Birthday Cards For Friends: Marvelous Inspiring Ideas

Birthday Cards For Friends

Birthday Cards for Friends – If your friend is having a birthday soon, you soon definitely gift him/her one of these birthday cards for friends. These ideas will inspire you to craft a personalized, thoughtful birthday card for your friend. Sending him/her the card will surely make their birthday special. Therefore, buckle up and scroll these amazing ideas till the end.


What are the best free Cards?

To make a holiday season more special, exchanging greeting cards is a good idea. Nowadays, due to the pandemic, a lot of people opt to send eCards instead of physical ones. If you are new to this and don’t know where to start, here we will introduce the best free eCards you can get. Here are some best sites to create the best eCards you can try.

  • The first one is Punchbowl which lets you send free eCards. There are various designs available that you can personalize.
  • The second option is Care2. It allows you to customize the cards and share them with others.
  • The third option is Hipster Cards. It is suitable for those who are looking for unique designs for their eCards.
  • Fourth, you can try Imaginaryecards. As the name suggests, it allows you to create an eCard from many available designs.

What is the best wish for a birthday?

Birthdays are the perfect times to wish your beloved one the best wishes. Thus, it’s only natural that you want to wish them the happiest birthday. However, there are some people who don’t know what to write. The best wish for a birthday usually revolves around wishing someone’s health, success, and good fortune for the year. In addition to it, it would be nice to also add some quotes related to birthday wishes. To make It extra special, write your best wishes on a birthday card. Pair it with a thoughtful gift would also be nice.

What should I write on my best friend’s birthday card?

There are many things or messages you can write on your best friend’s birthday card. You can write fun quotes. Or else, it is also nice to write heartwarming messages. For inspiration, here are some things you can write on your best friend’s birthday card.

  • Happy many returns of the day for the best friend I could not live without!
  • In case I don’t tell you often, I do appreciate having you as my best friend.
  • Dibs on the presents you don’t like! Happy birthday my lovely friend!
  • I hope all of your wishes come true, my sweet pumpkin pie.

How to make birthday cards for friends step by step

Handmade birthday cards can show how important the birthday friend is for us. Hence, it would be good if you could spare some time to make birthday cards for your friend. Here is the step by step procedure you can follow to make birthday cards for friends.

  • First of all, you’ll need to prepare the materials you need. You might need colorful paper, glue, scissors, pens.
  • Secondly, cutting the paper. You can shape it the way you want. Also, you can also find inspiration online.
  • Thirdly, design the cover and write your message. You can add birthday quotes or best wishes.
  • Next, you can decorate the card as you wish. If you are not good at it, using some premade stickers would be nice. Or else, you can decorate the card with some printed pictures.
  • Finally, it’s all done and you can give it to your birthday friend.

Design Birthday Cards For Friends

Handmade happy birthday card for a friend

valentine card design happy birthday card for friend handmadeSource:

Birthdays are worth celebrating. To make it a more special day, you can gift your friend a handmade birthday gift. The above image can be a nice inspiration to try.


Fabulous 40th birthday card idea

slumbermonkey design on twitter 40th birthday card fab atSource:

If you are looking for a birthday card idea for a 40th birthday, here is a good example to try. The design and the color match so well. The birthday celebration would surely be great with this homemade birthday card.


The idea on a friend’s birthday card

young lady birthday quotes quotesgramSource:

The picture on the above birthday card is just so beautiful. It can be a good birthday card for a special friend of yours. With the subtle color, the card looks so good. Don’t you think so?


Happy birthday card with messages

blessed birthday ecards dayspringSource:

Have no idea what to write on a birthday card? Here is an amazing birthday message you can use. The thoughtful birthday message will surely put a smile on your birthday friend’s face.


Special birthday booklet for a friend

70th birthday card to a special friendSource:

Birthdays of a loved one are always special. Your friend or mama turns 70? Don’t miss the chance to give them this design ideas. Featuring a simple design and subtle color, the card will surely make birthdays more splendid.


Words of blessings for a friend’s birthday

friends like you ecards dayspringSource:

Words of blessings on birthdays are always good to receive. Thus, do give your special friend words of blessings on their birthday would be great. With this simple well-designed card, writing words of blessings would not be a problem.


60th birthday celebration card

60th birthday cards for women card design templateSource:

There are many ways of congratulating someone’s birthday. One of the ways is by giving a birthday card. If someone’s around you have a 60th birthday soon, make sure to give him/her this wonderful birthday card.


Fun birthday wishes for a friend

young at heart funny birthday card for friends birthdaySource:

Fun birthday cards with funny quotes are always great to celebrate a close friend’s birthday. If that’s what you’re looking for, this fun birthday card is the right one for you. Click the link above to get it.


Special friend birthday card

special friend 40thSource:

A special friend’s birthday should be celebrated. If you are planning on giving out a birthday card, this stunning card can be a good inspiration. To get it, make sure to visit the link written above.


Funny birthday card for friends

rib ticklingly funny birthday wishes for friends birthdaySource:

The funny quote on a birthday card will surely cheer the birthday person up. If you are looking for a humorous birthday wish, here is a funny quote to write.


Happy 18th birthday message

sweet happy 18th birthday wishes top happy birthday wishesSource:

Happy sweet 18! Turning 18 marks the start of adulthood. To celebrate the day, this cheerful birthday card is a nice choice. With a simple design and well-written message, the card is a good choice to have.


DIY birthday card ideas

unpaid therapist birthday cards for friends diy giftsSource:

DIY birthday gifts are always special. It shows how important the person is. If you are searching for DIY inspiration for a birthday card, here is the right one for you. Make sure to give it a try.


Handmade foldable birthday card

how to make special card for best frienddiy gift ideaSource:

Here is another birthday card idea to make on your own. The foldable birthday card will give you space to pour out your creativity. Furthermore, it gives you more space to write your best birthday wishes.


Personalized floral birthday card

handmade birthday cards personalised birthday cards pinkSource:

Age is just a number! To celebrate the 90th birthday, this personalized floral birthday card is good to go. You can gift it to your special friend. Or else, you can edit it and gift it to your family members.


Amazing idea for an amazing friend birthday

free photo birthday card birthday card happy freeSource:

Searching for an amazing idea for an amazing friend’s birthday card? The image above can be a good idea. Filled with beautiful decoration, the card will surely make the birthday more beautiful.


Birthday card for special friend girl

valentine card design happy birthday card for friend girlSource:

This cute, well-designed birthday card is suitable to give to your special friend. You can also add some short friendship quote to make it more special. To get it, make sure you click the link below the image.


Birthday cards for friends handmade

happy birthday to old friend who is young at heart cardSource:

Wanting a fun birthday card for a friend? Here is an idea to try. With the seemingly clumsy drawing, the card gives out a handmade vibe. To download it, you can directly visit the link above.


Birthday card fun ideas

two old friends birthday cardSource:

Here is another fun idea for a friend’s birthday card. This is suitable for friends who have been together for ages. With the simple design and fun characters, the birthday card is a very good choice to choose.


Handmade best birthday card

the best ideas for funny birthday card for friend homeSource:

Best friends’ birthdays are a must to celebrate. Make her/his day more special with this handmade birthday card for a best friend. With the handwritten message, the card is more special than ever.


Fun birthday card for a ginger hair friend

funny rude happy birthday card for ginger hair friend bffSource:

Your ginger hair friend is having a birthday soon? Gift him/her with this personalized fun birthday card. No offense. It’s just for fun. And make sure to give this funny birthday card only if you are close friends.


Fun birthday card idea in this pandemic

why coronavirus themed greeting cards are everywhereSource:

This pandemic-theme birthday card is so relatable! During this hard time, celebrating a birthday can be a ray of light. Thus, this birthday card design can be a good gift to pick.


Pop-up happy birthday card

birthday cake lovely girl creative 3d greeting card gorgeousSource:

What a lovely gift to give a birthday friend! The pop-up birthday card looks so gorgeous. With the much effort put in, the card is bound to make a birthday more wonderful.


Kids’ colorful birthday card

how to throw an awesome lockdown kids birthday partySource:

Want to throw a fun birthday party for kids? Here is a good birthday card to select. You can also download and print it as a birthday poster. To get it, visit the link above.


Funny birthday quote for a friend

funny birthday card birthday card best friendsSource:

What an excellent birthday card it is! With the funny pun and cute drawing, the one receives it would be full of joy. Therefore, make sure to save this idea. To download it, you can directly visit the provided link.


Amazing friend birthday gift

celebrations occasions female 5 x cards to choose from toSource:

Celebrate your amazing friend’s birthday with this loveable birthday card. It’s always exciting to think how happy the birthday person is when receiving this birthday card. So, make sure to give it a try.


DIY cute-looking birthday card

how to make handmade birthday cards for friends handmadeSource:

This cute-looking birthday card should be your next DIY project! This birthday card is perfect for a close friend or a family member. All in all, you can also suit the message and the color you desire.


Special friend birthday card with pictures

photo birthday card to a special friendSource:

It is always exciting to decorate a birthday card for a special friend, right? Here is our favorite handmade birthday card idea for a special friend. Thus, it is recommended for you to try this amazing idea too.


Special happy 60th birthday

special friend on your 60thSource:

A 60th birthday is a day of celebration. To make it more special, preparing this beautiful birthday card as a gift is a good idea to follow. To get it, you can visit the link above.


A fun idea for a fun birthday messagefunny best friend birthday card best friend birthday gift


It might feel awkward to write serious birthday messages for a close friend. Thus, this funny birthday card can be a good way out. By writing the fun message, the birthday celebration would feel more fun.


Birthday wishes for a friend

birthday wishes for best friend happy birthday gifSource:

Birthday wishes for a friend should be sincere. To show sincerity, you can write it on this simple, beautiful birthday card template. To get the template, you can click on the provided link above.


More Ideas for Birthday Cards For Friends

Birthday card handmade with love

special friend on your 65th femaleSource:

A handmade birthday card will give a long-lasting impression. If you plan to make your own birthday card, this idea right here is a good one to try. Decorated with flowers in subtle colors, the card is a nice looking one.


A birthday card for a special friend

to a special friend birthday card cute traditional femaleSource:

A birthday is such a happy and special event. If you want to make your friend’s birthday celebration more special, giving her/him this beautiful birthday card is a good move.


Personalized birthday card wording

special best friend personalised birthday card femaleSource:

It is no surprise that we think a good birthday card is a way to show our love to a friend. To have your friend impressed, this well-designed birthday card is a good idea. With its simple design, the card looks great to write a birthday wish.


Birthday cards for friends handmade

female birthday card for a fabulous friendSource:

Write the right words to celebrate your special friend’s birthday with this fabulous card. Featuring a beautiful decoration, the birthday card looks fantastic.


Humorous birthday message on cards

details about be your friend when youre old and weird funny humorous birthday cardSource:

Find the right to celebrate your friend’s birthday with this fun birthday card. The humorous message on it will make your friend happier. Furthermore, the design is not too much and simply good.


Personalized message for a friend birthday

valentine card design happy birthday card to a special friendSource:

If you want to gift your friend a wonderful birthday card, this one right here might be a great choice. It is well-designed with a nice pinkish color tone. In addition to it, the beautiful message on it just makes the day better.


A special card for happy 80th birthday

home furniture diy friend 80th birthday card kisetsuSource:

Cheer up your friend on his/her birthday with this special birthday card. As an 80th birthday is a special birthday, make it extra with this beautiful card. You can also handwritten some birthday wishes to make it even better.


Funny birthday cards pack

broadly funny birthday cards value packSource:

Get special ideas on your friend’s birthday card with these fun birthday cards pack. With these fun birthday cards, you will never run out of ideas to make a birthday feels even more wonderful.


Happy 60th birthday card for women

nes22 60th birthday card for herSource:

You know how wonderful it is to celebrate the 60th birthday. Imagine receiving this stunning card on your birthday, wouldn’t you be delighted? With a simple, beautiful design, the birthday card will make anyone happy on their birthday.


Customizable birthday card design

birthday card for friend card design templateSource:

This wonderful birthday card is a customizable template. Meaning, you can write your own birthday wishes. You can also add more decoration if needed. To get this template, head to the link above right away.


Fun birthday quote for girl bestie

funny silly quirky birthday card for women female bestSource:

We do love this silly, quirky, different birthday card. If you do too, gift this to your favorite friend would be a nice act. With its simple design, it is a good option for a fun birthday card.


Lovable birthday message for a dear friend

100 happy birthday wishes for a friend or best friend bestSource:

Don’t worry if you have no idea what to write on your friend’s birthday card. This simple, short birthday message is more than enough to express your best wishes to your friend.


Happy birthday DIY card

how to make special birthday card for best frienddiy gift ideaSource:

Flowers look good on basically everything. They look good on a birthday card too. To make a beautiful card, this idea of using floral decorations is a good one to try.


An E-card for birthday celebrations

birthday ecards dayspringSource:

Nowadays, sending e-cards is common to celebrate special events. For a birthday e-card, we would suggest you have this one. With a simple, beautiful design, this e-card birthday is a must to have.


Movie-inspired birthday card ideas

homemade birthday card ideas for friends best happySource:

Having movie buddies? If your movie buddy is having a birthday, then this movie-inspired birthday message would be nice to write. If you have chosen to send him/her this card, make it more special with a nice gift will do.


happy birthday card for a fabulous friend

40th birthday card for a fabulous friendSource:

A fabulous friend deserves a fabulous birthday card. If you are searching for inspiration, then this is the right one for you. For the template, you can visit the link provided above.


Birthday card homemade inspiration

a5 handmade personalised cute car birthday card sister friend daughter mumSource:

This is another favorite of DIY birthday card ideas. The design is stunning and the details are just amazing. If you are into DIY projects, then, you have to try making this handmade birthday card.


Best friend unique birthday card

best friends day card femaleSource:

It’s such a unique birthday card, isn’t it? It has a simple design. It is gorgeous with its lengthy heartwarming birthday messages. This will surely make your best friend happy to read it, right?


Pretty handmade card for a birthday

pretty and attractive birthday cards to send your wishes toSource:

For those looking for DIY birthday cards for friends idea, this one is a must to try. As you can see, the design is just gorgeous. Paying attention to details will rack your brain to be creative too.


Personalized card for a fiance

handmade birthday card ideas inspiration for everyone theSource:

Your fiance is having a birthday? Gift him/her with this simple, stunning card. With its simplicity, the birthday card looks adorable. Furthermore, the handwriting style letter makes it even more beautiful.


How is it? With these amazing ideas for birthday cards for friends, we are sure you have found the one you’re looking for. If so, don’t hesitate and pour your soul into making a special birthday card for your beloved friend. We wish you good luck.

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