50 Brilliant Cricut Birthday Cards Ideas

happy birthday cards for friends

Cricut Birthday Cards – Crafting Cricut birthday cards would be such a joy. With a variety of brilliant designs, Cricut cards would never get old. It is suitable for all ages, all gender. In addition to it, there are various designs and ideas to follow.

If you are looking for one, you have come to the right site. Here, we will hook you up with many brilliant ideas on Circut cards. Thus, make sure to scroll till the end.



How do you make a birthday card on Cricut?

Have you ever made a birthday card? It should be easy to make a birthday card on Cricut with the available original Cricut cutting machine. If you haven’t made it before, here we have summed up the step-by-step procedure.

  • First of all, pick your design in the Cricut design space. If you want to make a more personal card, then you can make your own design.
  • Secondly, send the design to the machine. Here, you have to make sure that you have already done setting up your Cricut Joy in the design space.
  • Thirdly, choose “make it” and select the load type based on your preference. Then, you can place your card on the mat and insert it into the machine.
  • After that, once your Cricut Joy works its magic, you can cut your design. Make sure you peel the card gently from the mat.
  • Last but not least, this is optional but you can also glue some small areas that are weeded out. Next, you can write your birthday wishes or messages. Finally, you can put the card in the envelope to make sure it is safe.


How do I get a free Cricut card?

Today, it is relatively easy to get a free Cricut card. There are many free designs to download. All you need to do is printing the design.  Here are some steps to do if you want to get a free Cricut card on your own.

  • First, browse free designs. Search for the free SVG cutting files which can be easily downloaded on the internet.
  • Second, upload the files you’ve downloaded to the design space.
  • Third, select the load type and print the design on the card.
  • Fourth, gently peel the card, glue your card, and decorate or write messages as you want.
  • Voila! You just get yourself a free birthday card cricut Ideas 2023.


Can you make thank you cards with Cricut?

Yes, you can! It is possible to make thank you cards with Cricut. Just like making a birthday card, creating your thank you card on Cricut can be done in minutes. To get the thank you card designs, you can select the images icon after opening up a new project in the Cricut design space.

After that, in the search bar, type “Thank You”. There will be various thank you card designs available to use. Also, you can personalize the design by changing the font. Or else, you can create your own text. Make sure that the text size fits perfectly to your card. After that, you can pick a suitable cut setting on your machine.


Can you make a virtual birthday card?

A virtual birthday card is trending nowadays as people are staying home most of the time. When you can’t celebrate the day together, it still would be nice to send a virtual birthday card. It is also easy to create your own virtual card. Simply browse for eCard maker will do.

There will be various designs free to choose from. Furthermore, you can also personalize the card and write a birthday message. For an easier alternative, you can choose from the available birthday cards online. Most eCard makers have premade cards ready to use. Therefore, it would be easy and consume less time.


If you want to find a template with an attractive design and lots of choices, you can check out MasterBundles professional templates category where you can find a variety of free and premium printable card ideas.


Gallery Design Simple Cricut Birthday Cards Ideas

Cricut Birthday Card ideas with a mermaid pattern

mermaid birthday invitation template svg files for cricutSource: designbundles.net

This cricut birthday card ideas with a mermaid pattern is looking so gorgeous. It would be a great idea to use it as a birthday card or an invitation. To get the design file, you can head to the link above.


DIY Cricut cards with envelopes

easy cards to make with your cricut maker or explore air 2Source: inspiration.cricut.com

As I mentioned before, creating Cricut cards would be a joyful idea. Get yourself Cricut Joy or Air 2 to design your own cards. This DIY idea would be great for making birthday cards, invitations, or other joyful occasions.


Snow white princessy card idea

princess tiana snow white belle sleeping beautySource: jingvitations.wordpress.com

If your princess is having a birthday soon, this princessy card would be great as a birthday invitation. Furthermore, it would be great to have it at a princess-inspired birthday party.


Cupcake design greeting card

valentine card design happy birthday card cricutSource: freegamersgallery.blogspot.com

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? This cupcake greeting card is a nice gift when used as a birthday card. Or else, it can also be used as a Christmas greeting card, for example. To save the design, make sure to visit the link above.


Cricut birthday card for husband

having fun with cricut joy insert cards nally studiosSource: nallystudios.com

Surprise your husband on his birthday with this lovely birthday card! This Cricut birthday card is well-designed with a simple color. To get the design, make sure you click on the link above.


Cricut designs for greetings cards

birthday card svg card design templateSource: cardesain.blogspot.com

Looking for greetings card designs? Here we have our favorite selections of Cricut designs. They can be used for birthday cards, anniversary cards, mothers’ day, and et cetera.


Fun birthday card ideas

how to make a funny birthday cardSource: www.youtube.com

Looking for a fun birthday card design? Here is a fun idea you can try. It would be even more special if it’s handmade. On how to make it, check the link provided.


Free Cricut greeting card designs

how to use cricut joy insert cards to make cards with picturesSource: www.sengerson.com

There are many designs available for birthday cards. For a one-of-a-kind card, you can definitely try Cricut which comes with various designs. For example, three awesome designs are shown in the image above.


Rainbow birthday invitation card

create invitations with the cricut explore air 2 happy goSource: www.happygoluckyblog.com

Birthdays are worth celebrating. To invite some friends and relatives over, it would be a nice idea to use this rainbow invitation card. With cheerful colors, the card will surely impress your guests.


Free Cricut birthday SVG files

free svg cricut birthday cards free svg cut files createSource: dums-svg6.netlify.app

Creating a Cricut birthday card wouldn’t be hard with this free birthday card design. To personalize it, you can always pair it with handwritten birthday messages. For the SVG files, make sure to visit the provided link.


DIY easy Cricut birthday pop-up card

easy pop up birthday cupcake card tutorial essyjaeSource: essyjae.com

Searching for a DIY idea? Here is the one to give it a try. The pop-up cupcake birthday card would be fun to make. Furthermore, you can add decorations such as fun stickers.


Gift card holder made with Cricut

easy diy gift card holders made with the cricut helloSource: hellocreativefamily.com

Yes. It is possible to make gift card holders with Cricut. There are a lot of designs available to choose from. Thus, you won’t run out of ideas. To get the design, you can directly click on the link above.


Happy birthday card for dad

cricut 30th birthday card page 1 line17qqSource: line.17qq.com

Dads’ birthdays are the perfect days to show him our love. If you are looking for a dad’s birthday card, the example above can be a good one to have. You can always add personal messages to make it better.


Free funny printable birthday cards

free funny printable birthday cards for adults eight designsSource: heyletsmakestuff.com

It’s fun and cute at the same time. This couldn’t get better! With subtle colors, the cards are a must to have. These funny printable cards can be downloaded through the link above.


Free Cricut Birthday Card Template ideas

awesome svgs easy birthday tunnel cards with your cricutSource: www.awesomesvgs.com

What an excellent idea for a birthday card! This awesome can surely be yours. With free cricut birthday card template, you can make these beautiful cards at home for your loved ones. Furthermore, you can personalize it by adding your own touch.


Happy Birthday Cricut

is cricut access worth it almost practicalSource: almostpractical.com

There are endless ideas to try when it comes to birthday cards. One of them is this lovely happy birthday cricut ideas. To know more about this design, give the link above a click.


Cricut Birthday Cards for Him

how to make a pop up box card with the cricut scoring wheelSource: www.practicallyfunctional.com

Pop-up cards are always joyful to make, aren’t they? If you are looking for a cricut birthday cards for him, here is one you should try. The design is simple. Thus, it is suitable for a beginner to handmade cards.


Awesome floral Cricut birthday card

intricate cut floral birthday card for the cricut makerSource: craftagogo.com

Told you. Floral patterns are always the right choice. This awesome-looking floral Cricut birthday card will never let you down. The smile on his/her face is guaranteed.


Laser-cut birthday card template free

svg birthday card cut file for cricut silhouette cameoSource: designbundles.net

Here is another favorite of ours for a laser-cut birthday card. The design is simple yet it looking so gorgeous.  To get the template, head to the link below the image.


Homemade gift card ideas with Cricut Joy

4 creative last minute homemade gift ideas for mom cricutSource: inspiration.cricut.com

Aren’t they awesome? If you are looking for ideas for handmade gift cards for your mom, here are some ideas to try. Make sure to try these ideas with your Cricut Joy.


Happy birthday cut-out card

how to make a birthday cake cutout card patternsSource: www.youtube.com

Want to create a cut-out birthday card? Then, you need to try this one idea. With the cake pattern, the card is perfect for a birthday card or birthday party invitation.


Funny printable quarantine cards ideas

funny printable quarantine cards for social distancing heySource: heyletsmakestuff.com

The whole quarantine thing really gets on our nerves. right? To not waste the time, you might want to try making these greeting cards. You can send them to your loved ones to cheer them up during this difficult time.


Happy 1st birthday party idea

creative mickey mouse 1st birthday party ideas freeSource: www.hwtm.com

Your baby’s having the first birthday? Make sure to make it one of a kind by trying this awesome idea for a 1st birthday celebration. For the printable templates, you can visit the link above.


Papercut happy birthday card

happy birthday card papercut svg laser cut cricut templateSource: thehungryjpeg.com

What an awesome birthday card, isn’t it? This papercut birthday card is perfect for your loved one. Get the template by clicking on the provided link above.


Cricut Joy flowery birthday card design

birthday cards now compatible with the cricut joySource: designbundles.net

Such a nice birthday card design, isn’t it? It looks simple. Yet, it looks stylish too. Make this beautiful flowery birthday card with your Cricut joy. Heading to the link above for the design template.


Mom’s greeting card with Cricut

how to make a card using a cricut design space project writing scoring tool mothers day cardSource: www.youtube.com

Get your mom a special card to show her your love. Whether it is a birthday or a mother’s day, moms deserve this lovely card. You can make it your own with the Cricut machine.


Happy birthday card with a free template

happy birthday card svg files for silhouette cameo andSource: thehungryjpeg.com

Searching for an idea to design your Cricut birthday card. This design right here is the answer. The decorations suit the birthday vibe the most. Head to the link above to save the template.


Happy father’s day greeting card

do it for dad fathers day cards cricutSource: inspiration.cricut.com

Fathers are the son’s first hero. Thus, a father’s day is worth celebrating. Thank him on this father’s day with this special greeting card for dad. It would be such a nice gift for him, I suppose.


Wedding invitation stylish design

create wedding invitations using cricutSource: www.creativeuniondesign.com

Simple and stylish designs are popular nowadays. For a wedding invitation, the design shown above can be a lovely one to get. It would be perfect for a wedding of any theme.


Cricut card designs for moms

valentine card design cricut happy birthday pop up cardSource: freegamersgallery.blogspot.com

Moms do deserve the best card ever. For her birthday, you can make it more special with this Cricut birthday card design. Furthermore, you can personalize the text as you want.


More Ideas for Birthday Card Cricut Design Simple

Cricut beautiful designs easy to make

how to make cards on cricut joy the homes i have madeSource: thehomesihavemade.com

There are various designs on Cricut which are suitable not only for birthday cards but also for notes or cards of any purpose. The image above is an example. You can get the design file by visiting the link above.


Jennifer maker pop-up birthday cake card

how to make a pop up birthday cake card jennifer makerSource: jennifermaker.com

Take your crafting skill to another level by trying this awesome card idea. This pop-up birthday cake card will surely make the day more joyful. For the procedure, make sure to visit the above link.


Cricut birthday card template free

diy cards archives cricutSource: inspiration.cricut.com

What a great selection of Cricut card designs. These pretty birthday cards will surely make the birthday person happy. Don’t you think so? Thus, head to the link provided to get more designs.


Creating a handmade birthday card inspiration

woman in real life making cards with cricuts new annaSource: www.womaninreallife.com

To create a handmade birthday card, this inspiration can be a good source, to begin with. Featuring a nice-looking design, the card is amazing for a best friend’s birthday. Furthermore, you can always personalize it by handwriting your birthday wishes.


Last-minute Cricut card idea

card making with cricut joy easy last minute pop up cardSource: kinandtonic.com

Need to make a birthday card at the last minute? Worries no more. With Cricut Joy, you can explore many designs for birthday cards. Easy to use, you will surely make it regardless of the limited time.


Free Cricut card design template

cardstock archives cricutSource: inspiration.cricut.com

I am a sucker for handmade Cricut cards! This card design is suitable for either a birthday card or an anniversary card. You can get the template by clicking the link above. There will also be many other inspirations to choose from.


Cricut birthday card for dad

free svg files cricut explore project cutting cardstockSource: cutthatdesign.com

Have no idea what to give your dad on his birthday? A Cricut birthday card would be amazing. The Cricut design above is amazing for an amazing dad’s birthday card. To save the design, you can visit the link above.


Cricut card for dad free SVG

svg fathers day card for cricut silhouette cameo dad giftSource: designbundles.net

The best dad deserves the best birthday card! This Cricut birthday card for dad would be an amazing choice to pick. Thus, make sure you have the design with you. To save the SVG files of the design, don’t forget to click on the link above.


Funny birthday gift bag design

free birthday svg files funny birthday svg file seelindsaySource: seelindsay.com

I personally love this amazingly fun idea for a birthday gift bag. The design is simple. Yet, it is so nice to look at with just the right font types and colors. You can get this fun design by visiting the link above.


Cricut birthday card for dad

birthday card set of 2 svg cricut paper cut silhouette pngSource: thehungryjpeg.com

This is another amazing idea for a Cricut birthday card for dad. It is well-designed with a nice color of blue. You can also add extra sweetness with handwriting birthday wishes. Thus, don’t miss saving it by clicking on the provided link.


Handmade happy father’s day card

cricut tool box fathers daySource: www.youtube.com

Fathers’ day is the day we appreciate our dads. To make the day more special, give him this handmade card would be great. He will surely feel appreciated, right?


Free printable birthday party cards

cupcake wars birthday party free printables make lifeSource: www.makelifelovely.com

Your birthday party would be exciting and fun with these birthday cards! You can make a special session at the party by hosting an award with these cards. To save them, make sure to visit the provided link.


Easy Cricut joy birthday cards

cricut kids crafts with the cricut joy seelindsaySource: seelindsay.com

You don’t need to worry when it comes to birthday cards as long as your Cricut Joy is ready. There are thousands of designs like shown above. You can freely choose the one you want and personalize your birthday cards.


DIY Cricut gift card for mom

easy diy gifts for mom made with cricut joy and easypress2Source: www.ashleybrookenicholas.com

DIY projects get easy with the Cricut designs. For example, the design above is suitable for a birthday or greeting card for your mom. You can always add little details on your own too.


Martha Stewart Cricut card design for dad

handmade fathers day card ideas martha stewartSource: www.marthastewart.com

What an amazing idea for a dad’s birthday card. Your dad will be on cloud nine with this sweet birthday gift. Don’t you think so? For more amazing designs, make sure to visit the link above.


Cricut Mothers Day Cards

happy birthday five fold card the crazy cricut ladySource: crazycricutlady.com

This Cricut Mothers Day Cards is good to make at home. You can decorate it the way you want. You can also personalize it by handwriting your birthday wishes. For further info, visit the link above will do.


Free Cricut card design templates

funny penguin birthday card svg dxf cut out templateSource: thehungryjpeg.com

What a cute penguin. This birthday card is easy to make and suitable for a cute birthday card. You can also personalize it by using cards of different colors. To get the template, make sure to visit the link above.


Cricut Joy greeting cards ideas

how to use cricut joy card mat tastefully frugalSource: tastefullyfrugal.org

With Cricut Joy, making greeting cards would be super fun and easy. You can choose various designs to try. Furthermore, it is also easy to personalize it. For a procedure on how to do so, visit the link above.


Cute dino card idea for dad from daughter

birthday card ideas for dad from daughter diy archivesSource: leludeclaration.ca

How would you feel receiving this cute card from your little one? It would be nice, wouldn’t it? This cute dino card idea can be a mini DIY project for the little ones.


Baby shower invitation idea

owl svg invitation page 1 line17qqSource: line.17qq.com

Planning to hold a baby shower? If you are looking for an invitation idea, here is the one for you. With a simple, yet cute design, the card is suitable for a baby shower invitation card.


Pop Up Birthday Cards

pop up birthday cards
Pop up Birthday Cards ideas


Cricut Birthday Cards Free

Cricut Birthday Cards Free
Cricut Birthday Cards Free | Source : https://svgnation.com/cricut-birthday-cards/


Free Cricut Birthday Card Designs

Free Cricut Birthday Card Designs
Free Cricut Birthday Card Designs | Source : originalmockup15.blogspot.com


Free Cricut Mothers Day Cards

Free Cricut Mothers Day Cards
Free Cricut Mothers Day Cards | Source : originalmockup15.blogspot.com


Cricut Birthday Cards for Mom

cricut birthday cards for mom
cricut birthday cards for mom


Happy Birthday Cards for Friends

happy birthday cards for friends
happy birthday cards for friends ideas

Homemade birthday cards are always special. We do hope that our selection of ideas on Simple Cricut birthday cards above can inspire you to craft your own cards. It would be lovely to gift your loved one with handmade birthday cards ideas design new. Thus, make sure to give it a try.

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