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professional business letterhead design template

Company Letterhead – is the header at the top of a letter. It usually includes several items like the company’s logo and address. When writing the letter head, a company has a certain format to follow. Thus, they will have one letterhead at the top of the letter format. This is very common, especially in the business field. Thus, if you are looking for some templates for your company’s letterhead, here we have several designs you can choose from.


How to create a letterhead?

Creating a company’s letterhead can be done by a professional designer. Or else, you can also design it yourself. Nowadays, there are a lot of online sites where you can design your own company’s letterhead. For the step-by-step process, here we have summed it for you.

  • First of all, it’s always good to start with drafting the content of your letterhead. You can list the information you want to include.
  • Secondly, you can launch the application you use. It’s good to create it with Canva or even Microsoft Word.
  • Thirdly, you can choose an available template if you’re using Canva. For Word, you can open a new document and insert the header.
  • After that, you can begin writing the information on the letterhead.
  • Next, it is great to insert your company’s logo. Furthermore, you can also add other visual elements to make it more appealing.
  • Last but not least, proofread your letterhead and adjust the font, size, as well as position of the logo if necessary.

What should go on company ?

If it is your first time designing a letterhead, you might wonder what information you should include. As a reference, here are things that are commonly included on a company’s letterhead.

  • The company logo.
  • Legas business name or company name.
  • The company’s address.
  • Contact information such as phone number, email address, and fax number.
  • If any, company website URL.

When to use company letter head?

The company’s letterhead is commonly used in every letter produced by the company. Whether it is an inquiry letter or any kind of business correspondence, the letterhead is used. Letterheads are important. It is used to strengthen the company’s image through the use of written communication. Therefore, a good quality letterhead will improve the company’s image.

Company Letterhead Design ideas Online

Letterhead editable template

modern company letterhead template for free download onSource:

The image above shows an editable letterhead template. The template allows the users to insert the company logo. In addition to it, it is simple. Thus, it won’t be a hassle to modify it.


Letterhead Examples

navy company letterhead design download free vectorsSource:

This letterhead examples is looking awesome in navy. This print-read template is fully editable. Furthermore, it includes free font used. In addition to it, the design is stylish.


Letter Heading Template

digital letterheads web directions based in hampshire ukSource:

Here is an example of letter heading template. The letterhead reflects what the company is about. Thus, this is a good example of a well-designed company’s letterhead.


Construction letterhead design

letterhead design cousins construction white rabbitSource:

Build your company’s image with a well-made letterhead. The example above is a good one to refer to. The design is simple and neat. In addition to it, it shows what the company is about.


Business card and letterhead template

home building carpentry business card letterheadSource:

Here is a perfect template for your company. The package includes templates for letterhead as well as a business card. Therefore, it would be a good pick to go with.


Free printable letterhead sample

official company letterhead free printable letterheadSource:

Here is a free printable letterhead sample. Before writing your own, it would be good to analyze the example as a reference. To download, make sure to click on the link above.


Yellow white head letter design

yellow simple company letterhead templates canvaSource:

Here is a simple letterhead design in yellow. The well-designed letterhead can reflect professionalism in doing the business. Furthermore, it can enhance the company’s image.


Printable company letterheads

how to make a company letterhead the 4 best design tipsSource:

This is another printable sample of letterhead. The letterhead has a simple design that looks neat. On how to make it, you can further visit the link below the image.


Cool design for construction letterhead

feminine playful construction company letterhead designSource:

Here is a cool, playful design of letterhead for a construction company. The font used is sans serif font which looks neat and simple. To use the design, make sure to click on the link above.


Abstract creative letterhead design

abstract creative letterhead template vector designSource:

The letterhead above is well-designed with an abstract design. It features a creative design that will captivate the other parties. In addition to it, the color blue goes well with the design.


Top letterhead template

top 5 company letterhead template designs for yourSource:

This corporate letterhead features a striking design. The letterhead looks well-designed. Furthermore, it also includes the company logo. For more templates, make sure to visit the link above.


Double-sided letterhead design

logo double sided letterhead design with heavy inkSource:

Here is an example of a double-sided letterhead design. It features heavy ink coverage. Even so, it looks pleasant to look at. Thus, if you are interested, find further about the design by visiting the link above.


Modern professional letterhead template

free vector modern company letterheadSource:

This is a professional letterhead with a modern design. It features a well-made, clean layout. In addition to it, it is easy to edit. Thus, make sure to download the template.


Printable letterhead simple template

business letterhead example free printable letterheadSource:

This is another template for letterhead. The design is simple. Thus, it is suitable for those who prefer a simple design over the complicated one. You can simply click the link above to download.


Wavy letterhead template

wavy letterhead template vector free downloadSource:

This editable letterhead template is looking gorgeous with a wavy visual. This is amazing as you can edit it based on your needs and preference. Hence, make sure to visit the link above and download the template.


Editable professional letterhead template

professional business letterhead template free downloadSource:

Here is another professional letterhead template. It is available in A4 size and is print-ready. In addition to it, it is available in EPS file format. Thus, it is worth going with this design for your letterhead.


Business letterhead format

format for business letter on letterhead for your needsSource:

This is a business letterhead format. It shows you what to write in which space. In addition to it, it looks good with its simple design. To further learn the format, you can click the link below the image.


Business letterhead and business card template

contractor business card letterhead template designSource:

These contractor business cards and letterhead templates are looking awesome. The design is anti-mainstream. Furthermore, the templates can be edited in both Adobe and Word.


letter head of a company PSD and Word

11 letterhead template psd word for business graphic cloudSource:

The image above shows a well-designed letter head of a company. The template is available in PSD and Word file formats. Thus, you can choose your own app to edit it.


Modern official letterhead

official letterhead letterSource:

This is another sample of a professional official letterhead. The letterhead features a striking visual. Furthermore, the font used is easy to read. You can visit the link above to save it.


letterheads for companies

modern company letterhead download free vectors clipartSource:

Personally, this is my favorite design of letterheads for companies. The design is unique and interesting. In addition to it, it features a wonderful color combination of black and red.


Free download letterhead of a company

professional business letterhead design templateSource:

The letter above features a well-made letterhead of a company. The letterhead includes the necessary information about the company. In addition to it, the design and format are neat.


online letterhead printing company letterhead printingSource:

Here is another company letterhead example logo. It features a simple design that looks clean. This downloadable design is available for purchase on the link above.


Business letterhead free template

free printable business letterhead design templateralSource:

If you just start your company, you might as well think about the design of your company’s letterhead. The example above is a good one to go with. Its simple design looks great.


Modern premium letterhead template

modern company letterhead premium vectorSource:

Here is another letterhead with a modern design. The design is top quality. In addition to it, it would be suitable for any business sector. Also, the wavy visual makes it even more awesome.


Free download business letterhead sample

business letterhead sample design template download freeSource:

The image above shows a simple business letterhead. For a business to succeed, the letterhead should look professional. For example, the letterhead includes a company logo.


Simple business letterhead template

business letterhead template free printable word templatesSource:

Here is a simple letterhead template. It includes only the necessary information. Furthermore, it is simple. Thus, it would be easy to follow the design.


Customized letterhead format

letterhead maker create custom letterhead designs onlineSource:

Here is a sample of simple business letterhead. The letterhead includes the logo, name, and contact information of the company. If you want to make yours, make sure to click on the link above.


Inspiring modern letterhead template

5 modern letterhead templates company letterheadSource:

Here is an inspiring letterhead with a modern design. The letterhead is simple with the logo of the company. This simple letterhead will be a perfect choice with a good design.


Printable university letterhead template

official letterhead templates free printable letterheadSource:

This is a printable official letterhead template. As shown above, the letterhead includes information about the university’s name and logo. To know further, you can click on the link above.


More Ideas for Company Letterhead

Another template for letterhead and business card

letterhead template for construction company stationarySource:

This construction letterhead features a matching business card template. The good news is that is it editable. Thus, you can customize it based on your needs and preferences.


Blank company design template

6 letterhead templates for word company letterheadSource:

When creating letterhead, content and design should be taken into account. If you still haven’t found the right design, you might need to consider this one. It is simple and is easy to personalize.


Official letterhead and business card template

construction company stationery mark gerlach on dribbbleSource:

Create a wonderful letterhead with this template. It comes with a matching business card template as well. Such a good option, isn’t it? Thus, make sure to get it by clicking on the link above.


Letterhead design inspiration

5 things your letterhead design must include lawSource:

The image above shows a creative letterhead design. It can be used as a reference in creating yours. Also, it looks simple and neat. Thus, make sure to visit the link above to find out how to design it.


Green letterhead and business card templates

free business card letterhead template tony thomasSource:

Loving green? Here is the perfect template to go it. It comes with letterhead as well as business card templates. All are editable. Thus, it would be good to personalize.


Business letterhead Word

create modern letterhead in ms word no distracting musicSource:

Yes, you can create a letterhead in Word. There are plenty of templates available too. Hence, it should be easy to make one. On how to create it, you can visit the link above.


Simple well-designed letterhead template

chevron professional corporate letterhead template 000902Source:

This corporate letterhead template is a well-designed one. It is available in A4 size. Furthermore, it is print-ready and fully editable. You can change the text, color, as well as logo.


Construction company ideas samples

7 free construction letterhead templates word pagesSource:

Handling a construction company? If you need a good reference for construction letterhead, here is the one for you. It is well-designed and the layout is excellent too.


Personalize letterhead template

company letterhead template word free free printableSource:

Here is a letterhead template that can be personalized based on your needs and preferences. Also, it has a simple yet pleasing design. Furthermore, the layout is neat and clear.


Architectural letterhead design


Here is a good letterhead example for architectural design. It features a nicely-made design. Furthermore, it is a good reference when creating a well-designed letterhead.


Letterhead and business card samples

letterhead samples for construction companySource:

Here are the samples for matching letterhead and business cards. The samples look good with the matching design. Furthermore, the layout looks neat.


Editable best letterhead template

best 3 company letterhead template format excel you calendarsSource:

Here comes an editable template for business letterhead. A well-designed letterhead reflects what the company is about. Thus, it would be good to include your company’s logo.


Sample corporate letterhead

free 7 sample corporate letterheads in ai indesign msSource:

This sample corporate letterhead is free to download. Thus, you can use it as a reference when creating your company’s letterhead. For more samples, you can visit the provided link above.


Business letterhead template Word

31 word letterhead templates free samples examplesSource:

This business letterhead template is editable in Word. Hence, it is relatively easy to edit. You can edit the text, font, color, as well as logo. You can download the template by visiting the link above.


Creative design for business letterhead

construction letterhead design for a company purpleSource:

This is an amazing template if you are looking for a creative letterhead template. It features a colorful design which is good to look at. To use it, you can simply click on the provided link above.


The professional letterhead design idea

business letterhead template design premium vectorSource:

Creating a letterhead design is a big deal. It represents the company. Thus, you have to use the right vector for it. As a reference, the image above is a good one.


Business letterhead blank template

company letterhead template shatterlionSource:

For those who prefer a simple design, here is a letterhead template you can go with. The letterhead template comes in a simple design. Moreover, it allows you to insert the company’s logo.


Colorful business letterhead template

business company letterhead logo free vector downloadSource:

Here comes the colorful business letterhead template. It looks so good with the different colors. Moreover, it comes with matching envelopes and a business card.


Profesional corporate letterhead template

samurai professional corporate letterhead template 000906Source:

Here is a professional corporate letterhead template. It is available in four color variations. Furthermore, it comes in different file formats. To download it, you can click on the link above.


Here we have hooked you up with 50 amazing designs for company letterhead. Thus, we do hope you find one or two that suit you the best. Furthermore, it is recommended to make sure that the content is right. What you write on is what makes your letterhead good or not. Good luck!

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