Designs and Ideas for Dad Birthday Card

Dad Birthday Card – Your dad’s birthday coming up soon? If your answer is a yes, you must be looking for designs and ideas for birthday cards to give to your dad. As the date is coming closer, there are many a lot of things to prepare, right? We will help you handling the birthday card preparation, so, stop hesitating and start scrolling through our handpicked collection of great designs and ideas for dad birthday cards. Here you will find a variety of ideas for your daddy’s birthday cards ranging from the simplest to the most artistic ones.


What should I write on my dad’s birthday card?

A lot of people might get confused as to what they should write on their dads’ birthday cards. The answer is you can give him your own kind of best wishes for your dad. You can write your best memory you had with him when you were a kid or how much he means for you and your family. Through this post, you can find many inspirations on what to write on your dad’s birthday card.

How can I make my dad feel special on his birthday?

To properly make his birthday feels even more special, it might be a good idea to put together all the things he loves. Here are some ideas on what you can do to make your dad feels special on his birthday. Make sure not to skip the list.

  • Prepare the celebration well with your whole family.
  • Making his all-time favorite dishes or baking him a cake with his favorite flavor.
  • Invite some of his close friends to celebrate the birthday together.

How do I write a good birthday card?

When it comes to writing a good birthday card, it is essential to find the perfect template or card design that is suitable for the birthday person. To begin with, you can browse several ideas for the card designs or find the editable birthday card template to make it easier for you to write one. After that, the next thing to do is drafting what you want to write on the card. It would not be nice if it has some typos, would it? Hence, drafting what you want to write is important. Then, you can begin writing on the card template you found. To top it off, some extra short sweet words or quotes might make it a better birthday card.

How do you say happy birthday to your Father in heaven?

Losing your beloved one, like your dad, can be very painful especially when you are close with him. On his birthdays, you would wish he was there with you to celebrate his special day. However, it does not mean you cannot celebrate his birthday. You still can send your birthday wishes to him. Here are some wishes and inspirations you can write to your father in heaven.

  • Since you were gone, I have missed all the amazing memories I had with you. I love you so much even when you are not around now. Happy birthday, my hero.
  • I am sending my birthday wishes to you, daddy. I just want you to know that you are the best dad I could ever ask for. Love you.

FREE Design Dad Birthday Card ideas

Simple yet fantastic birthday card for dad

printable birthday cards for dads free printbirthdaycardsSource

If your dad is your best buddy, make sure to give him these printable birthday cards. The above design might be the best choice for the coolest dad ever. With a simple basic color as the background, the message is clear and witty.


A birthday card for dads with a witty, funny quote

funny dads birthday card printbirthdaycardsSource

Want to write something funny on your father’s birthday card? Here is the perfect fit for those who are looking for a funny birthday card for their beloved family member. Click the provided link to get this printable birthday card.


Birthday card for daddy with simple and cute design
100 happy birthday messages and images for dads


Looking for cute birthday messages for your dad? This is one of our personal favorites of happy birthday messages and images for dads. Thus, make sure to download and save it for your dad’s special day.


The perfect idea for daddy’s birthday card

73 blank happy birthday card template for dad with stunningSource

This perfect blank happy birthday card template for dad with a stunning design will surely make the birthday person happy. Including the simple color combination of green and light cream, the simple design would be a great idea with some handwritten quote or birthday message on it.


Wooden heart-shaped birthday card for dads from daughters

love daddy dad wooden heart happy birthday card gift thank youSource

The design with the wooden heart-shaped card is a perfect girl for daddy from his favorite daughter. The card would be a special gift on his special day. With heartwarming comments on it that you can edit, this card is a great source of inspiration for a birthday card.


Quarantine happy birthday card for daddy

happy quarantine birthday card for daddy with cake candlesSource

This one is perfect design and idea for happy quarantine birthday card for daddy with a cute simple cake drawing on it. The simple color of white and yellow make it even more appealing. Thus, it is no wonder that the card is recommended to use for many.


The popsicle birthday card for your coolest pop

grandfather printable birthday cards printbirthdaycardsSource

Looking for grandfather printable birthday cards? Here is the recommended birthday card for your coolest pop. The awesome design combined with the stunning yellow color make the card looks even more suitable for grandpa’s birthday card.


Awesome ideas for a funny yet uplifting birthday card

owe dad dad birthday card father birthday cards funnySource

It is a great way to thank your dad on his special day by presenting him a birthday card with uplifting, cheering messages on it. Adding some witty, funny comments on it would make it takes a nice twist which makes his birthday even more special. Therefore, make sure to give this card idea a try.


Loads of loving happy birthday cards for dad

8 making a birthday card forSource

Among a variety of designs and ideas for a dad’s birthday card, you might give this one a try. With a simple yet intriguing design, this birthday card idea can also be used for various purposes. Thus, make sure to save it and try making one for your beloved family birthday.


The idea for DIY daddy’s birthday card

best card making ideas images in 2020 card making how toSource

For those who are looking for a DIY birthday card for dad, here is what we suggest you make. The simple and catchy design makes the card look special. Together with a handwritten message, this would make the birthday dad happier for sure.


9 best vector for a dad birthday ideas

set 9 hipster fathers day birthday stock vector royaltySource

Do not worry if you are running out of ideas on daddies’ birthday cards, have a look at the best 9 hipster birthday cards ideas to try. With a number of choices available, it should not be too hard for you to choose one, should it?


Beautiful birthday card for perfect dads

valentine card design birthday card happy birthday papa quotesSource

Writing a birthday card for daddy would be a nice gift to give as a child. The valentine-theme birthday card design above is the perfect example of how a beautiful birthday card for a perfect dad should be.


The father’s day card for the amazing dad

happy fathers day greeting card template vector imageSource

The above image shows you a nice idea for a happy father’s day card. The greeting is written with nice color and font. Further, the simple design makes it perfect as a gift for your amazing daddy.

Golden birthday card for dad

birthday wishes for dadSource

A dad’s heart is made gold so it would be perfect for him to receive a gold-color birthday card. The written birthday wishes for dad on the card can be the most special wish of the day. So, make sure to save the idea for your best dad.


Grandad birthday coloring card

search results for dad birthday coloring pageSource

In this card, the user is free to color it the way they want it. The granddad’s birthday coloring page features a nice figure representing the grandad with his signature funny move and cheerfulness.


Birthday card with wishes for dad

9 images of printable birthday cards for dad dad birthdaySource

Make a wish, dad! These printable birthday cards for dad birthday are a great selection of birthday cards with wishes to choose from. You can also make your own wishes inspired by them. Thus, make sure to have them ready with you.


Eye-catching, simple daddy’s birthday card

fathers day cards two free printable cards for dadSource

The simple white background and appealing message on it make it a nice birthday card idea to choose from. This printable birthday card for dad can also be modified for fathers’ day card design or other family members’ birthdays. Such a good idea, isn’t it?


Funny and straightforward dad birthday card

printable birthday card funny birthday card digitalSource

The design and idea presented in this card is perfect for those who are looking for printable funny birthday card for dad. With the simple yet stunning design, this idea of a birthday card should definitely be a great option to go with.


Pinkish pop-up birthday card for dad

diy fathers day greeting card idea easy pop up card for fathers day fathers day cardSource

This pinkish poo-up car is an easy idea to make for a fathers’ day greeting card. The design is chic and the idea is just stunning. Thus, make sure to give this easy pop-up fathers’ day card a try.


Handmade superhero-themed fathers’ day card

diy fathers day card ideas sheknowsSource

It should not be too hard to find perfect ideas for handmade fathers’ day cards. The above example of a handmade fathers’ day card idea can be a nice option for those looking for a simple yet heart-warming card for the special fathers’ day.


The cheerful dad birthday card filled with wishes from son

happy birthday quotes and wishes for dad birthday frenzySource

The image above shows a great example of a happy birthday card with quotes and wishes for daddy from a son. The cool and cheerful colors are plus points. Further, you can also edit the wishes to write what you want to say to your special one.


Cute birthday card with a crown for the best dad

happy birthday dad 125 birthday wishes for your fatherSource

A mustache drawing on the card definitely indicates that it is specially made for dads. The dad’s birthday card can also be added with some wishes for your daddy. Thus, make sure to download and use it.

The cutest vector image for fathers’ day card

father day greeting card template royalty free vector imageSource

The idea above shows you how a cute father’s day card should be. The free vector image can be used to decorate the fathers’ day cards and turn it into a special kind of card.


The happiest birthday card template for free

printable free birthday card templates printable birthdaySource

The colorful card never fails to impress people. The printable free birthday card template is the perfect way to generate your ideas of what a birthday card. Hence, make sure you have this printable free birthday card template ready with you.

The stunning journal and crafting ideas

paperchase journal stationery and crafting blogSource

The images present us with stunning and endearing journals and crafting ideas. The ideas can also be used to make a handwritten birthday card, fathers day cards, mothers day cards, or any other special cards for your beloved ones.


The amazing template for a daddy’s birthday card

birthday cards for dad from daughter card design templateSource

This is the perfect design template for the amazing birthday cards for dad from his beloved daughter. The white paper as the basis of this card makes it looks simple, yet stunning with the birthday messages and wishes written on it.


Daddy birthday card concept

happy birthday vector card concept with text space smilingSource

This dad happy birthday vector card concept is the perfect one to go with. It can be used to decorate your handwritten birthday messages. For saving this image, make sure to visit the link provided.



Another idea for Dad Birthday Card

Loving birthday card idea for dad

dad birthday card with words of love stock vectorSource

The idea presented above is a great way to show love to your dad. With the dad’s birthday card filled with words of love and wishes, dad’s birthday celebration could not get any better than this.


Celebrating daddy’s birthday with a special card

celebrations occasions dad birthday card various designsSource

This idea of a handwritten birthday card for daddy is definitely one of our most favorites. The simple design along with heart-warming messages and wishes on it makes this idea a perfect one to celebrate a dad’s birthday.

Simple typographic for a dad birthday card

simple typographic design greeting card template forSource

This template for this birthday card idea is a simple typographic design greeting card that is great for special occasions. The template features a simple yet stunning design which is a good one to try. Please visit the provided link to see more.

Printable funny trump fathers day card

printable trump father funny fathers day card instantSource

If you are looking for a printable funny fathers day card, here is an excellent choice. The printable card features trump and funny quotes on it. Visit the link to download and save this image.

The excellent option for a simple handmade birthday card

happy birthday dad cardSource

I would recommend you to save this idea of a handmade birthday card since it highlights the nice simplicity of white paper with some nice, encouraging words written on it. This, I believe, would be a special idea for a dad’s birthday card. Thus, make sure to download and save through the provided link.


A DIY happy birthday card ideas

handmade greeting cards for dads birthday archives cardsSource

The card shown above is a perfect example of a DIY birthday card idea. The template can also be used for other occasions. With its stunningly simple design, the card would be a nice gift for anyone.


The funniest dad birthday free online you will ever see

birthday wishes for father from daughter son funny rudeSource

Simple design checked, funny wishes checked. The card presented above would be a nice option for you who are looking for a funny birthday card idea. Thus, make sure to save this idea.

Funny birthday card for dad with cheerful color

dad birthday card funny humour from son daughter cardSource

The design might seem so cheerful, yet the message is so funny! Therefore, it can be a great idea to gift it for your daddy’s birthday. The witty humorous commentary on the birthday card would make the special day even more special.


A greeting card for a single dad

mothers day cards for dads dogs nans paperchase blogSource

This image is an excellent card for a birthday card or a mother’s card for a single daddy. The message on it is encouraging and brave. Thus, it would not be your loss to visit the link and download the card.


Handwritten lettering for a birthday card

vector illustration handwritten lettering of super dad templateSource

The illustration handwritten lettering of the super dad template above can be a nice idea for you to write on your dad’s birthday card. The beautiful lettering and its simple crown as decoration make the template looks perfect.


The excellent handmade fathers’ day card ideas

handmade fathers day card ideas martha stewartSource

The image shows the excellent handmade fathers’ day card ideas for you to try. The effort and the message on this handmade card would make fathers’ day even more extraordinary. Do not forget to visit the provided link for downloading.


Dad birthday card funny idea

dad birthday from son daughter fun humour adult birthdaySource

The simple white base and the funny character drawing are what makes this card special. If you are looking for ideas for a humorous, funny birthday card for your daddy, make sure to give this one a try.


Cute dinosaur birthday card ideas

7 cute dad birthday cardSource

I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for ideas for cute dad birthday cards. The dinosaur makes the card even better and pleasing to the eyes.


Simple printable happy birthday card design

9 best printable birthday cards for dad printableeSource

Here is one of the best 9 printable birthday cards for dad. The design highlights the simple colors and nice happy birthday lettering. To save it, make sure to click on the provided link above.


Coloring birth

valentine card design happy birthday dad card to color

day card idea for the best dad


This is a nice design for a happy birthday card to color. The design is simple yet still wonderful with the nice quote written on it.

The best birthday card template for dads

birthday card to the best dad template editable onlineSource

The editable template above is undoubtedly the best birthday card template for dads. The simple stunning drawing filled the card is perfected with a simple quote. To save the template, you can click on the link provided below the image.


Colorful lockdown birthday card

happy quarantine birthday card for daddy quarantine birthSource

Even in quarantine, a birthday should still be celebrated. This happy quarantine birthday card for daddy is the perfect one to give during this lockdown time. Thus, make sure to have it ready with you.

The funniest fathers day card quotes

8 funny fathers day cards that will make dad laugh rareSource

A father’s day is a special day for all fathers. So, it will be perfect to celebrate the data with some funny fathers day card quotes. The image above can also be a good inspiration if you want to give your father a funny card during fathers’ day celebration.


Happy birthday daddy coloring card

happy birthday daddy doodle coloring page from happySource

This is the happy birthday daddy coloring card which is perfect for those who want to give a personal touch to the handmade dad’s birthday card. The template gives you the freedom to choose whatever colors you think are suitable.


Heart wooden birthday card for dad with touching messages

dad card daddy daughter gift birthday gift for dad gift from sonSource

The wooden heart birthday card for dad would be a nice gift to give to him on his special day. Not only stunning design, but the card also allows you to express your feelings to your beloved daddy.


Those are the varied ideas and designs for dad birthday image you can choose from. The array of options available let you pick the one you like the most. Cheers.

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