in black and white. It features subtle colors which look nice.


Judul gambar pakai huruf kecil aja

clean cv resume template anda lia on dribbbleSource: dribbble.com

This professional resume is suitable for both professionals and freshers. Since it is fully editable, it would be easy to personalize. In addition to it, it is available in various file formats.


Engaging resume template inspiration

eye catching resume rsums champSource: resumeschamp.wordpress.com

What an eye-catching resume! Upgrade your resume with this engaging resume template. It has a nice color combination of white and yellow. Besides, it can be easily personalized.


Developer resume template design

clean developer resume template download for wordSource: www.mycvstore.com

This clean resume template is suitable for developers. This single-page resume template comes with a matching cover letter template. Also, it includes free fonts and guide files.


Officer resume template for free

all free resume resumeinventorSource: resumeinventor.com

This is a free resume template suitable for officers. The design is nice and it looks neat. Hence, it would help the recruiter to skim it. Furthermore, it is fully editable.


Professional editable resume template

professional resume cv template with ms word coverSource: crella.net

Here is a professional resume template that is fully editable. You can personalize it to suit your needs. Also, it is suitable for everyone as the design is not bias.


Marketing resume template design

professional resume template cover letter curriculumSource: www.thedigitalcv.com

Here is another professional resume template you can go with. It is fully editable. It is easy to change the fonts, colors, text, and icons. In addition to it, you can edit the included sections.


Editable eye-catching resume templates

fresh clean resume template editable downloadable cv wordSource: www.mycvstore.com

This is one of our favorite eye-catching resume templates. It looks attractive with its simple design. Furthermore, it allows users to showcase their education as well as work experience.


Print-ready resume template

beautiful cv resume template 106282Source: www.templatemonster.com

This print-ready resume template is fully editable. Hence, you can modify it based on your preferences and needs. When you purchase it, you will also get free fonts to use.


Attractive dark version resume template

attractive resume template free download 2020 maxresumesSource: maxresumes.com

Who says a black template cannot be attractive? This dark version resume template is looking nice and attractive. It is available in PSD files. This editable template is available in A4 size.


Personalized clean resume template

clean resumecv 50961 resume templates design bundlesSource: designbundles.net

This clean resume template is easy to personalize. Also, it comes in many file formats. Hence, it would be easy to change the features like the fonts, colors, and layouts.


Downloadable attractive resume template

eye catching resume template to download in word format docxSource: www.cv2resume.com

This downloadable resume template is available in various file formats. Thus, it would be easy for you to personalize it. Moreover, it is perfect for either freshers or experienced ones.


Eye-catching resume templates to try

free clean cv resume template download resumekraftSource: resumekraft.com

Here is another eye-catching resume template you can go with. This fully editable template is easy to personalize. Based on your needs and preference, you can change the fonts, icons, as well as colors.


Aesthetic resume template in pink

pink aesthetic cv template entry level instant downloadSource: www.careeraddict.com

This pinkish resume template is so aesthetic. The design is well-made with its clean layout. It will surely help the recruiters to focus on your resume. Thus, make sure to give it a try.


Those are our recommended eye-catching resume templates. We do hope this post can help you save time in writing your resume. We wish you good luck and do check our other posts for more inspiration.

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